Gotta Get it On eBay

Google Chrome Comic BookGoogle Chrome, there it was, a copy of the same comic book announcing THE search company’s foray into the browser market, was for sale on eBay. Not only was this rare find, only given to Google employees or special contest winners, up for sale, the auction was scheduled to end some time around 11:30 on a Saturday evening, traditionally a low traffic time meaning lower final value on eBay.

While some copies of Google Chrome had fetched over $1,500, this one, only 6 hours from auction end when discovered, had a current bid of only $34. Thus began the mental process of valuation, and eventual profit, in my mind. After thinking about it for a while and waiting to hear back on my inquiry to the seller, I put in a bid of $105.03 bringing the current bid up to only $35. I was sure to get this one. As I checked the counter at the bottom of the auction, only 65 people even knew about this item and it was ending at a time when most people would either be out partying or asleep for an early rise to make it to church on Sunday morning, they certainly wouldn’t be doing business on eBay.

I went to bed about an hour before auction end, confidently thinking I would be the proud owner of this new rarity when I woke in the morning.

Come Sunday morning I was a bit short of breath as I raced to boot up my laptop and see how much Google Chrome ended up costing me. Zero…what?…OUTBID! Son of a biscuit-head, how did that happen? Someone bid $150 when I wasn’t watching.

I sat in stunned silence for a few minutes. My hopes of owning a rare piece of Internet history, for a steal no less, were dashed. Someone else now owned my Google Chrome comic book!

After several more minutes my blood pressure returned to normal and a barley visible smile broke out on my face that was quite a bit larger on the inside when the realization struck, so this is what eBay does to people.

I headed off to church that morning happy to be an eBay affiliate.

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20 Responses to “Gotta Get it On eBay”

  1. I can relate to this story, Alan. You go to bed confident that you have one a much sought-after item, only to awaken to find that it never was yours. I’m sure there will have to be another one on eBay. Maybe at a decent price, too. At any rate, I love the fact that you found something positive from your disappointing eBay experiencing. Thanks for posting this story!

  2. That’s our eBay.

  3. I dont get it

    “After several more minutes my blood pressure returned to normal and a barley visible smile broke out on my face that was quite a bit larger on the inside when the realization struck, so this is what eBay does to people.”

    what did you realize :( can you explain why did yo uget happy

  4. I can’t believe how many items go for more money than they are worth. I know it’s not a great example as in this case the item was probably worth more but I’ve sold things on ebay for way more than the rrp. People get bid happy.

  5. anand,

    Read it again and think about the message.

  6. Hi Alan,
    this is so true about ebay…. it is very easy to get in the race..

    I have done it couple of times where I was just increasing the bid just to win it…

  7. I much prefer being an affiliate.

    Shopping on eBay, bidding, all that jazz.. it’s very addictive.

  8. It does work both ways, though. Hubs won’t buy anything on eBay unless it’s a buy it now. He says it’s too stressful, otherwise.

    On the other hand- all I care about is getting the click happy people through my site and on to the auctions. 😉 This month is preparing to be my best so far.

    The whole economy/stock market scare has people searching for bargains. And where do you find bargains? On eBay and Amazon. Lovin’ it!

  9. Great post.
    I’ve had the opposite happen to me once. I bid on a few of the same item, thinking that I would get outbid on most of them for sure, only to wake up and find out I was the buyer of 2 identical items!

  10. Alan,
    Yes, the good thing here is that you are an ebay affiliate. And no, never think that the item you bid is yours.

    I used to be a seller on eBay and also a good bidder. People will not do like you, bid some amount then go to sleep. If they like some item they will watch it till the end and do the last bid at the very last few seconds.

    I wish you could buy another Google Chrome book off somewhere. Or maybe this experience actually saved you $100?

    Goodluck next time 😉

  11. That does suck somewhat, but I have to say that I would never have gone to bed that close to an auction end, especially when it was that important.

    I would have laid in bed thinking about someone jumping in and taking my item. :)

  12. Chrome is a joke anyway, we need to eliminate a browser *cough, cough, IE* not add another one.

  13. interesting story. must indeed be nice to be able to benefit from ebay’s pull.

  14. ahaha i feel that every time i bid on ebay hehe

  15. Well, ebay is one nasty thing, but as tom said, there is no need for another browser just yet. It’s that the explorer should rather get fixed up to be like firefox 😉

  16. 2 words: Auction Stealer

    Yeah, I know its low, but it’s the only way I bid these days. I’m sick of losing things on eBay. Now if eBay were smart, they’d extend an auction if there’s a higher bid placed in the final hour of the auction. But they’re not, so I steal the winning bids.

  17. Ain’t an auction Stealer against the ebay agenda? Well probably not, how to prove it anyways. 😈

  18. yup… That’s what ebay does to you. I’ve had that happen countless times, you look away for a minute and bam.. your out bid. Still though 150 isn’t that bad…

    Jonathan Muller

  19. In a way, I really found it funny. I liked the way you narrated it like a bed time story. Unlucky, maybe next time lucky. I can’t count how many times I’ve fallen for that – guess people now know when you leave your desk. Do you have a webcam? If you do,unistall when on eBay..lol

  20. I guess the most critical part of the auction is the last half to one hour. Maybe someone else was devilishly waiting for the auction bell to ring as much as you were. Just that you were the hare and went to sleep while the tortoise stayed awake that extra one hour to make the bid at the final minute when no one else could possibly follow it up with!

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