EzineArticles.com – Strict On Linking To BANS Sites

EzineArticles.com has always been one of the more popular directories to submit your articles to for picking up those much needed incoming links. It has been my favorite for some time now, but recently, as of the last article I submitted a few days ago, they have become extremely picky in allowing live links in your author’s box.

I’ve never had a problem with EzineArticles.com after submitting nearly 50 articles over the last 3 years or so, but with the last one the scenario went something like this – I went through the usual process and sent in my article only to have it rejected for “linking to a website that violates our terms of service.” Since I have never had a problem I wrote to support and asked for a better explanation. The answer came back that the website I was linking to, a Build A Niche Store site, was nothing but auctions and I needed at least one page of content before they would consider it a legit site.

Obviously the noobie editor that went to my site didn’t see any of the 10 article pages featuring no auctions at all. I sent him a list of of those 10 urls, and while he thanked me, he still wouldn’t allow me to link to any auction page on the site, even though the specific one I wanted to link to had 3 paragraphs of text and an information widget. I had to link to article pages only! While this is still an good incoming link, it totally defeats the purpose of using anchor text to get a particular page quickly ranked in Google by using EzineArticles.com.

While there are plenty of other article directories to use for the intended purpose of links to very specific pages, EzineArticles.com was definitely the best in my book. I will continue to use them for many of my other niches, but not any longer for BANS related sites. Maybe it was a new editor or maybe they’ve just developed a snooty attitude towards certain types of linking.

EzineArticles.com is still a great place to work your article marketing efforts, just be warned that they’ve apparently adopted a stricter policy towards linking to BANS or eBay auction related sites.

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21 Responses to “EzineArticles.com – Strict On Linking To BANS Sites”

  1. I’ve got a bit of experience with EzineArticles (35 articles or so I think) but I’ve noticed, and read from others, that it’s basically hit or miss depending on the editor your article gets reviewed by. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of consistency over there regarding review policies.

  2. I agree with you LInk. It depends on who you are getting reviewed by. Also depends on how your other articles were.

  3. It’s funny how as these sites get bigger they get more selective. I guarantee you when these sites started out they were never as fussy. It kind of angers me, and if I ever get to that stage I’ll try and remember that.

  4. It’s unfortunate that you couldn’t link your article the way you wanted to. As much as I can understand his position, you did provide the necessary article pages. At any rate, I’m glad you are going to stick with Ezine and article marketing in general, as there is great potential with article marketing.

  5. Alan, I had the same problem — try http://www.TheFreeLibrary.com — these guys are great!

  6. Alan –

    I just had some readers ask about this same issue this morning on another thread.

    I linked over to your post…

    I think BANS is getting hammered in serps and its starting to bleed through to other areas.

  7. Thanks for the link Mark. I think us BANS users will have to be much more dilligent about building quality sites.

  8. Alan, I have been battling the same problem with ezinearticles for the last month or two. I have WP/BANS sites with loads of content, and my articles still get the boot, despite the fact that I am linking to established, content-laden sites. I have been told by several different editors that they reject ANY sites with eBay auction feeds, regardless of content.

    However, I have found a workaround. Basically, there are two types of articles I submit – those that “smell” like they are coming from an eBay affiliate, and those that do not.

    For example, I have a handbags website. If I submit an article titled “Five Tips for Buying a Discounted Purse”, this raises a red flag (“smells” like an eBay affiliate), and the editors over at ezinearticles will reject it.

    However, if I submit an article titled “How to Make Your Own No-Sew Handbag” (title and article lack that flea-market-secondhand-store-sales-pitch), interestingly enough, it goes through, even if the resource box links to the exact same page as the rejected article.

    I have tried this multiple times with various sites, and the results are always consistent.

    I still use the first type of articles (sometimes it’s the only way to target certain keywords – and many of my ezinearticle submissions do well in the search engines). However, instead of linking to my BANS site, I will link to a generic free blog (Blogger.com or WordPress.com). After the article gets approved, I will add a prominent link to my BANS site from the landing page on the free blog.

    It seems to be working (at least, for now!)…

  9. I went through the same thing, they told me they no longer allow links to auction sites period. They rejected my last two articles that pointed to BANS sites, what is interesting is that they have not put this into their Pub Guidelines, so it seems as if they are doing it on an article by article basis. So, as your say, the Ezine and BANS dream is dead!

  10. Mark, Dawn, Do-Follow Blog,

    Thanks for commenting. It looks like this EzineArticles linking thing is a bigger deal than I thought. I wonder why they feel so threatened by our sites?

  11. Personally, I think it’s a load of crap. However, I will jump through whatever hoops are necessary (as you can see from my rather lengthy comment posted earlier). I do not think that it is a coincidence that ezinearticles started this “policy” shortly after ebay implemented its infamous quality score. I really believe the two are related, and that Google has had a proactive role in all this…

  12. I’ve had this problem also. I only use it for sites that I have good content on (the niches I’ve had to write a lot to get the traffic), but I’ve been turned down by EZ a couple of times to where I don’t try on BANS sites now. Learn, earn, get rejected, learn some more!

  13. till now i did not submit any articles to that directory but i know that they will not allow such links.have read some where about this

  14. I believe they have a good reason to stop people from linking to auction pages:
    1. They don’t want people to make money from selling things.
    2. They want article page = only AdSense and other affiliate marketing.

    Nevertheless, they must have done it for a reason. Perhaps the truth is scared of linking to bad neigbourhood. As you know, BANS sites are getting slapped by Google, and EzineArticles live on Google.

  15. Alan,
    I don’t know why they feel so threatened, personally I think Ezine has gotten “too full of themselves” as if they are too good for auction sites. They are always touting how they want the resource box links to link to sites with lots of content but what is funny is that my BANS sites have more original hand written content than auction pages, as you mention you do on your sites, so what is the deal with that contradiction!???
    Whatever! They are irritating me now.

  16. My affiliate page which is found on my own domain got knocked back. After sending an email things were sorted out, they have become strict in the last 3 months.


  17. I used to publish articles all over the place but have found that eZineArticles.com is about the best place for results.

    I have only had a couple of issues with them but that’s life. I modified an article I had published there, it had been there for a couple of years, but when I saved the article they rejected it as duplicate content. I was pretty ticked as the article was completely original when I published it the first time.

    I also was rejected for linking to one of my BANS sites but that was understandable and I have since started adding content pages.

  18. Wow. BANS sites are really taking a beating these days. There is a view that BANS sites are like spam, and offer little value. However, as a BANS owner, I can testify that BANS allows webmasters to do complex, unique searches on eBay to present highly relevant information to a specific niche interest. For this, BANS is very valuable to readers.

  19. I’m suprised, I have never had a problem linking to a BANS site. I mostly link to pages with 500 words of content. So maybe try adding a little more content to the pages your linking to.

  20. As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

  21. I just had 3 articles rejected by eza that linked to pages with ebay listings. I have at least 500 words of content on each, and I’ve never had an article rejected before in over 50 submissions based on what I was linking to.

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