Blogging At The Local Coffee Shop Ain’t That Sexy

Like Some Hott Coffee?I discovered something last week while trying to find an alternative place to work while one-fourth of our home is being renovated, blogging at the local coffee shop isn’t really as sexy as you would think. While it is nice for a change of pace once a week or so to relocate for the afternoon and hang out with other mobile office-mates, doing that for an extended period of time for an entire week or longer, is actually quite a drag.

Here’s how it went last week:

Monday – Headed over to Calvary Chapel WiFi Cafe and after working for 3 hours had to leave and sit in my hot car for 10 minutes with the windows rolled up to thaw out. It’s a great location to work because there are little to no interruptions and you get a huge workspace, but the temperature is so cold you had better dress for winter or buy lots of hot tea or coffee.

Tuesday – Went to SunShoppe Cafe in downtown Melbourne and spent about 4 hours surfing the net, reading and responding in the forums at PPC Coach and working on a BANS site. Not a bad experience, but the temperature was a bit on the chilly side again and the seats were somewhat uncomfortable. However, it was a pretty good deal to be able to use a table for half of a regular work day and only spend $2 on an iced tea. It’s kind of a hip place to spend some time and I’d rate it as the best place I went last week.

Wednesday – Went back to SunShoppe Cafe and hit the lunch crowd…bummer. It was loud and distracting, but at least I wasn’t such a bogart today because I did buy lunch and only stayed 2 hours.

Thursday – Went to the local library. This wasn’t a good experience because I had to contend with some guy sleeping in a chair and snoring loudly near the nice desks with sides panels to help avoid distractions. The snoring was a huge distraction. Moved across the library to the magazine section and sat in front of the music CD table when 5 minutes later someone decided to look through every CD in the rack. Endured click…click…click for 15 minutes.

The biggest drawback I experienced in goin’ mobile last week was simply not being able to get up and take a walk, get some fresh air or take a restroom break for the 3 or 4 hours at these various locations. It’s a bit of a hassle to pack up your stuff and take it to the boys room with you so someone doesn’t walk off with your laptop while nature calls.

The second biggest issue is just the temperature. I can only sit for so long in an ice box before rigor mortis sets in and I can’t move. The only place I’ve found so far where the temp is absolutely perfect is Java Surf on the beachside, but that’s about a 15 minute drive away from the house and you have to buy something every hour to get “free” internet access. 

Unfortunately, the hunt for the perfect office away from home continues…

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13 Responses to “Blogging At The Local Coffee Shop Ain’t That Sexy”

  1. As I was reading those post, I felt as though I had written it, because I have been in your shoes. It’s difficult because you can’t quite get comfortable, and it almost feels as though you would be better off with all of the noisy distractions at home. However, I think your decisions to try out different locations will not only break down the monotony, but also will lead to your eventual office away from home. Good luck!

  2. The library is always good :-)

  3. My wife is quiting here job the first of the year, so I’m going mobile. I’m gonna have to add the SunShoppe to my list of spots. It’s crazy, I drive by the place every week and never thought of posting up there. I love my kids, however, my productivity suffers here at home from the distractions.

    Besides I need to stay in motion or I go NUTS!

  4. 1. Bring a laptop lock cable with you. It locks your machine to fixed furniture. Then you can go to the bathroom in piece (obviously lock your machine — Windows-L on XP/Vista).

    2. Talk to people. Reach out. Other computer users will watch your machine for you if you need to step out for a few if you’ll be likewise sociable. If you aren’t going to occasion a chat now and then, then I agree with ML Rebecca: you might as well stay home.

    3. Buy better tea. $2? Get something in the 4 or 5 dollar range. Support your local coffee shop. Plus, it will taste a lot better likely and make you fatter. Then, you won’t be so cold.

  5. Lawrence,

    I spent $8.50 (with tip) or so the next day on a veggie hummus wrap. I’m doing my part to “spread the wealth around” in my local economy.

  6. I think you are in the same area as Market Leverage right … can’t be too far just talk to them and drive over to their office lol. They have some comfortable chairs there… I am sure they won’t mind.

  7. I can totally relate to this, while not a coffee shop, I often work at a college library while waiting for my son to get out of classes. It’s a total drag! At first it was cool but the biggest issue is the distractions and the people and all though it’s a library it still can be a nuisance with all the people in and out.

    Unfortunately I do not yet have a laptop, so I have not tried the coffee spot thing.

  8. Library’s allow more quiet time but you may get in trouble for over staying your welcome, they tell me library’s are for research not blogging :)

  9. @ Genuine Home
    Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!! 😉

  10. I agree with some of the suggestions above, I use my local library, one it’s quiet, fast and accessible to the city center. With numerous amout of resources too, i can lay my hands on some web design books.

  11. LOL. Great points. Having a job working out of a coffee shop seems like a dream come true until you try it. The chairs are uncomfortable. The environment is noisy and distracting. And anytime you want to talk around to stretch, you have to pack up your laptop so no one steals it. It’s not as great as it would seem.

  12. haha yeah nothing beats the quiet of writing a post at midnight. I tried blogging at Mcdonalds once… bad idea… The library sounds a little bit nicer, but having a guy snoring will kill ya lol. I hope your home gets finished soon!

    Jonathan Muller

  13. I really don’t mind where I write when I’m in the mood. Some times a lot of noise helps me concentrate better. I get the feeling that I’m detached from the people and that helps sometimes to focus better.

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