Give Your Affiliate Business The High Five!

The following is a guest post by Jim from theNetFool.com. He writes a popular blog that is all about how to make money online, especially in a down economy. So check it out if you are interested!

Affiliate businesses are all over the internet.  Lots and lots of people are now profiting from doing business across the internet… whether as wholesalers, retailers, or affiliate marketers. Unlimited income can be earned from affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you and the product or service merchant share in the revenues from any sale or visit that you originate. There are several ways by which an affiliate marketer can earn from his business:  pay per click, pay per sale, and pay per lead. An affiliate marketer can do any one or all of these types of affiliate marketing to earn loads of money.

Not all affiliate marketing programs are guaranteed to be successful… and affiliate marketing is not all about the numbers. Oftentimes, affiliate marketing is advertised as an easy way to make profits. Being “easy” does not mean that you just let things be, and just do the minimum that is required of you. An easy and, more importantly, efficient way to earn from affiliate marketing is to do it strategically. Give your affiliate marketing business the Net Fool “High Five” with these strategic marketing tips on making money on your online business:

  1. Choose your affiliate partner carefully. 
    There is a huge amount of money to be earned in the internet – both legitimate and illegitimate.  You would not want to besmirch your site’s reputation by affiliating your site with a merchant that is bogus. Make sure that the affiliate program you are joining is reputable. Go for those programs that have customer service centers or affiliate support programs. It would also be good to be able to actually talk to a representative from the company offering the program to ensure that you are dealing with a real company and with real employees.
  2. Review your 3 Ps.
    There are 3 Ps in marketing namely:  product, price, and promotions. Your affiliate program should be for a great product that is reliable. It should be a product that is actually proven to deliver what it claims it can do or result in. The price range should be reasonable, although not necessarily cheap since large ticket items would most definitely have expensive price tags. There has to be an incentive for your site visitors to click on a merchant’s link. A promotional link versus a static link would enjoy more clicks.
  3. Write relevant articles.
    This works like public relations. Articles that do not directly sell the products that you are advertising but tell readers about the advantages of purchasing such products in general terms will tweak the readers’ fancy and would most likely prompt them to click on the links. And, since your article was able to convince the reader of the benefits of the product you are selling, the chances of that particular reader buying are higher.
  4. Choose a tiered affiliate program.
    Tiered affiliate programs give you more earnings in pretty much every circumstance. Aside from earning from the products sold from those linking from your site, you also earn from the earnings of the recruits of your recruits and so forth.
  5. Opt for higher commissions.
    Commissions from affiliate marketing programs differ depending on the type of program you choose. Revenue sharing can be anywhere from 10% to 75%. That’s a lot of in-betweens. To maximize your income earning potential, choose marketable products that have higher commissions.

When looking to affiliate yourself with any of the programs in the internet, keep in mind your High Five. Instead of wasting your time joining all affiliate programs that come your way, rationalize your affiliate marketing activities. These strategic marketing tips can help focus you on programs that really deliver and give your affiliate marketing business’ earning potential a boost.

-The Net Fool

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12 Responses to “Give Your Affiliate Business The High Five!”

  1. Great post, Jim! Your suggestions are really beneficial, and it’s great to hear from someone who is making the most of their affiliate efforts! Thanks for posting!

  2. Excellent post there Jim. I love reading your posts around the blogosphere.

  3. Higher commissions is a smart move, after all the work that the lone IM’er has to put in, getting small commissions can become a real drag, I learned this the hard way and I recommend to my readers that they look for the biggest possible pay-offs.

  4. Good tips. However I don’t think tip 3 is always the case. Tiering can give you the tease of big money when you might only get a few sales at very low rate.

  5. Good info. I’m itching to try affiliate marketing, but I feel like I don’t know enough yet. The only thing I’m sure of is that I will lose money at the beginning

  6. I have joined a few affiliate programs in the past that really sucked and even after many emails explaining how they could improve their program they didn’t listen so they still suck. So, I definitely agree that some research needs to be done before putting too much time into it.

    I have always loved the higher commissions, who wouldn’t.

  7. @ Blogger Tests
    not sure why you are sure you will lose money, I didn’t, I think a lot of it depends on the guides and teaching you follow and how much work you can and are willing to put in.

  8. Good information. I’ll like to start messing about with affilate marketing, my problem is how to get my hands on suitable materials like the ones for PPC or SEO online. Anyone who can help?

  9. Great tips. One other tip: Pick a niche you know something about so you don’t have to spend a lot of time researching that niche to write good content.

  10. Great post! I’m a big fan of the net fool, great job getting him to guest post for you, I wish I could do that. I’m trying to get into affiliate marketing, so these tips will be very useful, thanks for sharing!

    Jonathan Muller

  11. Every tip here really goes a long way. What this articles has is that steps that can guide a novice.



  12. Good post. I would also add that a good way of finding more success in your affiliate marketing is through back-end selling. Present to your visitors and customers, this added information and products to compliment the one that he just bought. It is to your advantage to have complimentary products to increase the buy-in rate from your customers

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