Checking Stats – Like Watching Concrete Dry

When it comes to checking stats too much, (Adsense, Adwords spend, eBay, Neverblue, etc.) I’m probably the worst offender. I usually check them early in the morning for the previous day, some stats after lunch and then do the rounds again before I go to bed.

That’s what I plan to do, but it rarely is limited to only those 3 times per day. You might know what I mean. You go to check email and while you’re waiting for it to download, you’ll just run over to your Google account and see how Adsense is doing or how much you’ve spent so far today with Adwords. I do that a lot and then I see something and decide to delve a little deeper and find that one of my sites isn’t giving me the usual Adsense revenue I’m accustomed to, or I see lots of clicks on one of my Adwords campaigns, better check the CPA company to see if I’m earning more than I’m spending.

Pretty soon I’ve spent the last hour over-analyzing everything, stressing out about some little anomaly I’ve run across and I’ve forgotten I just wanted to check email. Funny thing is, my stats will be the same at the end of the day whether or not I check them every time I download email, wait for a Photoshop file to save, wait for a browser reload after leaving a comment on someone’s blog or anyone of a hundred other things where I think I can just “check this one stat here.”

Pouring, then watching concrete dry

It’s kind of like waiting for concrete to dry. We had our slab poured early this morning for the extension on our home and it was kind of cool to watch the whole process take place. The concrete came out of the pump looking kind of thin but I was assured that it would set properly, it’s just a little thinner than normal so it can be pumped through a hose from the front yard to the back yard.

Even though we have thinner than normal concrete setting right now, no matter how many times I walk out of the home office and go watch it dry, it’s still going to cure at the same pace and at the end of the day we’ll be able to walk on it. There might even be some weird kind of mental-wave-mind-meld sort of thing going on that actually causes it to cure slower when watched. You know that creepy feeling when someone is watching you.

Maybe this will be a good reminder not to log into my Adsense account 10 times a day.

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23 Responses to “Checking Stats – Like Watching Concrete Dry”

  1. I do this too – a lot!

    Actually checking stats and checking money accumulating is the greatest joy about this business for me.

    Also it saved me a few times. Recently I logged into to Adsense one morning to find that I had made $0. That made me check my sites, and I found out that they were down.

  2. checking stats – it is necessary thing to do to know how we are performing…..

  3. I tend to not check my stats very often. I just don’t have time to!!

  4. Thanks for the reminder…I need to check my stats

    I’m similar in that I check my stats quite frequently when I am on the computer. I try not to analyze them too much during these frequent peeks to make sure there is enough data present to make a conclusion.

  5. I am really bad for this. I have even gone as far as asking my AM if they can set up a thing to text me stat reports every hour…LOL now that is pretty bad.

  6. I used to spend way too much time checking stats and emails so I guess I am not alone in that area. I have gotten better at both but I still check my email way too much.

    I think I have too much time on my hands but I am not willing to take on too much more work so I guess I need to go fishing more often.

    I use FireFox and have an Addon called Session Manager. I use that to load all the advertising sites I use at one time and then I just log in. The list of sites is getting longer every month but now I just check it at 5am each day with my first coffee of the day. Then I try to do my best at not checking them again until the next morning.

    I don’t always manage to leave it though, but I am way better than I was a year ago.

  7. I know this feeling all too well, but falling into this trap can be very dangerous. As the number of sites a person owns grows, the more time they will need to spend checking stats. At some point a person can be checking stats all day and not building more sites.

    Also, obsessive stat checking can be counterproductive if you are just starting out. From experience, I’d say that a newb with only one or two sites shouldn’t check their stats but once a week because it can be depressing. They need to work on either building another site or working on getting traffic to their current one. Checking your stats daily or even hourly and seeing a big fat ZERO can and will eat at all but the strongest of people. Resist the urge and keep working instead.

    FYI, I do not follow the advice that I just gave, but do as I say and not as I do :)

  8. I check my blog dashboard several times an hour looking for much needed and anticipated comments-disappointed every time. But I only check my google rev. two or three times a month. I’m sure if I were raking in the big bucks I would check things more often.

    About the concrete slab- Did you get a chance to run out there and scratch names and funny faces in it before it dried?

  9. Great advice, Alan! It’s tempting to check stats all of the time. You check them two minutes after the last time you checked them, and you wonder why you’re not earning more. You just have to give it time, and keep doing what you’re doing. Eventually, the numbers will catch up with you. Thanks for posting!

  10. I am hopeless for checking stats, more than 5 times a day and i even check how my traffic is going for the day. I think sometimes i get carried away with stats so i don’t have to do any real work….


  11. Yeah that is a common topic. Some people refresh stats nonstop. i have my all automated and on one 30″ screen.

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  12. LMAO, god you just described the story of my IM and AM life!! LMAO… those quick checks, is how I often lose hours of my day!! Totally lame, I know, I try to force myself to not do those “I’ll just click over” real quicks, while….” no matter what every time I distracted by some BS.

  13. For anyone to measure any sorts of your online efforts, checking stats is paramount, not necessary everyday but I make sure I check my spends on a regular basis. Traffic and conversion is also necessary but not important.

  14. Wow, this looks like an epidemic!

    Debo Hobo,

    No we didn’t get to put our mark in the slab. It started to rain right after they finished so it had to be covered up under a huge sheet of plastic.

  15. The constant monitoring of your statistics can be good, sometimes there can be sudden surges of traffic that does not convert.

    Although this would not matter unless you were using PPC or other paid means. Knowing exactly what is going on, all the time can be a good obsession. But, when it consumes you, that’s when you need to relax a bit.

    Nice Slab!

  16. Lol great analogy. It’s so true, yet for some reason I have to watch the stats, even though it won’t make a big of difference. It’s just so rewarding sitting there going watching the numbers go up. Especially when you’ve got the stumble or digg effect. It’s a great feeling.

    Jonathan Muller

  17. I guess it now becomes a norm,I check my blog dashboard several times an hour looking for much needed and anticipated comments-disappointed every time. I’ve noticed that is makes me over analysis my results and can be frustrating at times.

  18. I like checking stats only to findsmall dollar from TLA, i realized I must work hard to get visitors and jack up my alexa rank within 50K or less to get more visitors per day.

    Any comments?I am open to share

  19. Yeah, they should give a law or something… at least we’re not be guilty for not checking our stats anymore… lol

  20. checking stats – it is necessary thing to do to know how we are performing…..

  21. Thanks for the reply on my site. Monica

  22. I am guilty of checking my stats too often. I like to see my earnings add up!

  23. :) I’ve just been through a house building venture and it sucked all my cash away lol, time to start watching my adsense account. Just at the traffic building stage, loved the post and thanks for the coaching lol.

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