BANS As A Landing Site & Google’s Schizophrenic Nature

Want to build yourself a landing site that gets a good quality score? Try using Build A Niche Store as as your content management system and see how much Google love you get. I recently started another site strictly for sending Adwords traffic to using the BANS script and for me, it’s working like a charm, but this apparent love for BANS from Google on the advertising side points out a bit of their truly schizophrenic nature in their artificially intelligent mind.

BANS Diet Keyword Quality Score

I say Google has this schizophrenic nature because on the one hand they seem to have no problem giving my landing pages for a diet product built on a BANS template a good quality score as seen from the above pic, but on the other hand they don’t seem to like BANS when it comes to organic rankings. While I still do have several BANS sites ranked and indexed by Google, three of my BANS sites have been completely removed from their index.

One of those sites was the air purifier auctions site I used as an example for my Build A Niche Store Tutorial series and another is a drums and percussion site that I had been working on and the third will remain nameless. These two cases are bizarre because while both of these sites could be better, they feature content and product descriptions on most pages and in the case of the air purifiers site, there are more content pages than there are auction pages and there is zero advertising on that site. I can’t for the life of me figure out why that site would have been de-indexed, unless the air purifier company EcoQuest International complained to Google because I was outranking them for some of their own product keywords.

In the case of the BANS websites for organic results I’m screaming at Google asking, “What do you want from me?” but in the case of my diet product site when it comes to Adwords advertising, I’m saying “Thanks!” to Google. Does it make any sense that Google would say, “No we don’t want your BANS site in our index, but if you’d like to advertise and spend some money with us, we’ll certainly let you do that”? Well, actually that does make a lot of sense.

Honestly, I just wish Google would get their act together and show a little more consistency. I will never think it’s a good thing to let Google have as much power as they do.

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$10,000 Revenue With Neverblue In 10 Weeks

I’ve been with Neverblue for a few months now, but I’ve only been running active campaigns with any effort for about 10 weeks through them. Back just a few days ago I passed the $10,000 mark in total revenue with them in that 10 week period. Do realize though, this is not profit, it is total revenue produced from all the offers I’ve been running through them. Without doing to much research, I can tell you that about half of that revenue produced is profit though, so that’s about $500 a week in earnings I’ve been generating through Neverblue.

Neverblue Control Panel

Most of the revenue generated in the last 10 weeks through Neverblue has been from what I learned through PPC Coach.

Let me tell you, working with Neverblue rocks. My affiliate manager, Mike, was great to work with and anytime I needed anything I could call him up and he’d get back with me always the same day either by phone or email. I talked with Mike once or twice a week and through close communication he knew what I wanted to promote in my business and kept me informed of new offers and gave me an income bump on a few offers that I was doing well with to give me even more profit. Mike has since moved on to go back to school and I’ve been switched over to super affiliate manager Michelle who I’ve only had the chance to talk to once and she is equally as nice and helpful.

Beyond the helpful affiliate managers I like the way the control panel looks and functions inside your account. When you first log in you can see your revenue produced for the month, for the day and the total amount since being with the company. You can also see links to your current campaigns running, other campaigns recommended for you, the newest campaigns just coming out, your affiliate manager contact info and pic and a bunch of other info.

Your Neverblue Info

Once you click over to the available campaigns I love the way this screen is organized. All offers are classified by category and include the number of offers available. When you click to see the offers you can then see the total network earnings, EPC and the payout for producing a lead. If you then click to an offer the creatives are organized under tabs and on the left of the screen you will see the kind of promotions allowed, the EPC and total earnings and the payout and what constitutes a lead somewhere in the middle. It’s great to have all this info right at your fingertips so you can see if this is an offer you want to run.

Neverblue Campaigns

I try to choose offers with high network earnings and a high EPC, the payout isn’t really that important. That may sound strange to not be concerned about the payout, but what I look for in an offer is if it’s making money for the network at has that good EPC. If those two things are high, I feel like I have a better chance to make money with it regardless of what it pays. If you see an offer with high network earnings, high EPC and a high payout, those are obviously the best.

Organization, great offers, lots of info to help you choose profitable offers and affiliate manager friendly and willing to get to know you and your business is what makes Neverblue rock.

Sign up with Neverblue, earn some affiliate cash and experience their personal service.

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Read The Top Internet Marketing Blogs

One of the best ways to learn about internet and affiliate marketing is to read about the successes and failures of people who have been in the trenches for awhile. There isn’t anything better than to learn from the experiences of others who have been there and done that. If you want to make $5,000, $10,000 or $100,000 a month with a business on the net, you should be reading the stories of the people who have earned that kind of income.

Fantastic you’re probably thinking, but how do I find all those successful people and their blogs without spending hours searching for them? And when you consider your search efforts will turn up plenty of wannabe affiliate marketers that aren’t really making any money at all, it can be a daunting task to get connected to the best information.

But there is an easier solution…

Gyutae Park of WinningTheWeb.com has put together an invaluable resource for bloggers and Internet marketers with his creation of the IM Top Blogs list. Currently the list features 279 of the top blogs on the Internet that deal with making money online, affiliate marketing, traffic generation, PPC, blogging and anything related to marketing on the net. The nice thing about the list is that it’s not just Gyutae’s opinion of which blogs are the best because he has gone through the painstaking task of ranking them according to various criteria such as Technorati, Yahoo Links, Google PR, Alexa Ranking, Feedburner stats, StumbleUpon reviews and other factors. All these variables virtually guarantee that you will be reading the best, most popular blogs available in the IM niche.

The list is constantly updated so you can keep checking back to see where your favorite blogs rank, how many links they’re getting and so you can discover new blogs in the web marketing space you may not have known about. Heck, just a quick look on the first page of 95 sites listed I found at least 10 blogs I’ve never even heard of.

A big shout out goes to Gyutae for doing the work and putting together the list. There’s lots of valuable information contained in the blogs listed here. Spend more time reading through the experiences of these Internet bloggers and stop spending so much money on worthless ebooks. You’ll save some money and will learn more current and useful info for your own business and blogging efforts.

By the way, AffiliateConfession.com is ranked at 159. Thanks for the resource Gyutae!

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Making Money On The Internet Is A Big Fat Scam

Pounding NailsI’ve been hearing this ridiculous commercial on talk radio in our area lately from beach bum Ty Coughlin of the Reverse Funnel System (sorry dude, no link) and it’s beginning to make me ill. The radio spot starts out with Ty laughing like some big shot, bragging about making a bunch of money on the Internet and then going into his spiel about how a group of his students just passed the $10 million mark with his system and they’re now ready to take on another group of students.

Some time back I had someone ask me to do a review of this system and I asked to actually see it before I did the review, and guess what the answer was…Sorry, I can’t do that. This kind of nonsense should raise red flags, make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and alert your Spidey Sense, or if you’re normal it should just make you want to flee like the bad guys you see on COPS. Don’t ask questions, just run!

I think to get into this deal, you have to pay $50 up front just to turn in your “application” and find out what it’s all about and then it’s another higher monetary commitment after that. Remember, don’t ask, just run.

This is where the Internet gurus get you to believe you can “make money on the internet” just like they did and to play nice I’ll just call it a misconception instead of what it really is, propaganda. Telling people they will make money on the net is a flat out scam. It gets you to believe that all you need is the cyberforce of the web and a computer and you can be rich too. The terminology is used to deflect the desperate into thinking they don’t have to work and do what it really takes to succeed online, build a business.

Gurus claiming they make money from the net or whatever line they’re using is like saying the guy we buy produce from at the flea market is “making money from the flea market”. No, he has a business at the flea market and he busts his tail setting up shop, ordering produce, doing paperwork, stacking watermelons, sweeping the floor, unpacking his truck and so on. The flea market has no magic, it’s the work that John does in his produce business that puts food on his table and pays his bills.

The Internet has no Luke-Skywalker-magic-use-the-force-power either, it’s just a tool like a hammer, it ain’t going to work unless you use some elbow grease and swing it or get really smart and get one of those powered ones where all you have to do is pull the trigger. But nothing’s going to happen unless you have something to put nails into.

Set up shop and use the Internet as a tool to build a business and stay away from the guys that tell you you can build a building without getting sweaty and pounding some nails.

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Finding Niche Market Ideas Using Magazines

The following is a guest post by Jerry from NicheFree.com where you can find Free Niche Marketing Ideas.

Finding a great idea for a niche market is as easy as standing in line at the grocery store.

Next time you are standing around waiting for the cashier to ring you up, take a few minutes to browse through the gold mines along the counter – the magazines.

Want to know what people are buying? Look in the pages before you – and take notes.

Check out the topics on the front cover. They are probably about finances, weight loss and health. Then dig deeper and see what the articles are about. What specific issue do they address?

Another great way to get ideas? Check out all of the small mini-magazines and booklets at the counter. Those are also full of great ideas for niches.

I keep a small notepad with me and jot down notes as I shop. (Why not get ideas for making money while I kill time, right?)  I can get 10 or 12 ideas in a single afternoon of running errands. Do I use all of them? No, of course not, but out of 10 or 12 I can usually have an idea I use.

Here is how I got  an idea for a wonderful niche:

While waiting in line, I saw several booklets for diabetics. Magazine articles, too. But I also saw one booklet that had quick, easy recipes that were diabetic-friendly. Hmmm…

So I started a blog that has recipe tips for quick, easy meals that are suitable for diabetics. I put up about 10 posts to put some good content on there and attract visitors. How do I monetize that? Simple. I use Adsense and I advertise products that promote diabetes control through a healthier diet (because it is a blog with meal tips) as well as Once a Month Cooking (TM).

Using the ideas all around you, you can create a moneymaking website or blog in a matter of hours – and be making money soon after.

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