Emily The Cat Is 19 Today

Emily At 19 Years Old 

Today is a special day around our home as we are celebrating our cat Emily’s 19th birthday. Jean and I have known each other for 16 years and have been married 15 years and Miss Emily has been with us the whole time, plus for 3 years when I wasn’t in the picture.

Emily is the oldest pet I’ve ever had and is still pretty healthy for her age. Earlier this year she had some intestinal problems and lost a bunch of weight and we thought it was getting time to put her down, but I think her 8th life sprang into being and she’s back to her normal mode of running the household. Cats are amazing creatures and I think there must be something to the 9 lives thing because throughout the years there have been several time when we thought her time was done and she bounced right back and assumed her role as queen.

Here are some interesting things about Emily:

She loves lettuce, baked potatoes, carrots and spinach and doesn’t understand the word carnivore.

She sleeps where she darn well pleases, most of the time up on top of our throw pillows on the bed. She likes this spot because it resembles a throne.

Emily On Her Throne

She likes to eat bath soap and used to lick the bar of soap in the bathtub until we remodeled the guest bath and converted it into a shower.

She demands to drink from the sink when we are in the bathroom and usually jumps into the tub to lick up the water after we get through showering in the master bath.

Emily is a world class expert in the art of vomiting and has produced an extensive body of work. She can vomit for any reason or for no reason at all.

Emily will be spending her birthday resting comfortably some place she’s not supposed to be, begging for lettuce when we make salads for dinner, eating some disgusting food and licking her private parts. She won’t be taking any calls today.

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27 Responses to “Emily The Cat Is 19 Today”

  1. Happy Birthday Emily! Here’s to another 19 years of eating bath soap!

  2. Sounds to me like her nine lives are spent. Happy B-Day Emily! Here’s to many more!

  3. Hey Zac,

    I think we’ll have to give he the bath soap as a treat since she can’t get to it any more.

  4. Happy birthday Emily, my good friend was also at the age at 19 where someone decided to get him back. Look to be some more hours with your best friends :)

  5. Happy Birthday Emily! …nice post

  6. Hehe congrats! Happy birthday kitty..

  7. 19 year old is very old for a cat and many other pet.

    Old cat do vomit because that’s what they do. They got problem with digestion system so they even sh*t anywhere too. You are lucky if your cat only vomit.

    Eating soap isn’t a good behavior because we know soap is cleaning chemical, and chemical does’t do good for stomach. Maybe you shouldn’t let her do that again.

    Have fun.

  8. Wow. All that, and she still seems barely more than a kitten! Perhaps you’re using goats milk oatmeal bath soap? I’m sure that would lend itself to her youthful coat. 😀

    Happy birthday, Emily!

  9. Happy B-Day Emily, that is really cool!!

  10. Wow great. Congrats ! My cat is just 7 y.o.

    Anyway long love Emily !!



  11. It’s surprising to see that the 19 year old is not any bigger than my one year old tiger.

    And they look quite close too considering they live continents apart.

  12. WordVixen,

    Actually it’s Tone soap, but who knows, maybe Tone has life giving properties. I’m not going to try eating it though. LOL!


    Cute cat!

  13. Congratulations!!! I have a cat at home, he is 5 and we think he is old.

  14. It looks like our last cat, but that one became just short over 10 years… so much stress was even too much for 9 lifes I guess.

  15. *lol* Hm.. hubs uses Tone. Maybe I should try it too! If it works for Emily…

  16. 19 years for a cat is really long life. My sincere congratulations to your family. may your Emily will live much more!

  17. Man I didn’t think cats even lived that long, congrats Emily.

    Does she ever blow soap bubbles?

    I wish you all many more years together, oh yeah and your spouse as well of course. :)

  18. Your are so lucky to be owned by Emily!!!!

  19. Great. Congrats ! My cat is just 4 years Old and I’m over the moon. I wonder how you guys feel.

    Anyway long love Emily !!



  20. holy cat.. 19 years! congrats!

    btw, nice shirt, Alan.. 😛

  21. Thats a nice cat you have, well done on hitting a huge number in cat years :)

  22. i came across this story while googling how old a 19 year old cat is in human years … what a special cat Emily is – very comical too! I can’t believe she eats soap and salads! my cat is almost 19 .. she is amazing. We lost her for a year when she was 2 and amazingly got her back after a year – through an article with her photo i wrote to a local magazine in New Zealand. We never gave up hope that we would find her and never stopped looking. luckily the person who found her and was looking after her saw the article while she was at the hairdressers! So we have had our darling Cassie ever since then and she is still catching birds but likes to sleep a lot these days. Thank you for this lovely story :)

  23. Wow, happy birthday! I heard that cats live for about 15-16 years only… yours got 19 already?

    I must be dreaming… lol

  24. I just Stumbled you post about Emily’s 19th birthday. That’s a remarkable age for most pets, especially a cat. I just buried my 12 year old cat. I miss him greatly. I hope Emily is still doing well.

  25. Jerry,

    Sorry to hear you lost your 12 year old cat. Man, we love our animals don’t we. Emily is doing great, she’s continuing to get cranky and slow down, but I think she’ll make it to 20.

  26. I had a cat that was 20 years old. She was a gift from my father while i was still in my mothers womb. She was older than me! She was my kitty, she loved me and our family so much. She was even an outdoor cat and had moved 3 times, onto 2 busy st.

    Since she was getting so old, her vision and hearing was going if not gone. Sadly the worst happened. I check the driveway for her, shes on the other side so i pick my music and put the car in reverse.

    You all know cats, they can be one place one minute, and a mile away the next. My poor kitty worst day ever

  27. I would love a cat, but my parents never wanted one. Maybe I’ll get one in a few years :-) Happy Birthday to Emily. I think it’s so lovely that she has been with you for as long as you’ve been with your wife.. she’s been through it all with you!

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