October 2008 Affiliate Income Report – Busted The $5,000 Barrier

The figures are in for the monthly affiliate income report and it’s a new record and one that’s another significant milestone for any affiliate marketer. After expenses, actual profit was over the $5,000 mark finally realizing the goal set for September when I missed it by only $260. It’s also significant because earnings have doubled since starting this blog 1 year ago. Combined earnings for both September and October came in slightly over $10,000, meaning the average was over $5,000 for each month.

Leading the increased earnings were Google Adsense which was almost $500 more than last month and the eBay Partner Network by utilizing Build A Niche Store came roaring back and was over $1,000 again. However, I did spend a little over $300 for some search traffic to a couple of my BANS stores making my profit just a little under $300 more than last month. I’m not sure what happened with EPN in September as it was down to half of what I usually make.

Total revenue for October was a record as well bringing in $8,515.41. As you might assume, expenses were also at a record high of $3,199.93 of which $2,700 was from pay-per-click traffic, but that gave me a healthy profit of $5,315.48 which is obviously also a record. Everything breaks down as follows:

Google Adsense – $1,525.75
Commission Junction – $82.43
EPN – eBay – $1,013.80
Meal Planner Ebook – $119.00
TripAdvisor – $176.28
Clickbank – $88.72
Private Advertising – $140.00
AzoogleAds – $637.55
Pepperjam – $51.89
Market Leverage – $23.00
Neverblue – $4,342.85
Other Affiliate Programs – $314.14

Total Revenue – $8,515.41

Total expenses – $3,199.93

Total Income – $5,315.48

I’m hoping this trend continues, but next this month will be quite a challenge as my earnings through PPC seem to be trending down towards the end of October and the beginning of this month. Traffic from my most profitable campaigns is down significantly and I can’t seem to get anything working in the last couple of weeks. Of the 20 to 25 PPC campaigns started in the last 2 weeks, nothing is producing much volume. Sometimes you just never know when Google will be nice to you, you just have to keep working at it till something breaks through.

Since we are heading into the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season there’s lots of opportunity for affiliate marketers to do well during this time of year and with the election wrapping up in the next couple of days, there’s a great opportunity to earn there as well. Really, you almost never have to worry about finding ways to earn money online and rather than go into a long winded discussion about that, check out Zac Johnson’s 5 Ways to Cash In Big Before The New Year for some ideas.

I’m setting a goal right now to earn $10,000 in December and I told my wife we’d have a huge celebration when we hit that mark. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn some great income coming up in the next couple of months, but also in your quest to earn big bucks in affiliate marketing, don’t forget about what this season is really about.

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27 Responses to “October 2008 Affiliate Income Report – Busted The $5,000 Barrier”

  1. Depending on which ventures you have november and december can be the best months of the year, everyone buying gifts, people choosing new year resolutions and buying stuff they will use for 2 weeks and then abandon, it’s a great time to make money for everything who is serious about it.

  2. Doin’ big things, Alan. Congrats!

  3. congrats for reaching the goal!

  4. Congrats on your success man.

  5. Major Congrats, Alan! And best of luck in your next goal. :-) Right now, I’m just aiming for enough to pay for a round trip train ticket with bedroom for our next Disney World trip.

    Hm… October was my best month in sales as well, though no where near your level. Here’s hoping it keeps up through November!

  6. Congrats. I can’t wait to have the time and hit the right things to hit 5K profit for a month.

  7. Very cool, the payoff of all the hard work is always the best on so many levels!!

  8. Hey Alan, congrats on the new record. I just hit a record over at my blog but nowhere near your mark (but I’m only posting my blog’s earnings and not my earnings in general).

    Nice job though. I wonder if EPN is starting to head downhill?

  9. man, thats awesome..
    be my mentor 😀

  10. Congratulations on the great success!

  11. Congrats! That’s really a cool income. I hope that I will get lots of inspirations from your blog.


  12. Thats great , can you share how much you made from this blog alone…

  13. Alan – congrats on breaking your much anticipated goal. It’s abvious that PPC Coach has helped step up your earnings in a major way – unfortunately PPC is not as consistant or predictable as adsense would be, but nevertheless you did it!

  14. Thanks Elijah. Yea PPC requires constant monitoring and is even more fickle than I first thought. However, I’m going to ride it as long as I can.

  15. Congrats. I’m sure you inspire bloggers with this huge blog income :-)

  16. ” expenses were also at a record high of $3,199.93 …”

    Yea, but no matter how much we try to get around it…it takes money to make money…free methods get trickles of dough(seed money) for you to put into some real advertising ❗

  17. Well done on hitting your mark! It was only a matter of time :)

  18. Well Done. The best thing about it from your point of view is that your income is coming from many sources, so if one is down for a month, other streams of income may balance it out. It is better than having “all your eggs in one basket” like a lot of offline businesses.


  19. Ok. This post made me subscribe to your RSS mate :) 5,000$ is more than a lot in my country and I see no adversities why not to try myself.

  20. Wow. Congratulations. It looks like Neverblue has been very rewarding. I haven’t heard of them—will have to check them out. Nice work this month. It is interesting to compare the various income sources. I appreciate you sharing the details of your success with your readers.

  21. Wow Alan, nice income i envy you….
    please can you share with us your secret getting that amount of income, im newbies in IM and blogging, i have site but alexa rank still around 1,1 million, what kind of alexa rank if you want to have that kind of figure.Many thanks in advance

  22. Minnesota Attorney,

    Yes, Neverblue rocks!


    The secret to that kind of income is all over my blog, just keep reading. I have multiple sites, some of them fairly hign in Alexa rankings and some hardly on the radar. Honestly though, Alexa doesn’t really mean that much.

  23. Wow Alan,

    Your results are impressive.
    This really is inspirational for me to see.
    Obviously Neverblue is at the top fopr you. I’m going to have to take closer look at that program.

    I hope you make your $10,000 December goal.

  24. How are you going that much with AdSens? I can’t see any ads on your blog…

  25. Congrats. I can’t wait to have the time and hit the right things to hit 5K profit for a month.

  26. That’s a great earnings from neverblueads. Awesome.

  27. me too, at the moment only US$50 for this month….lol

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