Finding Niche Market Ideas Using Magazines

The following is a guest post by Jerry from NicheFree.com where you can find Free Niche Marketing Ideas.

Finding a great idea for a niche market is as easy as standing in line at the grocery store.

Next time you are standing around waiting for the cashier to ring you up, take a few minutes to browse through the gold mines along the counter – the magazines.

Want to know what people are buying? Look in the pages before you – and take notes.

Check out the topics on the front cover. They are probably about finances, weight loss and health. Then dig deeper and see what the articles are about. What specific issue do they address?

Another great way to get ideas? Check out all of the small mini-magazines and booklets at the counter. Those are also full of great ideas for niches.

I keep a small notepad with me and jot down notes as I shop. (Why not get ideas for making money while I kill time, right?)  I can get 10 or 12 ideas in a single afternoon of running errands. Do I use all of them? No, of course not, but out of 10 or 12 I can usually have an idea I use.

Here is how I got  an idea for a wonderful niche:

While waiting in line, I saw several booklets for diabetics. Magazine articles, too. But I also saw one booklet that had quick, easy recipes that were diabetic-friendly. Hmmm…

So I started a blog that has recipe tips for quick, easy meals that are suitable for diabetics. I put up about 10 posts to put some good content on there and attract visitors. How do I monetize that? Simple. I use Adsense and I advertise products that promote diabetes control through a healthier diet (because it is a blog with meal tips) as well as Once a Month Cooking (TM).

Using the ideas all around you, you can create a moneymaking website or blog in a matter of hours – and be making money soon after.

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17 Responses to “Finding Niche Market Ideas Using Magazines”

  1. I’m curious – would you give us the URL for you niche diabetic site? I’d be curious to have a look at it.

    Also, how much content do you add to it on a regular basis? And how much money do you typically make with a small niche site like this?

    I’ve built a few niche sites myself and I find that they usually start out pretty good getting ranked for good keywords but then over time they start to slow down and fall in the rankings. Maybe I need to update them more but I usually don’t make enough money off them to really justify the time writing more content for them.

  2. This is great advice! A successful marketer is an observant marketer. Magazine covers offer a great method for discovering what it is that Americans are concerned with. Herein will lie your solutions to successful online marketing campaigns. Great post, Alan!

  3. Excellent post. I have heard this idea a few times. Just read the smut mags to get good headline ideas.

  4. Great advice, magazines are great sources of good and current information and can bring great inspirations for niche sites.

  5. I would have to agree that magazines are a gold mine of niche ideas but magazines are also great for kicking your brain into gear when you are finding it tough to come up with ideas for articles and posts.

    I have a niche that to this point I have not had much of a problem coming up with content but just this week I ran out of content so I am heading out today or tomorrow to pick up a couple of magazines that are focused on this niche.

  6. Magazines are indeed great source of niche ideas. Because magazines always write about hot topics, and the newest trends – that’s how they make money. It’s even better if you have many interests.


    The Moneyac

  7. Another great resource is your local bookstore. They have tons of books on niche product areas, often going deeper than magazines would.

  8. I’ve also listen to radio commercials for niche ideas. Some products are promoted more heavily on than radio than on the internet.

  9. I agree as long as proper research is done on keywords etc.. Also, The ideas you pick up on the front page may be too popular and you may have a lot of competition. You need to be prepared for that and the internet is the best place for researching your internet business ideas.


  10. Libraries are another great source for niche ideas , also big stores like Walmart and Sears will help you know the trend for some of the niches markets

  11. I recently wrote a chapter for an upcoming ebook for a good blogging friend of mine – and this was the exact topic I talked about. Once you’ve trained your mind to pull apart your surroundings into niche markets and products you will never have a shortage of ideas.

  12. It’s interesting how web-focused people can fall into the trap of using only the web to do research. One major problem with this approach is you are never the first person to cover a topic (because you got the information somewhere else on the web). However, I have found that Google greatly rewards the first content on a niche. In other words, one secret to getting Google’s blessing is being the first person to write on a topic. This might be a new product, new theory, or new perspective on a topic. “New” just has to be new to Google, even though it may already exist in a print format somewhere.

  13. It’s proven again that what you learn in the offline world can be taking online and then made to be successful. Using magazines is a great way to find profitable niches, it’s just a matter of finding that money making niche :)


  14. This is a proven tactic that I use it myself. It’s a hidden goldmine especially for people looking at hobbies niche markets.

  15. I have heard this idea a few times. Just read the smut mags to get good headline ideas.

  16. Kudos!!Excellent post. I have heard this idea a few times. Just read the smut magazines to get good headline ideas.

  17. I have scourer tons of information on Affiliate Marketing and I have to say that was one of the simplest and most accurate tips I have gotten. Too many go into such complicated detail but you have the essence of what it is.

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