$10,000 Revenue With Neverblue In 10 Weeks

I’ve been with Neverblue for a few months now, but I’ve only been running active campaigns with any effort for about 10 weeks through them. Back just a few days ago I passed the $10,000 mark in total revenue with them in that 10 week period. Do realize though, this is not profit, it is total revenue produced from all the offers I’ve been running through them. Without doing to much research, I can tell you that about half of that revenue produced is profit though, so that’s about $500 a week in earnings I’ve been generating through Neverblue.

Neverblue Control Panel

Most of the revenue generated in the last 10 weeks through Neverblue has been from what I learned through PPC Coach.

Let me tell you, working with Neverblue rocks. My affiliate manager, Mike, was great to work with and anytime I needed anything I could call him up and he’d get back with me always the same day either by phone or email. I talked with Mike once or twice a week and through close communication he knew what I wanted to promote in my business and kept me informed of new offers and gave me an income bump on a few offers that I was doing well with to give me even more profit. Mike has since moved on to go back to school and I’ve been switched over to super affiliate manager Michelle who I’ve only had the chance to talk to once and she is equally as nice and helpful.

Beyond the helpful affiliate managers I like the way the control panel looks and functions inside your account. When you first log in you can see your revenue produced for the month, for the day and the total amount since being with the company. You can also see links to your current campaigns running, other campaigns recommended for you, the newest campaigns just coming out, your affiliate manager contact info and pic and a bunch of other info.

Your Neverblue Info

Once you click over to the available campaigns I love the way this screen is organized. All offers are classified by category and include the number of offers available. When you click to see the offers you can then see the total network earnings, EPC and the payout for producing a lead. If you then click to an offer the creatives are organized under tabs and on the left of the screen you will see the kind of promotions allowed, the EPC and total earnings and the payout and what constitutes a lead somewhere in the middle. It’s great to have all this info right at your fingertips so you can see if this is an offer you want to run.

Neverblue Campaigns

I try to choose offers with high network earnings and a high EPC, the payout isn’t really that important. That may sound strange to not be concerned about the payout, but what I look for in an offer is if it’s making money for the network at has that good EPC. If those two things are high, I feel like I have a better chance to make money with it regardless of what it pays. If you see an offer with high network earnings, high EPC and a high payout, those are obviously the best.

Organization, great offers, lots of info to help you choose profitable offers and affiliate manager friendly and willing to get to know you and your business is what makes Neverblue rock.

Sign up with Neverblue, earn some affiliate cash and experience their personal service.

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35 Responses to “$10,000 Revenue With Neverblue In 10 Weeks”

  1. Excellent job man. I have not hit the $10K revenue mark with a network. I don’t know about all the networks this year. I’ll worry about that next month. Good stuff.

  2. Nice #s!
    Thanks for the overview.

  3. I too love Neverblue, the manager attention and interface of the affiliate home page is great.

    Are you only using PPC for their offers? I am pretty new with them, are you using PPC to promote their products directly or are you filtering through your own landing pages? Or is that secret info available from PPC Coach?

  4. I am really impressed with what they have done for you. However their website seems light on for specifics on costs etc. Does this all come when you sign up? I could really use $500 a week profit so I am really interested.


  5. Congratulations! That is awesome!

    Stick with it and I am sure your numbers will double.

  6. Wow! This is so impressive and I know you’re such a hard worker … I haven’t tried Neverblue or PPC … something else to add to my “to do” list. LOL I’ve really enjoyed watching your success this past year … shows me that hard work will definitely pay off. *huGs* Suzanne

  7. Jonathan,

    Thanks, yea, doubling the numbers would be great.


    The hard work definitely pays off. I’m glad I decided to give PPC another try, otherwise my revenue with Neverblue would be zero.

  8. $10k is not a small amount mate !!

  9. Making about $1000 a week is more than most people ever make, you should be really proud of that! You’ve tempted me to get into PPC now!

  10. congrats alan.that is great success you achieved with ppc marketing 😀

  11. Congrats! Sounds like you are really starting to get the hang of things. Was that mostly from using the content network?

    You will be doubling or tripling that in no time. :)

  12. Tim,

    Yes, almost all of it was from the content network.

  13. Congratulations. This is very impressive. I haven’t used NeverBlue, but you make a compelling argument for trying it out. Thanks for the report.

  14. Congrats ! I would like now to see 10k in profit next month, not just revenue :)


    The Moneyac

  15. Thats an amazing profit figure to have every week

  16. Congrats on hitting that number, 10k is no easy target yet you made it.

    This is very impressive,

    What will next month bring ?


  17. I heard PPC is not easy to study, many people lost their money on google Adwords, but it tooks time to understand PPC and I heard is not a cheap class also if you want to attend

  18. You da man Alan!

    PPC Coach all the way.. my profits are climbing and soon I’ll be able to have the expendable income to invest towards my membership and PPC spending money!

    Hey man $10 g’s in 10 weeks.. $1000 a week – Awesome man!

  19. Thanks a lot for this great overview and congratulations on your earnings. I clicked on your link to visit the site and landed on the following website:

    I tried it with Firefox and IE and got the same result. Could it be because my IP is from Switzerland? Or you may have a wrong link?


  20. MLM Business,

    Sorry, that link is only for North American IP addresses.

  21. wow this is cool, i have been with neverblue about 3 months, but i got only 75 dollars. LOL, can you show some tips how to make money from neverblueads to us please…………………….

  22. Are they requiring non US affiliates to sign a form and fax it just like MarketLeverage does it?

  23. Is it twice lower than month ago or I don’t see that properly?

  24. Odzyskiwanie,

    The results you’re seeing for this month are only for the first 10 days or so of Nov.

  25. Pretty impressive. 2 more networks and grey days look shiny.

  26. I wish to follow Alan steps, share with us Alan, to get that kind of figure, how many traffics per day you have in your blog? I’m dead curious.Cheers

  27. Ari,

    None of the revenue generate was from this blog. It was all done through PPC to various landing pages featuring different offers.

  28. Congrats! Great to see the digits =D

  29. Making about $1000 a week is more than most people ever make, you should be really proud of that! You’ve tempted me to get into PPC now!

  30. wooho,,, I never made above $100 from NBA :(

  31. Hey Alan,

    Your results with Neverblue are quite impressive.

    I have just signed up under you and am just starting the preliminary process.

    I’m looking forward to having another way to monetize my sites.

  32. Well, the reaching of 10k figure in such a short period of time is definetly an achievement and it’s never gonna be easy to have this . I’ll go ahead and try my luck anyways :-)

    Harris Miller

  33. Your thoughtful approach, careful analysis, and financial tracking is impressive. You clearly understand the importance of using a business approach to affiliate marketing.

  34. I think this is amazing. You are a great example of why someone should sign up for PPC Coach.

  35. Hi AC, love your site, it’s an inspiration. I’m new to all this stuff and have had my fingers burnt a few times by just blundering into empty promise type rubbish.

    I think you’re a winner, I’ll soon be there right behind you lol.

    Thanks for the info, added you to my faves.

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