Long Term Thinking In Your Affiliate Business

While earning money through PPC marketing is great, as an affiliate you also want to be thinking long term. When you get the hang of it, PPC is great for the quick buck, but you have to be constantly churning out new ideas and campaigns because old ones lose momentum and when you shut off your traffic, or lose it, there goes your cash-flow.

Yes, it is nice to make those fast dollars, but maybe you might not want to keep chasing the ever changing Google Adwords carrot or keep putting in the constant work that it takes to maintain your income. Are you setting up your affiliate business now for long term payoffs months or even years into the future?

Just the other day I put up a page on one of my BANS sites and will put up 2 or 3 more pages this week for a very desirable collectible with a fairly high price, but I don’t really expect to cash in on this work until probably the end of 2009 and long after that. This collectible is in a very narrow niche and won’t be released to the public until the spring of next year. For some time it probably won’t show up on eBay, but even when it does later in the year it won’t be at a premium price because these items will still be available from the manufacturer.

However, at the end of 2009 these collectibles will cease to be made and will only be available from aftermarket dealers and yes, you guessed it, from eBay as well. That’s when I expect to start earning nice commissions for these items because of increased prices and limited availability. And what’s a bonus is that these products will be sought after for years to come by the people in this particular market. If all goes as planned, and of course there are no guarantees, the pages I’m putting up now will have been indexed for more than a year and have high rankings for keywords related to these items. And while PPC traffic can be good if you find the right keywords to buy, nothing beats free organic traffic.

I learned about these items only by reading blogs in this niche and trying to stay somewhat current on what’s happening in this field. It’s not something I have tons of time to devote to, but it is an area of interest that I’m somewhat familiar with and along with reading blogs online I pick up magazines at Barnes & Noble every 3 weeks to a month just so that nothing really interesting or important passes me by.

There are a lot of things I read about such as this that I try to add to my network of sites on an ongoing basis because I want to be earning money way down the road without having to put in the effort again and again. Not many items are as suited to bring future ongoing profits as these collectibles will be, but this served as a great example of what you should be looking for to build a stable business and have an income many months and years down the road.

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13 Responses to “Long Term Thinking In Your Affiliate Business”

  1. Now you have everyone trying to figure out what you’re talking about.

  2. Totally agree on the churning out new ideas and campaigns because old ones lose momentum.

    It’s the same as doing split-testing constantly to get the best out from your ppc campaigns

  3. browie,

    Yea, I figured that might happen, but there are thousands of niches and items like this that pay off at different levels so keep reading and stay informed in your niches of interest.

  4. For me to stay in this business i have to look long term. All my marketing efforts are paying. SEO, Article Marketing, blogging, this is another way of keeping your affiliate business long term.


  5. I’m with ya Alan. I got lucky in the beginning of my BANS career by stumbling across a hot product that wouldn’t be easily available in stores for months (a wii related product). I nearly made back my entire BANS investment on that store even though I never finished building it. Now that the item is easily found elsewhere, all sales and even visits to that store are gone (considering deleting it now).

    However, my two top performers received NO traffic whatsoever for the first 3-6 months of their life, despite the weeks that I spent in developing content for them. However, the items sold on those two sites have very limited availability off of eBay (in this case, eBay itself is my biggest competitor). 1 item is a collectible, and the other is a lifestyle product.

    One day soon I’m going to have to reinvest the profit from those and hire someone else to write more content for them. I enjoy the beginning, but I hate the upkeep!

  6. I am always thinking about different marketing ideas and feature projects, as you are right, what works today may not work tomorrow. At any rate, if one ad starts to under-perform, I have a new one ready to go at all times.

  7. That’s the same philosophy that helped early domain owners snap up generic names while everyone was sleeping. A bit of luck and tons of preparedness.
    Terms like black friday, cyber monday are all recent and tomorrow there will be new ones, therein lies the opportunity!

  8. Indeed it’s very important to keep the long-term plan for your business. One is to grab these opportunities that you described Alan, and second thing is – get new business contacts with other entrepreneurs with whom you can make other future projects with.

    Best regards,

    The Moneyac

  9. You raised an important aspect that is missing in many internet marketing businesses: a long term plan. As people have made quick money on the internet, it has driven a focus on short-term income, often to the neglect of a long term plan. Thanks for this insightful message.

  10. It requires some planning as well I believe..

  11. Alan,

    This idea of building for the future with a collectibles niche is quite intriguing.

    I have always been more of a long term marketing guy for sure, but the idea of having a specific product which is long term in itself is quite clever.

  12. Yeah investing in a long term business model is essential.

    I believe investing in traffic generation is the key.

    Free organic traffic

  13. People think they can just jump in. It’s a long term deal. Takes a lot of learning.

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