November 2008 Affiliate Earnings Report

It’s time for another affiliate income report and earnings for November were down by roughly $2,000, but I still managed to pull in over $3,000 last month so I don’t really have anything to complain about. The two biggest factors contributing to the decrease in earnings were eBay income from my BANS niche stores was down significantly by over $600.

I had 5 days last month where I earned exactly $0.00 from eBay which is probably a record since I’ve been using BANS. It’s probably been 3 or 4 months since there’s been a single day of zero earnings from eBay. Also, my two biggest PPC campaigns have lost most of their momentum. That’s the life of an affiliate marketer and you just have to ride out the ups and down and keep moving forward.

Even though income from paid search was also down there’s always something to learn from every turn of events in your business if you look hard enough. What I’ve discovered in the last 3 to 4 months or so while digging into the world of pay-per-click-marketing has been invaluable and all the keyword research in the world and figuring out what you think are the best ads means nothing until you see exactly what happens to your keywords in your campaigns and how they end up converting. Every cool technique around will never stand up to looking at your campaigns and conversions and having that “Bingo” moment for yourself when you finally understand what works and why it does.

Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled income report…

Revenue for November was $5,557.50 and was down $3,000 from last month’s income report, but since expenses were also down by about $1,000 total earnings were at $3,324.31. Everything for the month breaks down as follows:

Google Adsense – $1,314.09
Commission Junction – $54.31
EPN – eBay – $393.06
Meal Planner Ebook – $153.00
TripAdvisor – $121.03
Clickbank – $44.36
Private Advertising – $190.00
AzoogleAds – $485.45
Pepperjam – $31.50
Neverblue – $2,598.20
Other Affiliate Programs – $172.50

Total Revenue – $5,557.50
Total expenses – $2,233.19
Total Income – $3,324.31

I still have a goal of earning $10,000 this month and of course December is the best month of the year for that to happen, but things will have to change quite a bit from what’s going on so far because most of my PPC campaigns are sucking big time in the earnings department. However, I have gained a pretty significant insight this past week that cost about $300 so far, so hopefully that insight can be turned into some positive cash flow in the next week.

In all your quest for cash this month don’t forget what Christmas is all about. I have to keep reminding myself of that on a regular basis.

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31 Responses to “November 2008 Affiliate Earnings Report”

  1. Thats some good earnings!

    I see the CPA stuff is really taking off for you!

    Wish I had more time to dedicate to internet marketing..
    This damn full time job keeps getting in the way!

  2. Like you said, that’s still pretty good earnings. You made just a few more than I did for November, but the difference is you have a lot going on while I have 1 or 3 things.

    Impressive Adsense stats. You must have quite a few url’s or high traffic sites.

  3. Curious about eBay. Was it lack of traffic? Or could it be the economy scaring people? I would also be curious if eBay slowed during the holidays because people would be shopping for new, returnable items. I never looked at eBay for gift giving, unless it was vintage items I was looking for. Just some thoughts on the eBay dip.

  4. Tao,

    Yea, that full time job can be a drag cause it’s hard to work on your affiliate business when you’re working full time. I don’t know how I had time to work when I look at what’s going on now.


    I have a lot of sites that run Adsense but just 2 sites bring me about 70% of my revenue and they’re not really that high trafficked, just well optimized.

  5. BusinessX,

    It was lower traffic as a result of less positioning in the search engines, particularly Google.

  6. Congrats Alan. These are great numbers. I would love to hear your thoughts about how you make money with adsense.

  7. Fred,

    Check out these posts:


  8. Hi Alan, it’s nice reading your report, although I only make small amount, but at least I am learning something.I wish you the best.I hope this month december 08, we all can increase our traffic and conversions.Cheers

  9. I had the a similar strange drop in earnings with ebay.

    I stuck a BANS store on the back of one of my sites two months ago – the first month it made almost $300 but last month made only $5!

    Traffic hasn’t dropped significantly, with ebay clicks only going down about 20%. Have ebay made it more difficult to complete an order perhaps?

  10. why don’t you try out chitika too??

  11. That’s very good earning already. And I still can’t sign up for Neverblue. Sadly.

    Christmas is coming! I think your family will have a great holiday since you are earning much more than a standard office worker.

    Congratulations on your successes and I wish you a better income for the Christmas season.

  12. Well done again Alan, things are growing quite nicely for you.

  13. Congrats, you inspire me with this huge blog income :)

  14. Wow its really nice to see a 4 digits on adsense huh.. Very encouraging..

  15. still a nice profit even though not quite as big as last month

  16. Man, that’s awesome..
    You can do really well in future…
    why less updates these days ?

  17. wow…what a big income…

  18. $10,000 sounds about right! If there’s anyone that can set a goal like that and hit it – it’s you.

    Veronica’s recently made the transition into a primarily vegan diet – so I think I might grab a copy of your meal planner!

    I’ve noticed a common trend around the net of affiliates having pretty good earnings with AzoogleAds.. I don’t have an account, but I think it’s about time I checked them out!

  19. Elijah,

    Congrats to Veronica for going mostly vegan! Our motto from our old podcast used to be “Eat Healthy, Be Healthy.”

    As far as the $10,000 goal for Dec, I’m going to have to work my tail off cause it ain’t happening so far this month. Been tryin a few PPC offer that are draining my wallet. Luckily I have a couple that are keeping me at least above water.

  20. Those are pretty successful stats. I have always found it difficult to make money through affiliates and since 2002 have always stuck with private ad sales.

    I wouldn’t of switched if I had stats similar to yours.


  21. Although down a bit, that’s still an impressive month! Congrats.

  22. Rik: I know what you mean. BANS is unpredictable.

  23. Another solid month! You really started PPC Coach with a bang, so hopefully you can find some more winners. I haven’t had much time to devote to PPC Coach as I would like as I am fortifying my BANS/WP sites right now.
    Congrats on your success!

  24. You should definitely see better results over the next few months. Looks like you got a good thing going though. Keep up the great work.

  25. I always love reading at other people’s earning reports because I know someday I will have that one as well. Thank you for sharing this. It motivates me more to work harder.

  26. Thanks again for disclosing your income, trends, and observations about them. It will interesting to see if the economy has an effect on affiliate and ad income. It probably depends on the industry your in. Some industries do better in bad economies.

  27. Hey bro

    There some nice earnings !!

    Well done, I only got started blogging 8 weeks and have made over 2k since then..

    I can only hope to reach your level of success

    Ill keep popping back to see your updates



  28. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on why Neverblue has done so well for you compared to all the others?

  29. Minnesota,

    No magic with Neverblue. It just so happens they had a couple of offers that worked really well for what I was doing. Honestly, most of the offers at nearly all the CPA networks are nearly the same, just keep working them until you find some winners.

  30. You are right, it’s the name of the game, fluctuations in income will always be there.

  31. I had a similar dip in November and December however thus far January seems to hav picked back up. I got stung with a couple of my biggest merchants going bust so that probably had an impact, not only directly, but also to my confidence in the market.

    Great earnings for you though! hope things have picked up for you as well

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