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Blog BlazersIt’s always great to read interviews of bloggers who have gained fame, fortune, notoriety or notice to find out exactly what they’re doing and their influences, but it’s an even better thing to be able to read the interviews of 40 personalities in the field of blogging all at once. Stephane Grenier has put together such a read in his book Blog Blazers that covers the gamut in the world of online discussion.

Blogging goes far and wide on the internet and Blog Blazers touches on everything from SEO, to small business, to parenting, to business opportunities, to Google Maps, to coding and beyond, way beyond. Stephane secured interviews from such personalities as Aaron Wall, Dane Carlson, Erik Sink, Anita Campbell, Neil Patel, Seth Godin (nice one Stephane) and many more, picking their brains to find out just what has made them successful and keeps them going in their work.

The book is packed full of resources because Stephane asked all the bloggers he interviewed 3 important questions about their influences. The questions were:

Which 5 blogs do you read regularly?
Which websites would you recommend for new bloggers? and…
What is your most successful blog post ever?

Lots of great info here, but by far you can get a wealth of information by just scanning through Blog Blazers and looking up the most successful posts ever by these writers. After all, these posts have already been chosen by the readers of these blogs as noteworthy and the best of what each blogger does, so you know they’re worth checking out. It’s also interesting to note the number of bloggers that mention Darren Rowse at Problogger.net as one of the biggest influences and inspirations in their work. It would have been nice to see an interview from Darren himself to see what his biggest influences are and who he reads on a daily basis.

If you want to power up your blogging regardless of what niche you’re writing for, then Blog Blazers is definitely worth the time to read. The only thing I’d change about the book would be not to ask the exact same questions of every blogger interviewed. It would have been nice to mix up he questions a bit, but don’t let that stop you from a great read.

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12 Responses to “Blog Blazers Book Review”

  1. Can not wait to read it.

  2. Looks like a worthy read,

  3. That book is starting to get some buzz……sounds like a must read.

  4. You know I have nothing against Darren and his blog is very good, but everyone seems to forget that when he started his blog, there was no competition and so he had a big edge.

  5. JR, this is true, those that got in early made a lot of money, its up to us to try and get on level terms.

  6. I’ve read a number of positive reviews about this book without any criticisms. I wonder whether that is because the book leaves little to criticize.

  7. Creating a fame is not easy. Interviewing them will make them feel special and get rewarded for their effort. I have learned something good here for new year big bang plan on blogging and other online money making ventures.

  8. Not real sure, since I haven’t seen a copy of it yet, but it doesn’t like it was too difficult a book to write if he only asked 40 people just a few questions. I’m sure there’s more than 3 questions per blogger in there per blogger, but still the same for everyone…. It would be awesome if Amazon would do a preview of it so we could see exactly what was in the book prior to purchase.

  9. Brian,

    There were a lot more than 3 questions for each blogger, those are just the ones that included resources each blogger uses or reads.

  10. Seth Godin is the one that makes me want to read this blog badly.. Such an inspiration!

  11. It looks nice book

  12. Thanks for the review. I will definitely have to check this book out.

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