December 2008 Affiliate Income Report

Well, 2008 certainly didn’t end as planned at $10,000 as the goal for December, but income did come in slightly over the $3,000 mark, so my wife and I can still put food on the table and maybe get a coffee at Barnes & Noble, lol!

I wasn’t anywhere near the goal mainly because many of the PPC campaigns I tried during December just didn’t work out and in fact much of what I tried lost me a good chunk of change. One campaign that I though for sure would produce well was losing me about $90 a day for almost a week until I finally shut it down. No amount of tweaking was able to get it ultimately in the black. I had one day where I made some profit and spent the rest of the week foolishly losing money. Sometimes you just have to wait and see where things are going, but I probably waited too long on that one.

Then there was the complete shutdown of the content network that Google hit me with about 6 days before Christmas. I don’t know whether Google decided to review my Adwords account and slapped me like an unwanted stepchild while they were having a looksy or they just like messing with people around Christmas because they are evil. Starting about 10 days before Christmas impressions on Google’s content network slowly dwindled down to nothing except for 1 campaign. And 6 days before Christmas I was getting zero traffic from the content network. Yes, I mean nothing, not a single impression for 15 out of 16 campaigns.

As with Google’s great customer service and full disclosure policies, there was no notice emailed, no disapproved ads or alert in my Adwords account, simple zero traffic and impressions for 2 weeks. The search network was down a little, but I was still receiving some traffic. During the busiest time of the year online and while I was peaking with a food related offer paying around $15 a lead and producing 10 to 12 leads a day, Google arbitrarily decides to cut off my content network traffic. And they’re motto is, “Do no evil”, really? As if by magic, most of my campaigns on the content network at present are nearly back to normal levels, again, with no explanation.

Anyway, I still wasn’t even close to the goal I set but was able to produce a decent income for me. And for that, I’m a happy camper. Total revenue produced was $5,225.09, and with expenses at $2,218.21 actual income was just above $3,000. Everything for December 2008 breaks down as follows: 

Google Adsense – $1,148.32
Commission Junction – $271.68
EPN – eBay – $295.60
Meal Planner Ebook – $102.00
TripAdvisor – $168.66
Clickbank – $202.16
Private Advertising – $155.00
AzoogleAds – $1,333.95
Pepperjam – $15.50
Neverblue – $1,457.90
Other Affiliate Programs – $74.32
Total Revenue – $5,225.09
Total expenses – $2,218.21
Total Income – $3,006.88

I’m glad that 2009 is here, the holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work. I think 2009 is going to be an exciting time with everything that happening in the economy and the plans I have for the upcoming year. I’ve set goals and adjusted priorities to focus on the things that have been producing income for the long haul and have decided to put lesser income producing projects on the back burner.

What about you? Are you going to rock in 2009 or sit by and watch things happen?

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29 Responses to “December 2008 Affiliate Income Report”

  1. I am actually planning to double my traffic and income in 2009 so – it would be challenging and exciting.

    I think it would be a good year for those not focused on luxury goods, but on frugal living and discount products. Will see, will see….

  2. Congrats – $3k is still impressive. I have experienced issues with the content network as of late. Every time I setup a campaign that I think will be great, I get 2 impressions, and then nothing, no matter how high I bid. Frustrating!

    I noticed your EPN income slipping. Are you spending much less time on BANS/EPN or is it traffic related? Just curious as to where you stand with BANS & EPN.

  3. Alan;

    Did you see ShoeMoney’s post a couple weeks ago on what defines a ‘Super Affiliate’?

    It was interesting, most of the people who worked for affiliate networks had much more conservative defininitions like ‘anyone who makes their full time living’ is a super affiliate.

    While the so-called ‘Super Affiliates’ made claims like anyone who earns 6 figures per month.

    Since the people who work for the affiliate networks really know what affiliates make I’m guessing their definitions were probably a little more accurate.

    I read your income reports each month and I really appreacite your candor. It’s inspiring and helpful.



  4. Ashley,

    Thanks for the heads up about Shoemoney’s post, Ill go check it out.

  5. Inspirational – it’s good to see BANS owners still rocking.

  6. 3k is still a handy pay packet for the month. Google playing games again, what do you do…


  7. Hey Alan,

    Glad to see you turned a profit in december, as a whole I can see it was at least slightly below expectations for everyone. But, we have 2009 to make up for it.

    Good luck. Please let me know if I can be of assistance.

  8. Impressive numbers, I dream of the day I numbers like that.

  9. Scary to hear the type of impact the big G can have.

    Best wishes for a prosperous ’09.

  10. Great job on your earnings. The way I look at it, any month that you at least make consistent money is a decent month.

  11. As you are experimenting with ebooks like your meal planner ebook, what are your thoughts so far regarding whether ebooks are a valuable investment of time? Your post notes that your ebook is bringing in money, but I wasn’t sure how much time it required to write and design that book compared to other money-making efforts.

  12. Minnesota Attorney,

    It took considerable time to to write and design the book. My wife did almost all the writing and we had many of the recipes she just modified for the book and them I did the design, editing and layout.

    It was well worth the time however because we’ve made more than $1,100 profit in the 2 years it’s been out. It’s not a lot, but it adds up especially when you consider we have 3 more products we sell online that range from $7.95 to $49.97.

    All our products bring in a total of about $500 a month and will continue to do so for a long time. So ultimately I’d say it’s worth it.

  13. Thanks for that followup detail on the ebooks. Very inspiring stuff for others who are considering investing the time into ebooks.

  14. $3k is a lot for me. My main goal for this year is to make $1k monthly. You are one of my greatest inspiration.

  15. Way to go, Alan. Nice to see someone has the secret sauce on how to convert PPC into purchases with affiliate programs.

  16. Excellent content here and a nice writing style too – keep up the great work!

  17. Nice stats and well done on acheiving this total.

  18. Do you post end of year totals? You seem to be making more money than 99% of the other money making blogs I have seen.

  19. auto,

    I think I’ll do that in the next few days, so keep checking back.

  20. It is only a minor setback. You are still doing great. keep up the good work.


  21. I am definitely going to rock, I have many things planned and a focused set of tasks to reach my goals.

  22. Income report is the most post that i have been waiting for each month. 😀

  23. My New Years Resolution for 2009 is to make more money.

  24. I am very impressed. I love when webmasters can back up their numbers. I’m afraid that I just don’t have the time to put up those kind of numbers…

  25. Google Adsense – $1,148.32 – Thats superb for a month Alan. good Good go.

  26. just curious, but how many niches do you have to run in order to make 1,148.32 in adsense.?

  27. accidents attorneys,

    That’s really only from 3 different niches that incorporate about 10 different sites.

  28. Wow, that gives me motivation to really start work my sites…I only have about 5 sites right now, but they are closely related and I know with a strong network I may be able to accomplish what you are doing. thanks!

  29. Thats great stuff, it’s good to see people making affiliate moola.
    It keeps us newbies inspired….

    Affiliate Glue


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