Sound The Alarm, BANS Is Dead! Oh Really?

Occasionally I see blog posts declaring the death of Build A Niche Store (BANS) and receive comments on the blog here predicting the same. Many times when this happens I head over to the BANS forums expecting to see Hiroshima type devastation and read about all its users calling for some of Obama’s stimulus handouts. Funny though, that just doesn’t seem to be the case.

What I do find is BANS users complaining somewhat about Google’s unfairness (who doesn’t complaining about that?), but an equal or larger amount of users gleeful about new records their network of stores or usually just one or two stores are setting month after month. At least once a week some new user testifies about making it into the $1,000 per month club (Not a real club, just a serious achievement users like to point to) or some other record such as $2,000, $3,000 or $4,000 per month. Apparently BANS users making $500 to $4,000 per month don’t realize it’s no longer a good way to make money.

Where there is a problem with BANS there is a problem with just about anything else you do on the Internet. Saying BANS is dead because of what is happening to a few users is like saying WordPress is dead, or Amazon is dead, or Azoogle, Neverblue and Pepperjam are dead. Just because some affiliates spam forums, build horrid looking sites, misrepresent products or steal commissions and gets caught doesn’t mean whatever affiliate programs or tools they’re using is dead. It means those affiliates need to get into and understand, really understand the game or get out and work in a cubicle or go flip burgers for a living.

On the other hand, yes, BANS is dead. It is dead for those that put up crummy sites that have nothing but auctions, pages and pages of auctions with no content. It is dead for those that build one site with nothing but auctions and expect to get accepted into eBay’s affiliate program. It is dead for those affiliates that create 20 sites that have 1 paragraph on the home page and nothing else. It is dead for those that build a site with every category and try to make it look just like eBay. It is dead for those that build sites with 30 different categories totally unrelated to each other. How anyone can believe they can throw up, in other words, barf out, a BANS site with zero content and make money is beyond me. Have you not been reading the news that Google wants relevant and useful information in its index?

Get a grip, how do you feel when you run across crap sites when you’re looking for something? And you want visitors to your equally crappy BANS site to spend more than 1 second window shopping at your Expensive-Watches-With-No-Content-And-An-Ugly-Header.com website. Am I missing something here? Google certainly isn’t.

If you want to build a business on the net and are committed to putting together a quality portal with information for visitors in your particular niche then Build A Niche Store is still for you. However, if you just want to make a quick buck and plan on creating a network of spammy BANS sites to match your splog network, please, don’t clog up the system.

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24 Responses to “Sound The Alarm, BANS Is Dead! Oh Really?”

  1. Good post Alan – I get at least 1 comment a day on my own site about BANS being done for. To be fair, I have done my own share of complaining, but about BANS itself…

    Thin Affiliate Sites are whats dead!

  2. Thanks for commenting Mark. Oh yes, I’m a fellow complainer, but I’m working on a plan to reinvigorate my best BANS store. I’m sure there’s plenty of life left in my favorite, err, most profitable niche.

  3. Shh! If people want to believe it’s dead, that’s just less competition for you and I :)

  4. Stefanie,

    Oh yea, there’s always a good side to complaints such as this.

  5. Great post. It’s so true…people panic because it’s just not as easy as it might have been previously to make money. People overreact simply because they need to actually work to earn money with BANS now!

  6. Well put! I think some people are still falsely believing that there is a magic bullet out there to make money on the internet. What they fail to realize is that no matter what tool or business model you choose to use, you will have to work your butt off to get it off the ground and running.

    Granted, some tools are a bit easier to use than other. But in the end you will get what you put into it.


  7. I’ve seen people proclaiming that BANS is dead all over the place as well… I love BANS so much i think i’ll get a BANS tattoo hahah Just kidding..

    seriously, just as it’s been said… people want the get rich quick thing and when they realize they have to work to get paid, the flame thrower comes out!

  8. I don’t use BANS myself but i assume it’s like any other marketing website, you have to create good content and build links correctly.


  9. Hmm..Nothing in it for me. eBay did not accept my company’s website..a health portal with 12K uniques a day and hundreds of thousands of pages presumably because it is India-registered..

  10. That was a good defense of BANS. I agree that there is a big difference between BANS sites with no content and full BANS stores that actually offer value and expertise to visitors.

  11. Great post Alan! I couldn’t agree with you more. I really haven’t had the time to put into BANS lately due to a lot of personal stuff going on. But hoped to one day get back into it. Most I’ve ever made with BANS is a little over $100, but that’s with me not doing a thing with them. I have yet to say that I’ve made zero dollars with BANS, and unless I do, I will never say that BANS is dead, because as far as I’m concerned, as long as I’m making money, it works.

  12. I agree with you. I have been using BANS and have had success. I may not be in the $1000 a month “club” but I am still learning the SEO side of it and am watching my earnings grow every month.

  13. Right you are. Content is king. The big G can see through spammy sites.

  14. I new from the day is was released that it would end up dying quickly, which is the reason why I never bought it.

    Google is too smart for these kind of sites

  15. Well, I’m not sweatin it Best Deals, I’ve already made 10 times the amount I paid for it.

  16. I have never thought about this as well.. Can one really make much money from this?


  17. would you think out canceling out BANS and strictly using wordpress not mu site but it have a Bans look like theme but it is wordpress and phpbay plugin
    check it out

  18. brent,

    That’s a beautiful looking site however, it has no content and will probably not do well with the search engines. Both phpBay and BANS are tools, the magic is in what you do with them.

  19. I havent get into BANS, this seems like MFA sites (Made for Adsense or Amazon sites),. I s this the same thing but with Ebay?

  20. This is so true Alan, BANS is far from dead it’s all in how you build and promote your sites, content is key for Google. I am a very happy BANS users seeing increase in revenue every month!

  21. Hey that’s my site – thanks. :) Its a theme though so I can’t take much credit. The site makes a few $. You’re right it needs more content ideally.

  22. Fabulous post and every word is oh so true! I invested in BANS made my money back and am seeing decent increases every month on all of my BANS sites.

    So true………spam is dead, sites with no content are dead, sites with crappy SEO are dead in the water. BANS is far from dead.

    You’ve got yourself a subscriber!

  23. I think it is dead to amatuers. It was and is marketed to amatuers not experienced webmasters. Amatuers are their biggest market. When it was first created in 2006, entry into ebay membership thru CJ was automatic, not anymore. Then Google de-listed thousands of thin BANS sites. Entry into EPN with an amatuer site is impossible. The failure to success ratio for BANS has increased to the point where it is now just another “Job-in-a-Box” offering. Like any good new Internet marketing idea, you have to get on the train ride in the beginning before the rules change. Tens of thousands of BANS sites resulted in Google and eBay Partner Networks changing the rules to the point where an amature can no longer learn by doing. Now you have to be a webmaster first.

  24. Google is able for these kind of sites…Thanks for sharing this post…

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