Can’t Get Into The eBay Affiliate Program, Try This

Can't get Into EPN?It seems like the powers that be at eBay are making it more and more difficult to get into the eBay Partner Network as of late. Even those that have substantial web sites are having their applications rejected. While it may certainly seem unfair to those just getting into affiliate marketing, since eBay can make you quite a bit of money, eBay is just trying to protect themselves and the quality of the traffic going to their auction sites.

Gone are the days when a new affiliate can join EPN, put up a few links on their blog or site and start making money from eBay. In the offline world when you want to buy a franchise, having the money to do so isn’t going to guarantee you get the MacDonald’s you’ve been wanting. Franchisers want their name, image and complete system protected because that’s what makes that particular system work. So why should you expect eBay or any other large online company to be any different?

With Google not looking favorably on thin affiliate sites, article directories such as EzineArticles.com not letting you link to BANS type site pages with auctions on them and other factors, it is evident that the affiliate game is changing. It has been some time coming, but a few years ago the search engines were clogged with sites that featured every affiliate banner imaginable, Adsense arbitrage sites and so much garbage it took some time to find the results you wanted.

The point is, eBay is obviously one of the players demanding affiliates clean up their act. You saw it several months ago when they let several affiliates go who were sending them junky traffic and you see it now in the way they are selectively letting new affiliates into their program. So what’s a new and potential eBay affiliate to do who wants to join up? I’ll list a few things below, but they won’t be quick and they won’t be easy, because that’s not what eBay wants any longer.

These tips are all speculative as I don’t have a hot-line to the head honchos at eBay, but some should be pretty obvious they would help you get into the program.

1. Join eBay as a seller first and sell something – I would be willing to bet that eBay sellers will have a much easier time getting into eBay’s affiliate program than will non sellers. If you have been through the motions of selling through the auction format, you obviously understand the process and that can only translate into a better affiliate business for yourself. If you own a restaurant and want a MacDonald’s franchise, you have a better chance of getting one than if you run a lawn maintenance business or something else unrelated to burgers and fries.

I probably sold 50 things on eBay before joining as an affiliate and I’ve only had 1 item that didn’t sell the whole time while being a member. I was pretty familiar with what people wanted and how the business of eBay worked before the first affiliate sale was made.

2. Join eBay as a seller in your country of origin – As an addition to point number one, it’s probably a good idea to already be an eBay seller and have sold things on the site in your nation.

3. You should own the website you submit to eBay – this should be a no brainer, but people do submit really nice sites to eBay that they don’t own hoping that this great site will better their chances of getting in. If you don’t think eBay can figure this out, you probably don’t deserve to be one of their affiliates.

4. Don’t submit a BANS site as your only url – If you think you’re going to get into eBay with a BANS site and nothing else, it isn’t going to happen. Build a substantial niche site first selling other products from merchants besides eBay and once you get accepted you can add a BANS store to your existing site.

5. Build Your BANS site with content before you submit it – you can always use BANS as your content management system and build a substantial site before you put a single auction page on it. If your niche is cell phones for example, why not put up 40 or 50 pages of info about different phones, review and accessories available before you set up the site with auctions? You can always use Adsense and other affiliate programs to monetize your site even if you never get accepted to eBay.

6. If you have a make money site and that’s your niche, forget it! – Make money online sites and blogs are done, the niche is saturated and the party is over. If your only reason for building a site is to make money by telling people how to make money, do something else. eBay doesn’t want people selling scammy ebooks any longer (they got rid of those categories) on their site and if your an affiliate thinking there’s an EPN business there, there isn’t. Really, build something else, it’s done.

7. Make sure your niche is product related – I doubt very seriously eBay will let you in their affiliate program if your business is all about service even if you get a million visitors a day. eBay is a product driven business and they want affiliates that understand that. You stand a much better chance of being accepted into the EPN program if you have that cell phone site mentioned earlier than you do if your specialty is teaching people to speak in public or doing teleseminars.

The bottom line is that whoever is approving new eBay Partners now is going to want to be impressed by what they see you’re doing. They obviously want affiliates that understand the business of eBay, not people who are going to give it a try and see what happens.

Yes, doing the things listed above will take a substantial amount of time for you as an affiliate if you aren’t already somewhere along in the game. If you have some of these things in place just adjust and tweak where necessary and resubmit your application at a later date. Even if you never get accepted to be an eBay Partner your business will still benefit. eBay isn’t the only deal in town, it should just be an addition and another stream of income in the whole scheme of things.

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30 Responses to “Can’t Get Into The eBay Affiliate Program, Try This”

  1. This is excellent advice to anyone that is extremely interested in EPN but is having trouble getting approved.

  2. Ebay has everyone jumping through a lot of hoops to get approved. If you get on top, you write the rules. Great write up.

  3. Great post Alan..Feels like written just for me!

    But, isn’t your first point individual-specific. If all I have is an online portal and no product to sell myself, how do I become a seller!

  4. Anand,

    I’m talking about selling things on eBay through an auction. Go to a garage sale or find some nic-nac around your house you don’t want and sell it on eBay. Tons of people get started on eBay by selling stuff they find around the house or in the garage.

  5. I have a web site in Bulgarian. No way they will let me join their program, wven though I meet all requirements. Too bad, but they do not need small traffic sites, even when they have huge impact in the region

  6. BANS site?
    i have just known about that.
    thanks for the bans link, it is helpful.
    thanks also for your article.

  7. Solid tips. I’m happy to see Ebay is being more selective. Most of the cost per action sites out there haven’t particularly cared (or at least haven’t done anything about it) in the past about the quality of traffic, as they only pay when there is a sale. Hopefully that changes going forward; if I was ebay, I wouldn’t want to see my name/site associated with spammy sites with junk traffic.

  8. This post shows how many options there are for internet marketers. I have never looked to ebay but many are making some good money there. Options a plenty and money to be made for everyone.


  9. Very good points — for current, prospective, and non- eBay affiliates alike.

    Your article is yet another example of an age-old principle: in this world you need to give before you can get.

    Also, the following thread (and another one linked from it) from the ePN forum itself includes some tips on applying, including tips from an eBay employee on how best to complete an application. There are some good clues in there.


  10. I have not ever used BANS but own some of those limited content EPN niches sites that use the eBay API to show auctions. I target them to very specific products and do fairly well. Maybe my days are limited though. None the less this is great advice for a beginner.

  11. Isn’t there any reputable affliate programs than e-bay, if it’s difficult to apply, then what’s the use of partnering, they are not dominating the market aren’t they?

  12. Concurring Ari, is there an alternate to an ecommerce marketplace affiliate program apart from Amazon?

    I am declined to join by Shopping.com as well. Huh!

  13. Basically, just make sure you have one non-junky, non-MFA content site that is a genuine site and submit that..
    Anyway, for now I’ll just stay with Amazon

  14. The reason why I think Ebay is trying to take more secure measures is because they are going through a process to restructure their business model in order to keep up with their competiton

  15. I just took some time to look at ebay and it seems difficult to gain entry, i have just joined amazon so i will see how things go with them.


  16. I’m declined by EPN :(

  17. You can also connect to the eBay Affiliate Program through Pepperjam. Many BANS members prefer Pepperjam to being an actual member of the eBay Affiliate Program. I joined Pepperjam and its tools were easy to use.

  18. It’s worth of try

  19. LOL, so many don’t realize that thin affiliate sites just won’t cut it these days, AM takes hard work whether it’s EPN or not.

  20. I own a coupons website (website that posts coupons and deals from online merchants). What do you think my chances are of being approved?

  21. I have a website and it got rejected by ebay, I have been a seller on ebay since 1998 with 100 percent positive.

    My website gets over 10 million hits a month

    I have thousands of pages of content , in ebay if you search for 55-56-57 chevys my site will appear within the first 10.

    It is great

    So all your help doesn’t mean a thing if they just reject yuo because they feel like it.


  22. I meant if you search google.com

  23. Bryan,

    I haven’t the foggiest idea. It’s all up to eBay.


    Sorry about your delima. More and more companies seem to be doing things that don’t make much sense to us affiliate out here in the field.

  24. http://www.offervault.com, Is there anyone in this forum has evertried this offervault, I got this through alvin phang blog gathersuccess.com, if any one has experience working with them, please share your story, thanks again

  25. Amazon isn’t good as Ebay, relating to their cookie times. Amazon just has 24 hours cookie while Ebay 7 days.

  26. Minnesota Attorney, when you join PJN it takes how many days your application got approved ? I’ve already a week join PJN and get no reply at all .

  27. I recently purchased several websites from a seller on Ebay who is rated 100%. These sites eithe were based on Ebay or were already set up and receive money from affliate connection. Ebay would not accept me into the affliate program even though the sites were already accepted by them.
    Anyone purchasing a site based on Ebay will probably be ripped off. Not because of the Seller, but because of Ebay’s practices. Their customer service reminds me of the days of desktop PC software, with hundreds of thousands of inept people hawking their wares. Very few survived.
    It would be better if Ebay took the attitude of promoting what they really want to see, and working with people to accomplish that, rather than the GOD approach.

  28. Our company meets and exceeds all of the suggested requirements however, they have denied our application. We do 1,000’s of dollars worth of sales per month in auctions and we still get denied. IMHO, there is something more than just strict rules. Politics might come into play or something..

  29. Excellent Post, this answers my question as to why eBay rejected me for the second time.. Thank you

  30. i have try this way and i am was having some issue in joining ebay epn, but my friend help me out in this and he tell me how to join . If there is someone who want some help or have any doubt regarding the approval of epn account, feel free to contact me forexseller777 at gmail.

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