January 2009 Affiliate Earnings Report

Time for another affiliate earnings report and unfortunately income is down for January by a fairly significant amount. One of the reasons for this was an $800 expense for content outsourcing that doesn’t have any direct earnings payback for the current month it was spent in. Unlike spending that much for advertising that has an immediate direct payoff, it’s likely to be 3 months or so until that $800 starts to earn back some revenue.

With PPC when you stop spending, you stop earning. But I’ve decided to outsource much of my content writing and build up some of the most profitable or highest earning potential sites that will take some time to see a return. The content being created now however, should pay off for many months or years to come. I’m looking at having a much higher and more solid Adsense income of some $3,000 to $4,000 per month and resurrecting my best BANS site that has in the past earned up to $1,000 per month. This BANS site has huge potential and is especially relevant to what’s going on in the economy right now. It’s too valuable an internet property to not give it the best effort to get it back to bringing in more revenue.

Total revenue was $3,630.12 and expenses were $1,543.26 giving a net earnings of $2,086.86. You may notice earnings for Amazon listed below. This has normally been classified under “Other Affiliate Income” because earnings were minimal, however this past month was over $250 for Amazon which is pretty significant since between my wife and I it took over 1 year to earn our first $100 through the big A, but I’ve found a way to earn some decent extra cash through PPC and I’ll probably blog about it in a future post.

January 2009 breaks down as follows:

Google Adsense – $1,376.02
Commission Junction – $52.70
EPN – eBay – $401.92
Meal Planner Ebook – $68.00
TripAdvisor – $137.74
Clickbank – $161.87
Private Advertising – $140.00
AzoogleAds – $412.75
Amazon.com – $259.60
Neverblue – $433.10
Other Affiliate Programs – $186.42
Total Revenue- $3,630.12
Total expenses – $1,543.26
Total Income – $2,086.86

Yes, income is down a bit from the highs of last September and October’s average of $5,000 per month, but sometimes you have to take a step backwards to ultimately move forward. More outsourcing is in the works for this month as well and eventually it all should pay off in a big time way.

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26 Responses to “January 2009 Affiliate Earnings Report”

  1. Keep it up! I love reading your blog because you are one of the very few honest ones out there. If it was someone else, they would have inflated earnings just to get readers.

  2. linda,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m just looking to give people the real picture of what it’s like in the world of affiliate marketing. Hopefully though I’m always heading in the direction of higher earnings.

  3. Whoa you have big plans. You are planning to double your adsense income. Good luck with that.

  4. do you ever break down your expenses

  5. Too bad the decreasing revenue, but I think you;ll get higher in future.Good luck

  6. Nice earnings Alan..I would like you to blog sometime about ‘A typical 24 hours’ of yours. Would love to know about how much time spend in content writing, in link building, in surfing for new stuff, etc.

  7. Great result for january! I’ve been inspiring watching your income 😀 Best of luck for 2009!

  8. I agree with you….It may cost a little more now to complete your grand plan but in the long run you should see great results. Good Luck.

  9. Thanks for sharing and nicely done. Must be getting a lot of search engine traffic for that Google AdSense number. They tend to click.

  10. brent,

    Almost all of my expenses are from Google Adwords or other advertising such as Facebook. This past month was unusual because of the $800 spent on content. I’ll have that expense again this month with no immediate direct return on the money spent there. However, in 3 months or so I expect my Adsense income to go up significantly.

  11. Alan,

    I love to hear more about your experiences with buying content. Who did you use, are satisfied with the content, what did you get for $800 and so on.

    I am seriously considering contracting out some content because I just don’t have time to write everything I want to cover. I have money set aside for that purpose but I am reluctant to “pull the trigger.”

  12. wow you tore it up with adsense, that is the only form of monetizing my sites now. thanks for sharing the info!

  13. As many others have posted-your honesty and the content you give is from your heart-So many quick scam artist that are out there give internet marketing such a bad name-Having been in the used car business for some 30 years-yes most will say one of those sharks! However I was successful because of the same reasons you will be around for a long time helping people and being honest-IT PAYS OFF-Hence now I am chased by dealerships to train people-But they are still looking for the quick buck-Guess in a way we all are-However this world has changed-I feel now more than anything we might head back to “Can I trust this person before I buy” “Do I really need this product” etc so content on ones web site and pure honesty will keep you making a dollar and look after your clients-Well done-Hope have not bored your viewers?

  14. Brian,

    That will be coming up soon in a future post.

    John Treby,

    Thanks for stopping by. Nice to know I’m reacing out to people down under.



  15. I have been hearing that affiliate marketers have started utilizing outsourcing, so it was interesting to hear that you are also doing it.

    I have been considering outsourcing some aspects of my online marketing lately. Would you be open to sharing how you went about finding someone to outsource to, how the experience has been going, and what you have learned about outsourcing from the experience?

  16. $1.3k from adsense? Thats really good news! By the way, what did you spend advertising or marketing on?


  17. Thanks for writing about this. It’s interesting to see how much one can make from different streams of income each month. Keep up the good work, and best of luck.

  18. That’s for your candid-ness, and for sharing.

    Sorry if this is a duplicate question from prior income reports —- these figures are an aggregate of all all your sites, correct? (vs just affiliateconfession.com?)

    Looking forward to see what type of content you outsourced.

  19. 70,

    Yes, these figures represent income earned from approximately 20 sites and blogs.

  20. 20 blogs that’s a lot blogs to manage.How do you prioritize from one to another to monetize it?

  21. 20? did you outsource content for all of them? How did you keep’em updated? Didi you use Autofeed, I mean content form feeds and post it in autopilot?

  22. Ari Lestariono, Marketing Business,

    Most of them I’ve built up over the last 4 years or so and the top ones I’m outsourcing content so I can keep them current. I’ll be writing a post about outsourcing probably by the end of this week or the beginning of next.

  23. Hi Alan,

    Thanks for your answer, I just susbcribed to your feed by email, so now I will wait for that post.

  24. Maybe down but still impressive results Alan, good luck for the coming months

  25. I have been replacing Adsense ads with CJ affiliate links recently to see if the result is more or less money. Most of the time, the CJ affiliate links made more money on product oriented pages. On pages that were about conceptual topics, it was difficult to find a relevant CJ product to link to, so the Adsense ads performed better on those pages.

  26. @Minnesota, thx for sharing, i think i might just do that, since my adsense sucks…..don’t know how that dating blog guy made millions….lol….cheers

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