Don’t Give Up On Generating More Adsense Revenue

Don't Surrender On AdsenseI get lots of people who comment on the blog here about my meager Adsense earnings of $1,300 or so every month thinking they could never earn that much because they only bring in a few pennies every 30 days or so. I’m saying $1,300 per month is meager because there’s just a lot more potential available in that revenue stream and if you’re struggling to even make a $12.37 payday every month, keep reading because there is hope.

If you are new to the Adsense game there’s no need to go over the basics because they’ve been done a million times so check out my three tutorials on how to earn more from Google before moving on. Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here and Part 3 is here.

Okay, now that you have the basics let’s talk about what makes a good Adsense site and how to make your ads more appealing to your visitors. You never want to trick your visitors into clicking on your ads, but you can do a lot to make the ads more interesting and to give them more exposure. The longer your visitors see your ads, and they look appealing, the better chance you have to earn some revenue.

Starting out let’s look at what kills Adsense revenue. The first thing is hideous placement or color schemes that are a huge turn-off. I can’t tell you how many Adsense blocks I’ve seen that are outside the margin of the column they’re placed in, covering text on the page or are of such bizarre color schemes you can see how desperate they really are, which is an automatic no click in my book.

People are so much less likely to click on an ad if it’s obvious the webmaster doesn’t know what they’re doing or if it’s equally obvious that they desperately want you to click on their ads. Vivid purple background Adsense units with contrasting yellow ad headlines to click on are tantamount to those screaming automobile dealership tv and radio ads. Really, how much time do you spend listening to those dinosaur modes of advertising any longer?

Another thing that kills Adsense revenue is placing your ads way outside the main body of your content. Let’s say you have a 4 column template running on your site and you have your 160 x 600 Adsense tower in the far right column, 350 pixels away from your content, you probably won’t get more than a trickle of revenue every month from those ads. People don’t come to your site to click on ads, they come to your site to read content and to gather information, they will only click on ads if they are of interest to them and if they are convenient to click on.

Secondly, what makes for a good Adsense earning site is, as I have mentioned before in the Adsense tutorials, the niche. But, it is the niche and the placement that is the winning combination. Both are huge factors and don’t really work one without the other. I don’t know why some niches work and why some don’t. I was extremely fortunate to stumble upon a winning niche in travel when I placed my first Adsense units. The second full month running Adsense back almost 4 years ago earnings were at $930. It would be nice if everything I’ve tried worked out so easy, but it’s only been this one thing that, I guess you could say, clicked right from the start.

What you’re looking for in a niche is where people shop and are looking for information before they buy. You don’t want buyers or people who have made up their mind, you want shoppers. Shoppers are clickers. The more people shop, the more they will click on ads and the more choices you give them in your info, the more revenue you stand to earn.

You would think that people interested in American Idol would be the ultimate consumers and click ads like they’re going out of style. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, at least in my experience. Maybe American Idolers are too young, too tight with their money, maybe they don’t click ads, whatever, after a season of writing on AI and trying every placement trick in the book, it just didn’t work out for me on this one. No biggie, on to something else, which brings me to point number 3…

Don’t work one niche with Adsense and give up because it didn’t work out. It doesn’t matter if you have a site that gets 10,000 people per day, if it’s not the right niche, it’s just not right. I have a Christian website that used to get 400 to 500 people a day, but Adsense was only paying about 5 to 10 cents per click tops for that niche so I removed it from the site. It just wasn’t worth it to run ads on that particular site.

I just checked my Adsense earnings for today at the time of writing this post (Sunday evening 2-08) and it’s over $50 at 10:15 pm EST and the stats show that 8 individual niches are generating revenue. If you aren’t trying Adsense in at least 4 or 5 different niches, you aren’t trying hard enough. It’s not always about the niche that you think will generate the most revenue because advertisers are paying outrageous click prices, it’s about the niche that does generate the most for you. If you only have one Adsense niche, you will never know if another could have done 10 times better.

In closing, here are a few top niches that either work for me now, have in the past or probably will in the future.

Travel– Killer earnings with a minimum of traffic. I average 12 cents in earnings for every visitor that goes to my top travel site. I run both Adsense and TripAdvisor to monetize this site.

Air Purification– A niche where people love to shop before they buy. That’s what your looking for in Adsense revenue generation, shoppers.

Nutrition – requires a moderate amount of traffic on the order of at least 1,000 visitors a day to make it worth your while.

Precious Metals – The economy is bad and people with money are trying to preserve their wealth. I’m just starting to see some decent Adsense earnings here and expect it to get much better.

Now put on your thinking cap and figure out where the shoppers are before you raise the white flag and give up on generating Adsense revenue.

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25 Responses to “Don’t Give Up On Generating More Adsense Revenue”

  1. For those publishers that run Adsense in 2 or more locations, you need to consider Chitika Premium as additional revenue source. We have over 25,000 publishers that run our ad in addition to Adsense.

    Publishers are seeing a 20-30% revenue lift per page by adding us to the mix.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful tips, as always you’ve hit the nail on the head. One thing I don’t believe you stress enough with AdSense web sites is the importance of placing the ads *in view of people* I have a great friend who runs a web site with five times the volume of traffic as my meager site but with a tenth of the ad revenue. The problem? He runs one ad, in the last column of a five column web site.

    Honestly, people need to see the ads if they’re ever going to click them.

  3. Christopher,

    This post was getting too long and I pretty much covered that in this post linked up at the top:

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. For I read in your earlier post, I understand that having more than one site it is better to make money form Adsense. Did you think it is possible to do it with only one site?

  5. Marketing Business,

    You could probably do it with a good travel site with high quality content, but I wouldn’t hedge my bet on a single site.

  6. Alan,

    I just told you that because I am thinking in using MFA sites with targeted keyowrds in the content, but I were about to use autofeed, maybe it is not the best way to do this biz, What did you think?

  7. Marketing Business,

    No, that’s definitely not the way to go. You want long term earnings so you need original content. Remember, you aren’t just out to make money, you have to provide good information to give your readers a reason to come back. MFA site will eventually die.

  8. Ok I got it, but how did you manage so many sites? Did you outsourced the content since the beginning of every site? Seems a lil time consuming or expensive.

  9. Great tips Alan. I would like to add one more. Many people; after going through the optimization reports that Google provides in our Adsense accounts go on to place 2 or 3 blocks of ad units on every page. This is highly detrimental to our earnings as I experienced it.

    The company I work for has a premium adsense account, and we were heavily smartpriced when we had 3 ad blocks. We removed the ad blocks from those pages that did not make enough eCPM and also put only one block on the other ad units and the earnings sort of went up by 30% at least!

  10. I have adsense on a couple of sites and the longer they are around, the more money I am seeing. I am definitely seeing an increase month over month. I will be delving deeper into this…

  11. I really appreciate your wonderful tips on adsense. I’m still trying to work on the monetization of my website familycomputer.com. I was about to give up till I read your ideas. Thanks. All the best!

  12. Dinesh Takyar,

    Thanks for stopping by. You have a pretty decent page rank on your computer site, I imagine you get some decent traffic. You might be overdoing it a bit on some of the Adsense blocks though. Sometimes less is more. Read Anand’s reply above and how he increased his earnings by using only 1 block per page.

  13. I am one of those that struggle to make $2 a day, but my main 2 sites are not aimed at adsense so anything i receive is a bonus. Some good general tips there alan.


  14. Excellent tutorial Alan, and I see those awful errors you are referring to all the time, especially the out of margin one is just awful, thanks for the great tips!

  15. Also, I would add that the best earning Adsense sites are often those built for Adsense and not with another focus, since Adsense are also exit clicks. And, you are right about testing and not giving up with Adsense testing is key!

  16. Excellent post! I had no idea that colors had such a profound effect on the click through rate of adsense ads.

  17. Great post, thanks. Also for a relative newbie like myself, thanks also for the references back to older related posts (which I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise).

  18. One tip I have found works well for increasing Adsense revenue is to track the individual income from each page or post on your website. Although this takes some extra work, it allows you to identify which topics and which types of posts/pages are most profitable.

  19. Your really have to put in the work to make AdSense pay off. But it can be done.

  20. This is awesome information. I am working on setting up my second blog which will be my first attempt at monetization. Thanks for the links to your older posts. They are definitely coming in handy.

  21. Hi Alan,

    Ok, stupid question. Aren’t I luring buyers to other websites selling the same thing I’m selling with adsense?
    Or should I use adsense ads that are about accessories to what my product is?


  22. Angela,

    I look at Adsense as giving my visitors another opportunity to make money for my sites. Many people will leave your site and do nothing, you might as well earn a little when they hopefully click and leave.

    Also, you don’t really have that much control over the ads that appear on your site. You can exclude some urls, but you don’t have much more control than that. The ads are served automatically based on your content.

  23. This kind of adsense earning requires patience and dedication and of course some luck and talent.
    I do suggest that start creating many types of niche blog so you can earn as much as this one.

  24. Angela:

    If you have an ecommerce site, I would not suggest using Adsense because you may be losing sales from people who click on the ads and leave your site. Adsense ads are best for websites with information (content sites) that do not sell products directly.

  25. I used adbrite, since my adsense was fired.Does anyone in this forum know’s how to maximize adbrite, I’m not having big success yet only pennies.Please advice

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