Screw Adsense, Just Be Like Julio Osegueda Work At McDonalds For 4 Years

Watch the video below and weep. If this is the mindset we have in this nation, we are done.

Julio Osegueda is a 4 year employee of McDonalds and can’t get another job even though he’s going to school so he expects the government, or rather The Immaculate One (President Obama), to do something about it.

While I commend Julio for working and going to school to better himself, it’s not the job of the government to bail people like him out. Sorry, you want benefits from Uncle Sam because you’ve been at McD’s for 4 years, it doesn’t work like that, or at least it did’t used to. Julio, by the way, is quite excited about meeting The Immaculate One. Did you notice his shirt? It say’s “King Obama”…scary, just scary.

When is the government going to send a check my way for some of the stupid things I’ve tried to promote through PPC or because I’m still not making $2,000 a month through Adsense?

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23 Responses to “Screw Adsense, Just Be Like Julio Osegueda Work At McDonalds For 4 Years”

  1. I was watching this too. Just like I said on Twitter, I knew you would be all over this. What a tool! Julio is clueless. The people in this country, man I swear. Just drop me in the middle of a jungle with some apes, I’d be better off.

  2. I think there is more to all this then just pointing fingers at Obama….or people that maybe aren’t the brightest that are stuck working at McDonalds or the multitude of other underpaid public services that people slave away at for bread crumbs. My perception is that the economic meltdown has been a long time coming back with Greenspan’s many years of hands off the market, there is no need for regulations in the banking industry or any other for that matter attitude. Big fan boy of deregulation, let the market self regulate. Now we have this backlash where we have to regulate and heavily invest in all of these auto companies, banks, and other businesses all across the country. They clearly could not self regulate. Industries got ridiculously stupid in there business practices to make profits and be able to compete with others in who can out leverage there competitors to come out on top. From no regulations to more of a Socialism by default situation where the government is buying into the market to stabilize things….Interesting how extremes can reverse.

    I personally would like a middle ground between the two in some form, now or to strive towards one in the future. It seems like at the moment bailing out some of the economy makes sense if implemented better. I think for one it would hurt a lot of our prosperity as a country if we just let the banks freefall and let GM, FORD, and Detroit burn, but maybe thats the right thing to do??Pure capitalism would say so. I honestly don’t know the answer, because on the flip side part of me feels like this is just the latest version of enron/worldcom, but instead lets just swindle the whole taxpayer base this time, give ourselves kickbacks and bonuses for the great job we’ve been doing, upgrade the company jet, open more off shore accounts to avoid paying our share and add a wing on to the palm beach megamansion. I think execs that have taken huge bonuses from their taxpayer bailout funds should be immediately prosecuted for it, and have to serve a 10 year sentence of working at Mcd’s, with no health insurance, and the joys of public transportation.

    -I for one am in favor of a little regulation.

  3. Waylon,

    While I agree that there needs to be rules, after all we can’t have people driving 100 mph in a 15 mph school zone, the issue with deeper regulation and government intervention is, who’s going to regulate the regulators?

    Our government doesn’t have a good track record of doing the best thing in situations such as we are now facing. In fact with their insistance (through ACORN) on banks giving money to people who could never pay it back, they are partly responsible for the problem.

    That last thing I would want is for the people who caused the problem, to be trying to cure it. Oh wait…it looks like that’s already happening.

    Just something to think about…

  4. “When is the government going to send a check my way for some of the stupid things I’ve tried to promote through PPC or because I’m still not making $2,000 a month through Adsense?”………..LMAO, yeah me too? I think I will write Pres Obama today and demand a check!

  5. Alan,
    I agree with you on some things you mentioned, but it seems that regulation is necessary to enforce rules, otherwise having a 15mph school zone is rather pointless.

    In hindsight I think more regulation should have been implemented a long time ago to restrict the banking industry as a whole in making clearly bad loan packages. The loans they had going several years ago were incredible, No money down for a house, even cash back after closing. ARM loans that were artificially low for the first 3 yrs that would then kick into the normal rate. After all in 3yrs time I will have that promotion or I’m a first time real estate investor and I plan to just flip this house within 3 yrs, and pocket a nice 40k in appreciation. Those were some of the mindsets going on several years ago. All of those crazy loan packages should not have been allowed to unqualified people through commercial banks and the gov’t programs you mentioned. They are both to blame in causing this problem and new rules and regulation seem to be in order to have a more balanced lending industry. Where if gas prices rise unexpectedly in the summer the whole stack of cards doesn’t just fall over.

    Regulating in that area seems to make sense, as long as Gov’t doesn’t get overly involved and over regulate, causing more harm then good.

    Another area that has rules but no regulation is environmetal rules. Just look at all of the environmetal devestation that happens with business choices here and all around the world, because the slap on the wrist if any is easily factored into the cost of doing business. Destroying a river ecosystem (Just down the road from where I live) in the process of conducting business as an example is easy to turn your back on if you already made a few million, sold the company, and live half way across the country. That is a picture of success held by many. There needs to be some accountability.

    Just some more food for thought. Thanks for the conversation Alan, nice to discuss these things.

  6. WOW…I’m speechless. Although I am a Canadian, we have the same sentiment here. People expect our government to fund their education, help them get a job when they’re done school, help them keep a job even though they’re complete idiots AND if they do happen to get laid off, they expect the cycle to start over again and they expect to be paid even when they’re not working. What ever happened to people making their own way?

    I would prefer if the government just got out of my business and let me figure out my own life. If I’m too dumb, lazy or uneducated to make a go of it…well, too bad. I know that sounds harsh, but if the government keeps getting involved, it’s a slippery slope toward more control. Unfortunately though, Julio likely represents the attitudes of a lot more North Americans that we would like to admit.

  7. I spent way too much on PPC with poor results. It’s not my fault, really it’s not, and the government owes me compensation because my misfortune.

    Congress should click on my ads 883 billion times…..or is it 3 trillion times, I can’t remember.

  8. Don’t expect too much from something, find what works and leave what doesn’t, Obama is only a man, he can’t save all the nations, but he;s a great leader

  9. I expect you to do a post when the rest of us get affordable health care saying that you’re rejecting it because “as a nation we’re done.” Try to keep an open mind. If the president screws up, THEN you can bash away.

    For the amount of Obama bashing you do, try watching another channel other than Fox News for a “real world” perspective.

    Also consider venturing out of the republican stronghold that is Palm Bay once in a while. You may gain a broader world view.

  10. Your Neighbor,

    Thanks for your comments. I knew one of you guys would show up. If you knew me as well as you think you do, you’d know I don’t even get Fox News.

  11. @ Your Neighbor – So it’s OK to keep an open mind as long as my opinion agrees with yours? The criticism door swings both ways.

  12. Everyone has their own opinions and we need to respect them. It’s easy to say keep an open mind but you have to remember that not everyone will agree with you and it’s you that may need to keep the open mind.

  13. Your Neighbor- I just want to point out one thing: most of the supposed Obama bashing that you see around the web (including anything on this site) usually isn’t insulting Obama at all, but rather the fanatical devotion of his biggest supporters. I’ve heard some things come out of Obama supporters mouths that would make a Jehovah’s Witness cringe.

    Alan- what interests me, and mostly because I thrive on pointless things, is that Julio never said that he doesn’t get benefits. He wanted to know if there was a way that people who work somewhere as long as he has (yeah, 4 years at the same job, what a long haul!) will get “better benefits” than they “already have”. It was Obama who actually said that he was “assuming” Julio didn’t get benefits.

    I’m also thinking that there’s a reason he didn’t get any other jobs. If he jumped around like that and never answered questions in his interviews… um, I’d say it’s probably his own fault. :-)

  14. Wordvixen,

    Yea, Julio was jumping around a bit wasn’t he. I’ll bet the secret service had their eyes on him, ya think?

  15. Actually, the president’s ability to remain calm in the face of that impressed me more than any speech! 😀

  16. Now he scored a job announcing a baseball game. Go to school and work your butt off like the rest of us.

  17. WOW!
    obama was like wtf mate? he laughed like is this guy serious?

    did someone pay him to act like that? that had to have been fake… way dramatized…

    I hope that wasn’t real for everyone’s sake…


  18. Man, I have never seen a guy some hype up, Is he High or something?

    I guess that guy will never look into become a business owner and just giveing yourself a raise instead of wanting someone else to do it for you, everything effortlessly.

    Maybe I need to ask for a bailout to make mi site succeed in a minute without the need to make any effort, lol.

  19. Haha, Obama’s reaction was gold…
    Seriously though, why should the government bail everyone out every time they are in trouble – it doesn’t work like that

  20. Bail out by American government seems too desperate in my opinion, if the American economics strong as they claim to be than it will recuperative itself instead asking or hoping bailout policy.Looks like the bail out by government is a reflection of Socialist country than capitalism where all began.Nice topic though.

  21. Well, people wanted change that they could believe in. They called Bush a “retarded cowboy”, the smirking chimp, and blamed him for the plague on down. From the day he got into office, to the last day of his Presidency, the press and their allies were out in full attack mode.

    So, with the media tagging Bush with the “incompetent guy” persona, people wanted nothing to do with anything that even slightly resembled Bush – enter McCain. He was somewhat perceived as being of the same mindset – be it a fair or unfair characterization.

    Not change you can believe in..

    So, now that everyone has voted for the “one we have been waiting for” how much better off are we now – 50 days into his anointed leadership. Trillion dollar deficit spending and people who think that they will get their gas tank filled and their mortgage paid..

    Old Julio, thanks to the Obama stimulus package will now get an extra 13 dollars in his pay check. Now that is “change in your pocket” you really can believe in.

    With “Turbo Tax Time Geitner” at his side, and his talking down of the economy, this dynamic duo is not making much of an impression on Wall Street, or among financial pundits.

    Some financial media personalities like Jim Cramer who suggested we should all buy Bear Sterns were “shocked” that he is moving to the left so quickly with his particular spending plans and his quick moves to reform healthcare. They thought he would be a moderate and govern from the center.

    HELLO! What gave anyone the idea, thought, or indication that he would do that? Who has he surrounded himself with over the years? Reverend Jim Wright, Bill Ayers, European styles leftists in college? Not exactly capitalists!

    Could not one person who were part of the supposedly part of the “media intelligentsia” in this country have any clue that this guy was “all show and no go” when it came to leadership?

    There does not seem to be any common sense in the media anymore, just strict adherence to ideology or political correctness.

    I am totally frightened by the fact that so many of the voting public fell for this guys “horse hockey”. Folks, just remember, no matter who they are – politicians are not saviors, whether it is a “D” or an “R”..

    Very few of them (politicians) have any measurable accomplishments. Most pursue politics for either power, or to enrich themselves through the connections they make in high office. They will adopt strategies and campaigns that are designed to hold on to both for as long as possible.

    That means they will say anything a person wants to hear, i.e, pander to whatever audience they happen to be speaking in front of. Faith in yourself and the freedom to control you own financial destiny is the key to success..

    That truly is the only “real” change that you can believe in..

    Thats my rant..

    Robert C – The Wholesale Products Guy

  22. Robert ,

    Thanks for your input, I couldn’t have said it better.

  23. I remember watching Julio during the time of the elections, either he is really nervous or he sounded like he was on something….

    Anyways I am a firm believer of capitalism, and I don’t feel that the guy should or anyone for that matter should get extra treatment just because he doesn’t earn a higher wage as other higher end jobs earn. Sure he may work hard, but unfortunately the job he does is a job that everyone can pretty much do, and if you’ve studied economics you’d understand why a person working at McDonald’s earns what he earns, and why a lawyer earns what he earns.


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