Google Makes Me Feel Like The Insane Woman In Hong Kong Airport

You may have seen the recent video of the woman going insane after missing her flight in the Hong Kong airport and it is one of those YouTube classic videos that has some 1.3 million views at the present time. Well, seeing it reminds me of exactly how I felt when I woke up one morning, checked my stats and saw that Google had nearly shut down all my advertising on the Adwords content network. One day you make $500 profit, the next day Google doesn’t like you, you make $2.37 and you feel like throwing a temper tantrum just like the woman at HKIA did. Such are the trials of affiliate marketing.

Watch the video below for a good laugh and see this woman completely freak out. I’m not sure Google would make me go quite as berserk as she does, but sometimes I feel like it. If you listen real close, I think the lady says Chuck Norris, Google Adwords, Larry Page and “Did you know you can see the Great Wall of China from space” in her rant somewhere.

It’s probably better to just laugh at Google than have a complete meltdown like this woman did.

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16 Responses to “Google Makes Me Feel Like The Insane Woman In Hong Kong Airport”

  1. Poor lady… pretty funny but I feel bad for her. It sucks to miss flights. Everybody’s on edge at the airport.

    I had a fit with Facebook ads yesterday. Not quite intense though.

  2. That was hilarious. I know how she feels. I’ve missed a flight before and it’s not fun. It was my first business trip for a company that I had been at for 2 weeks and I missed the flight.

  3. Same here. Google shut down my account on the content network. No specific reason given and of course typical Google BS — no way to contact them other than chat. They referred me to their TOS.

    I owe it all to PPC Coach and the SUPER LAME SURVEYS from MONTH 1.

    Thanks Coach! Great advice!

  4. I’ve been having these same stresses. It’s more Social Media traffic, though. These past couple days have just been horrible!

  5. Google has an interesting non-communication policy. I can see why it would drive people to be a insane especially if their ads program is a major part of a blog’s income

  6. I only had seen my 3 and 9 months old baby boy do something like it, never an adult, unitl now, lol.

    Something similar happens to me when I am driving in the middle of a rush hour.


  7. Gennaro,

    I think that’s what ticks off people so much about Google, they have free reign to do what they want and don’t have to let anyone know about it, even those that help them make money. Go figure…

  8. @Alan

    Unfortunately, that’s what happens when there’s no competition. The same was true of Microsoft until their browser was replaced in a lot of quarters by Firefox and Safari. And then Vista was a huge blow. Until another company can compete, it won’t change.

  9. I can’t go a day without reading who big brother screwed over.

  10. Thank you for making my day – that’s got to be the funniest video I’ve seen in ages (and I bet that lady is pretty embarrassed now)

  11. Do you know what caused Google to shut it down?

  12. The affiliate marketing gig is a crazy roller coaster ride, that’s for sure! We’re stuck with the whim’s of G for the time being.

  13. Never seen this before. Well, mix emotions I got here. Some part of my brain says, she really needs some help.

  14. She may have learnt a lesson here, ” Don’t Be Late” …..

  15. Wow…. just wow to that video… I bet the airlines have to deal with women like her everyday :(

    Till then,


  16. So interesting and funny video. Google has many features of this kind. Google does so if its ads is a major part of a blog’s income.

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