Central Florida Dot Com Steak Out – Virgin Edition

Dot Com Steak Out 

Without the aid of a government check or government workers, bloggers, business owners and affiliate marketers stimulated the economy in Central Florida this weekend. The virgin edition of the Dot Com Steak Out (Facebook Group) took place at Logan’s Roadhouse in Kissimmee this past Saturday Feb 21st and had a pretty good turn out for a first time meeting of affiliate marketers, newbies wanting to get in on the game and CPA networks from around the central Florida area.

We didn’t talk a whole lot of business, but it was great to meet some of the peeps you correspond with online and over the phone, and read their blogs and tweets, but rarely get to see in person. Plus, we got some cool schwag from Convert2Media and Amped Media. C2M has a nice bling T-shirt you should get, but hey, don’t expect freebies every time we get together now.

Dot Com Steak Out schwag:

Dot Com Steak Out Schwag

Every third Saturday of the month we meet at a steak house somewhere in Central Florida and the group is open to anyone associated with affiliate marketing, blogging and making money online. All you have to do is sign up for the Facebook group so you get the updates and attend the meet-up whenever you can. You don’t even have to live in Florida. If you’re going to be down here on vacation or whatever and it’s convenient, join us for lunch, ideas, entrepreneur talk and general discussions on how to make a living in a different way than most of the world does.

Meet-ups like this are incredibly motivating, at least for me, because it continues to remind me how much money can be made in the affiliate marketing space and how much opportunity there is.

Those that attended are below:

Kiley Lenstrom – Thanks to Kiley for getting this gig up and running.
Alan LeStourgeon (me)
Ken Jenkins – Newbie and willing to learn
Steve Katz (Market Leverage)
Richard Bruner (Market Leverage)
Ralph Ruckman (Convert2Media)
Ryan Machara (C2M)
Steve Howe (C2M)
Johnathan Gies (Amped Media)
Nicole Gies (Amped Media)
Edward Murray (Amped Media)
Janell Kowalski (Amped Media) + guest
Amanda Colvard (Amped Media)
Nick Waddle (Amped Media)

Hope to see you next time at Dot Com Steak Out.

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17 Responses to “Central Florida Dot Com Steak Out – Virgin Edition”

  1. Hey Alan,

    We had a great time at the steak out. Pretty cool to see everyone get together. It was great to meet you in person finally.

    Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Hey Alan –

    Sounds like a great time was had by all! I have thought about getting involved in something like this in the Charlotte area, but never taken the initiative to do so.

    May just be the right time!!

    Good post!


  3. Jonathan,

    Glad to finally meet you and the crew!


    Yes, it’s definitely motivating to meet others in the business and find out what everyone is doing and it’s probably even more important right now with the way the economy is going.

  4. Good stuff! Let’s double the people next month! I’ll start working out the location details after the first of the month.

  5. Nice to meet you Alan! Look forward to the next meet up.

  6. Looking forward to joining in on the second one! Maybe posting on Doterati (central FL networking) would double the numbers. I’ll check in with Kiley. Hope to see you there!

  7. Steve,

    Hey, it was great to meet you and the guys from C2M as well.


    I was hoping you could join us. Loking forward to meeting you for the second Dot Com Steak Out.

  8. This sounds like so much fun. I will have to see if they have something like this in my area. If not, I may have to do something about it!

  9. I’m in FL but that’s a bit out of my way.

  10. That’s cool to be able to meet face to face with those you’ve worked/corresponded with online. Sounds like fun.

  11. Hi Alan,

    It really looks you ere having fun. I wish I could join some day in a meeting like that. There is none close to me.


  12. Sounds like fun!

  13. That looks awesome (it was the word “steak” in the title that attracted me… mmm)
    I’d love to meet up with some other IM guys at some point in time like that – it’d be great

  14. This is so fun! Something similiar to what JC does right?

    I hope to run this is my own country someday too..

  15. Nice gathering. I hope bloggers will emerge here at my place. It seems like Im the only one who blogs at my current town.

  16. Looks like a lot of fun,

  17. That’s a great idea. We have a similar group that meets up each month in Minnesota.

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