February 2009 Affiliate Income Report

In every affiliate’s career there are good income months and bad months. February was a bad income month for me for a couple of reasons. I spent another $800 on 100 articles for content and article marketing and did some advertising that just didn’t pay off. Also, the eBay Partner Network was way off for me this month.

One of the ppc campaigns I ran this past month, that was one of those, “This will definitely work” campaigns, has drained me of over $200 without a single conversion. Almost the same thing happened with Facebook as well when I spent about $120 to earn a mere $36. Luckily the merchant getting traffic through the ppc campaign has a 45 day cookie so it might just pay off. The reason I spent so much on that campaign is that a single conversion could erase all the losses because were talking about $2,500 products with a 10% payout. Hopefully it will be worth it because with pay per click marketing, things can turn around in a single day.

So in effect, I spent about $1,100 this month that brought zero return so far. The articles however are producing some decent seo results for one of my BANS stores and if nothing else, this site should produce some decent Adsense revenue once I add it to all the content.

Total revenue produced last month was $2,825.57 with expenses of $1,317.14 that gave me a net income of $1,508.16. Everything breaks down as follows:

Google Adsense – $1,319.10
Commission Junction – $225.56
EPN – eBay – $186.99
Meal Planner Ebook – $187.00
TripAdvisor – $110.59
Private Advertising – $105.00
AzoogleAds – $288.00
Amazon.com – $187.58
Neverblue – $27.00
Other Affiliate Programs – $188.75

Total Revenue – $2,825.57

Total expenses – $1,317.14

Total Income – $1,508.16

You never know what’s going to happen month to month. All you can do is keep plugging away and focus on the things that work and trash the things that don’t. Forward is the only direction to go in the affiliate marketing game. Remember, things can turn around in a single day, or even just a few hours.

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13 Responses to “February 2009 Affiliate Income Report”

  1. Gosh Alan, it does worry me when I read that a pro such as yourself had such a month. It makes you realize what snakeoil some of the make money online crowd are peddling.

    Here’s to a great March!

  2. So can bloggers, other then the few top dogs, make money blogging???

  3. What would be the best way to get started with eBay Affiliate sites? I only do Adsense.

  4. MAx,

    Use Build A Niche Store. You can read a review here:

  5. Last month was a slow one for me also. I think you’re doing a great job. Good luck!

  6. Keep optimist Alan, it’s better to earn something than break even.

  7. Hey Alan,

    Last month for me was a fairly decent month for me (personal best) but this month isn’t starting that great so I’m hoping to flip that around.

    I’m going full time online in a week or so, it’s just a case of plugging away like you said and not letting setbacks affect your performance.

  8. Phil,

    Yea, you do have to wonder what some of the gurus are really making. Take away their ebook sales and what fo they have left?

    Richard Bonner,

    Congratats on your record month and way to go on setting yourself free! I hope you have a big celebration when yuo go full time.

  9. Hi alan,
    Even this is the same situation with many of us. I had a big last month but this month not even a cent. Lets see how this month goes by :)

  10. Thanks for candidly sharing your results/experiences.

    I am hopeful that your $800 investment for articles will pay dividends for months and years to come.

  11. Great result for february! I has been inspiring watching your income :)

  12. You are really making a killing with adsense compared to me, I never found a niche that worked for me so far. I guess I never dug deep enough or actually cared to much to create a real site that would work for this. Maybe in the future, when I am really bored, I might try adsense again 😉

  13. Hi Alan,

    I guess all that adsense revenue its the total from all of your sites, Or is it from one?

    I haven´t seen adsense in this blog, Are they hidden somewhere or you have an specific reason no to show them here?


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