Remember, Your Affiliate Business Can Change In A Single Day

Ending yesterday’s post about my February Income Report, I reminded everyone that your affiliate business can turn around in a single day. Well, because of a kickin’ ppc campaign that started running yesterday morning and a big sale from one of my vacation sites through a CJ merchant, that’s exactly what happened.

Yesterday was a record day for my affiliate earnings and brought in more than half as much profit in a single day as I earned in all of last month. The total affiliate earnings for the day was just over $800 after expenses and a majority of that came from just one pay per click campaign through Google Adwords. Funny how things happen, you’re just trudging along trying to make something work on the affiliate roller coaster ride and boom, like magic you find a winner.

Check out the screenshot from Market Leverage below:

ML PPC Campaign

But it’s not really magic, it’s because I kept hammering away at it until I dug up a winner. Initially I had some good success with PPC Coach in working small campaigns involving email and zip submits with payouts of around $1.25, but was hesitant to move on to anything with bigger payouts because that usually involves spending more money per click. The best I had done in the past with anything that pays over $10 was only breaking even or earning $30 a day or so, until this present campaign.

I had slowed down on working ppc because it’s pretty intensive and needs constant attention and I had other projects and previously good earning sites that needed more attention. But because of the potential of ppc marketing, I would occasionally throw some mud at the wall and see if something would stick. But it wasn’t just random junk, there is a plan behind the whole thing, and here’s what I’ve been doing:

One of the tricks I gleaned, or at least deduced, from PPC Coach is to look for a traffic source as the first priority. I know that may sound strange to get your brain around, but if you think of major sources of traffic first and then pair it with an offer, instead of thinking about that acai berry pill nonsense and how you’re going to get traffic to it, amazing things can happen (I know, some guys are making bank on acai berry scams, but most aren’t).

I log into Market Leverage, Neverblue and Azoogle almost every day and just look at the offers to get familiar with what’s there and at least once a week or so, I spend a few hours in each affiliate interface to look at payouts, EPC, network earnings, landing pages, creatives and more so I’m pretty aware of the kinds of things I want to run. I don’t salivate over something with a $32 payout, I just want to know what’s there that fits my business.

And then every day, or multiple times a day I head over to Google Trends and see what the top 100 searches at Google for that specific hour are (Trends is updated every hour). When you click on an individual keyword phrase, you can also see what other related terms are hot as well. It doesn’t happen but a couple times a week, but every now and then it all clicks and there’s something that could be a hit.

I’ve been sending traffic directly to Amazon and various offers through the CPA networks using this method and the great thing about it is, even if your campaign is a loser it doesn’t cost very much to do because most of clicks cost less than 10 cents each. Do a search on most of the hot keywords at Google Trends and you’ll see that sometimes there’s not even one advertiser bidding on them. Can you say, 1 cent clicks?

The point is to be familiar with the kinds of offers that fit your business and a couple times a week you’ll identify a big source of cheap traffic that will fit an offer you’ve already identified. Most of these good campaigns don’t last that long, but sometimes because these trends get picked up and blogged about frequently, the life cycle gets extended and you can continue to earn a little, or a lot, for a decent length of time.

I don’t work this system that hard because I don’t have time, but if you wanted to dedicate some serious time to following Google Trends, I’m sure it would pay off even bigger than what happened yesterday. Hopefully that campaign will last for a few weeks.

Never forget, your affiliate business can change in a single day.

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25 Responses to “Remember, Your Affiliate Business Can Change In A Single Day”

  1. The Affiliate Marketing Rollercoaster – Turn Around in a Day…

    Funny how things happen, you’re just trudging along trying to make something work on the affiliate roller coaster ride and boom, like magic you find a winner.

  2. Affiliate Marketing Rollercoaster Can Turn Around in a Day…

    Alan over at Affiliate Confession has a good post today about how quickly this roller coaster ride we call affiliate marketing, can turn around from a losing proposition to a big win, overnight.


  3. Wow….That is amazing..Congratulations and thanks for the great tip. I will have to try it out.

  4. Congrats on the great success, just another in affiliate marketing and the Internet marketing world, you just never know when you will hit pay dirt!

  5. I love it when something just clicks and you find a sweet spot.

  6. Lovely! Wish u luck for bigger successes.

  7. You had a really nice day there, hope you can have a few of those in this year.

  8. Congrats on the big day! This online marketing stuff is a roller coaster ride…..some days are big, some days are weak. Best of luck keeping the momentum.

  9. Congrats Alan! Glad to see you’re doing well on the network and having success. I’m sure your encouragement is appreciated by many! May you have many more March 5’s to come!

  10. Alan, could you tell us more about the TripAdvisor affiliate? I am working in the travel niche as well, but only use Adsense.

  11. Hmm.. never mind, I just read this on the Tripadvisor site:

    Please note we are currently not accepting new affiliates. Thank you.

    Any alternatives?

  12. Wow. What a day!

  13. Hi Alan,

    Congratulations, I didnpt knew MarketLeverage where so good. I have heard so many different stories about them, good and bad, dont know what to believe.


  14. Wow thanks for the great tip on google trends i will have to start using it more to look for opportunities

  15. That is a very big amount to earn in a single day. Congrats. Thanks for the successful tip.

  16. It’s amazing how things fluctuate. One month is down, one month is up. It makes you wonder about the factors affecting this fluctuation.

  17. I’m curious how you view PPC now that you’ve had such a good day. Are you going to focus more on it now? What do you see as the long term prospects for your PPC income? Do you think the potential you have with PPC is better/worse/the same as with this blog and your niche sites and BANS for long term success? I ask because I think you’re more mature and honest than most MMO bloggers and will give an honest answer rather than a knee jerk “I’m going to make millions off this and you can too as long as you buy affiliate product X from me.” Thanks.

  18. J,

    Well, as I write this reply I’m having a day that’s better than the one in this post almost all due to PPC. PPC is a great way to make money, once you get the hang of it. However, I lost a lot of money before I really worked it all out. And people need to understand that even though you can make serious cash through PPC, you can also lose your shirt.

    Really only over the last week or so I’ve finally developed a system that works for me. It’s a combination of things I’ve learned at PPC-Coach and I believe that it does have some long term potential. However, that doesn’t mean I would give up on BANS or Adsense or anything else I’m doing because you never know what’s going to happen.

    By the way, I don’t make that much with my blog here, I just write because I enjoy it.

  19. Alan,
    Finally I feel I have found a place to ask my questions. I’m new to the affiliate marketing business, but I know there is money to be made. I want to make money the right and ethical way. There are 1000’s of affiliate programs out there. Pleeaassee!!! help me pin point what I am looking for. I want a program that has a wesite already built for me, with affiliate programs that already earn income , that has a system in place to automatically begin to earn income, that I could just plug into the system. Alan, am I just chasing a dream or is there a really company out there that has a system like this.

  20. Terri F,

    Wow, I’m shocked Terri. I don’t mean to be rude, but NO business works that way.

    Please read my blog and find out what I’ve done to make a living in this business. It takes HARD work, there just aren’t any short cuts.

  21. Congrats on the big earnings!

  22. Well Terri, it’s at a very, very, unrealisitc way of looking at things. I mean, what would people need you for when everything is running already? Affiliate marketing involves a lot of risks in case you want to go for ppc, in case you can incorporate it naturally all the better for you.

  23. Thanks for the tip on google trends. Congrats to you too and hope your wealth continue to grow as you unselfishly share your ideas with us.

  24. I just love the the rush when one of i make an sale for one of my affiliates. its an emotional roller coaster.

  25. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to earn money from affiliate marketing.
    I was lucky to find wealthy affiliate, but even then it still took me 6 month of hard work to get my first sale

    Still affiliate marketing is the way to go, I enjoy it.

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