What To Do With Your Outsourced Content

Outsource Your ContentA few weeks ago I wrote about outsourcing your content writing to help you build your affiliate business. So far this year I’ve received 210 articles from SEO Article Writing Pros covering a variety of niches. So, what are you supposed to do with all those articles?

You can do several things with your outsourced content such as article marketing, trading articles with other sites in your niche, submitting your articles to authority sites in your niche and of course, simply adding the content to your own sites. Having massive amounts of content however doesn’t mean that you just put up everything all at once. You’ll want to selectively release your work so as to give the search engines the impression that your sites and incoming linking process are an ongoing work.

Several years ago I outsourced about 80 articles to get incoming links through article marketing and it ended up backfiring because of the process I used. One of my vacation sites and our healthy diet site was deindexed by Google and Yahoo shortly after these efforts and in the case of the vacation site there was probably another reason for the deindexing, which I’ll cover later, that the article marketing efforts identified.

In getting incoming links, you want to to get a natural trickle of links pointing to your site over time, not all at once. You also want to vary the anchor text pointing to pages on your site as well. The mistake I made was posting the same article, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time, that had the same anchor text to 10 or 15 different article directories every day for a month. We never know exactly what Google wants, but apparently they don’t like seeing links coming into your site at the rate of 600 a month if it doesn’t look natural. Had these links come from different sites or blogs at this rate they would have at least had different anchoring text and different content in each post or article.

Now while you may be thinking this is a duplicate content penalty, that’s not what it is. Duplicate content only means posting the same article to your own site that is found somewhere else on the net. My belief is that this is an unnatural linking process that looked to Google as though I was trying to do nothing but get tons of links into my sites. I believe the other reason my vacation site bit the dust (it has since recovered)  was that all the incoming links helped Google see that there were way to many affiliate links on the site. I’ve also since removed over 300 of these links from that site.

So what’s the proper way to do article marketing?

When submitting to article directories, I never submit more than 1 article per day with links pointing to the same site and never use the same article twice. In other words you want to simply use each article one time and let the natural process of other people picking up your articles bring you additional links.

It’s probably not as critical when using your outsourced articles for adding additional pages to your site, but I would recommend a slow process in this area as well. It is believed that Google likes to see fairly consistent changes being done to a site so it stands to reason if you put up 75 to 100 pages on a site in a couple of afternoons Google will notice your site less. For this reason I will add no more than 5 pages a day to any one of my sites, but most of the time its 2 to 3 pages every couple of days. This way if you have 100 articles, your site will be constantly changing over a 3 month or so period.

I just want to offer a little disclaimer here because much of what I’m saying about Google is pure speculation and only what I’ve been experiencing in my own business. We all know Google is a fickle beast to figure out, so you have to keep poking it with a stick until you see life in your niche. However, I can tell you that slow, steady consistent work never hurt anyone.

Use this as an example and find the content outsourcing and article marketing process that works best for you and your business.

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21 Responses to “What To Do With Your Outsourced Content”

  1. Alan, I agree 100% with what you wrote. This is EXACTLY what I’ve seen with my sites too. In fact, I think I’ve had a similar experience of being de-indexed for too many links and for adding too many pages at a time.

    I actually enjoy the process of getting 100 articles to update over a 3month period while building links during those 3 months…

  2. Hi Alan,

    I’m interested in what you said about thinking that google dropped your site because you had too many affiliate links.

    Do you really think that this was the case?

    The only situation I can see them doing this is if they thought the site was a link farm.

  3. Oops, sorry to comment again Alan, but I have one further question….

    you say you don’t use the same article twice in article marketing, but you can’t control the way other article sites republish your articles.

    These sites will republish the article verbatim, along with your anchor text. Do you think that this is a bad thing as far as google is concerned?

  4. The unnatural linking process doesn’t get much attention from SEO pros who try to garner any backlink they can. Paying attention to this is a great tip. Thanks.

  5. You made some interesting points here. I have also had similar findings in my ventures. I tend to add one or two articles per day.

  6. Stu,

    Getting a penalty for having too many affiliate links was the conventional thinking a couple of years ago when this happened. I’ve since redirected those links through my site and a few months after I did that my site was back in the index.

    On your second point, those links would tend to happen on a much slower basis therefore not rasing any flags at Google. Besides, I’ve never come across anything that suggests article marketing is a bad thing.

  7. Great timing with this post as I have just ordered my first 60 articles to promote my sites.


  8. Alan – Great post and SPOT ON about trickle feeding the content on your sites!!

    One way I have found that seems to work good for me (Remember, everyone is different, this just works for me) is to first disable the RPC ping notifier so no engines get pinged with my new site, until I am ready. I then use a plugin to pull in 2 articles to every category of the site… yes, they are syndicated duplicate content… but what I do next is what seems to help me.

    Like yourself, I buy articles in bulk… Usually I will buy 40 to 60, 250-500 word articles… and put them ALL into the site on day 1, but post-date all of them to go live on the site in 1-2 day increments.

    1-2 weeks after they have been trickle feeding, I will jump in and setup the sitemap and rpc ping address to start the indexing. This is usually when I add a few inbound links as well.

    With the trickle fed method… I can literally watch the traffic increase over the course of 2-3 months, as each of the articles continues to be published on the site with little to no maintenance on my end.

    Good post man!


  9. Thanks for sharing, I think making it work daily or 3 times in a week is ok.I once was offered by other IM making blogs automatic and can make 50 blogs in an hour, I think this kind of software will be penalized by google, luckily I didn’t pursue as many complains I hear coming in.

  10. Good pointers, I only submit about 4 articles per week per site and since Google does not crawl all these automatically it takes a time for the links to build.

  11. Hi Alan,

    I think you can use some of your unique articles to upload them to Articles sites as well to write an squidoo lens and get those links into your site.


  12. By adding 1 article at a time you mean adding to serveral directories or just to one? Still, you can’t change the links you get, that’s why it should not work like that, otherwise your competitors could just submit massive articles pointing to your site to get you punished by google.

  13. smashill,

    As the post states, I never use the same article twice. One article to one article directory, that’s it.

    At the end, I did say that my info was speculative and from my own experience. Also, I doubt if someone would go to so much trouble to and writ enough articles to do harm to their competitors. They would probably be spending time on their own site.

  14. Well you never know, in very competitive niches that might be possible, and it’s not too much trouble if you pay people to do it, it’s actually pretty cheap if you outsource it to wherever, and it could do some serious harm if the system really works like that. You don’t even have to spend money on quality articles as they are just used to hurt your opponents.

  15. Stu: If Google allowed a website to be harmed by someone creating backlinks to it, Google would be enabling people to sabotage other people’s sites (such as competitors) merely by creating those links. My understanding is that Google may limit the benefit of some backlinks, but backlinks will never result in a penalty for a site.

  16. Luis: Great idea to use a squidoo lens with slightly different content from the content you used in an article.

  17. Google change their algorithm almost every moment, I think the best way is making comments to blog that has high PR and Alexa Rank, the normal way and making original content, will most likely by the search engine.If you make the traffic from Social Bookmark, you’ll get plenty of visitors, but they are not loyal.If you get from search engine, that is for real.

  18. Wow, Alan you’ve got plenty of content!

    It’s good tactics you use one article only once – I’ve came to the same conclusion as you. But anyway I use the article again – either rewrite it (which should be pretty fast especialy when in mood), then published it elsewhere, or make a squido lens or sometimes turn it in power point presentation and post it to presentation sharing sites….

    Options to use the content are endless.

    BTW, how do you rate the quality of your articles from SEO article writing pros? I’m sick of so called writers out there…

  19. Heya Alan!! no doubt your post is very informative and i like the way you present your point.
    i agree with what you said because i have faced the same this… that’s what happened to my sites as well. But i was confused about the reason…..are you sure Google did that because having to many affiliate links???
    After that i realized Google is always up 2 some thing so, am also kind of scared about the changes they make.

  20. I think it is important to add new content regularly, but it shouldn’t really be anymore than one a day.

  21. Very useful and informative article providing many tips about the quality of outsourced content.

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