Making Money Without Even Trying

Traffic and sales patterns on the net never cease to amaze me. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try you just can’t get something to work, even if you keep tweaking it and keep turning the dials. On the other hand when you have enough going on in your affiliate business, there are times you can make money without even trying. I love it when that happens.

As an example, I’ve been working on a system that gives a better focus to my ppc marketing where I can just find a good traffic source, then find an offer, plug in a few keywords and there’s another campaign working. About one out of every six or seven of these campaigns really make any money. But the other day I had one that I just knew would work. If you’ve been in affiliate marketing for any length of time, you know those ideas I’m talking about, the ones you are sure will generate lots of income.

Well, I worked on this ppc campaign for several day and sent over 2,000 clicks to the merchant at 5 cents per click or less and didn’t get a single sale. I was shocked to say the least because in my mind, it was a near certainty this campaign would work. But it didn’t generate even one cent of revenue. However, the same day I decided to let this one go, in came a sale from an old site on air compressors I hadn’t touched in more than a year. My commission for doing nothing was $40.

This is bizarre because stuff like this happens more often than you would think. Having enough niches out there generating a trickle of traffic to each site brings in additional commissions from furniture sales, chandelier sales, home decor, fitness equipment, travel and more. Probably 3 or 4 times a year I get a check in the mail from ReserveBranson.com for between $30 and $50. It’s not a lot, but it’s really nice when you’ve forgotten about it and you’re not expecting it at all. We usually take that money and go out for a nice dinner or something and celebrate that we just got paid for doing nothing.

Of course, you do realize you’re not really getting paid for doing nothing, it just seems like that. Over the last 4 to 5 years I’ve built up enough sites in enough niches that these unexpected, make money for doing nothing sales and checks are showing up more frequently. If you keep persevering in your affiliate career, this will eventually happen to you as well and you’ll get a check in the mail someday you weren’t expecting at all.

No matter how much money I go on to make in affiliate marketing, it will always be a beautiful thing when an unexpected $35 check shows up in the mail.

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17 Responses to “Making Money Without Even Trying”

  1. This is great. I have some sites like that I receive a check from every now and then. It certainly is nice.

  2. I wish I could spent checks for doing nothing…
    However, until then we all have to do something.

  3. Good story. Proves that the bigger your income stream is the smaller are the chances of drying out.

  4. I would love checks out of nowhere. I bet it puts a smaile on your face when they show up.

  5. Alan, you really hit the nail on the head, several of my mini sites, like Squids and Hubs were launched promoted a little and forgotten and BAM, they are some of my biggest money makers, yet others that I work very hard have nill going on!

  6. I’ve noticed this too. My old BANS sites that I learned on have been left just sitting while I apply my new knowledge elsewhere. The thing is, it takes time for my new projects to bear fruit and suddenly my old BANS sites are picking up sales again!

    Not that I’m complaining… But I’m never sure if I’m happier about truly passive income or payoff for the things I’ve worked hardest on. So rarely are they the same thing.

  7. Indeed, indeed. My wife must be balancing the books tonight and came in to ask about 3 checks that came in for about 280 bucks. I had to research them to find out what sites they came from because I did not recognize the names of two of them. Best thing about affiliate marketing is you do the work once, you can be paid for a long time. I absolutely love this business and lifestyle it provides for me.

    Soggy Dave

  8. It is the research of long hours what kind of traffics that hits your blog and niche, of course it would be easy to identified after traffic you got that hits from search engine, the CTR values, and converting into sales is another challengging thinhs, I’m doing research on PPC, I think I need all the angles given as this is trial and error learning.Thanx for sharing

  9. This reminds me of an affiliate site I had set up and not touched for months.. i had one little 125×125 ad on there that i had almost removed one day a long time ago and had forgotten about..

    UNTIL, i got a $200 commission from a 10% sale from that ad hahaha…

    unexpected money is always nice!

  10. Judging from the story , I think I have to start doing something to my other 5 blogs and generate super affilates troops to make around US$5K/month.Good post Alan, very educating and feel motivated about it.congrts

  11. Love that story! Would love to set up some similar, passive income streams.

  12. Would love on passive income, but you only can focus on 1 blog as mainstream, untill your blog has an email database huge enough then you can play around with your community help, from this point you can make passive income otherwise you;ll get burn out doing everything at same time by yourselves.

  13. Hi Alan,

    Well thats the best 40 dlls earned, with no effort. It is strange how things work in affiliate marketing.

  14. Hi,

    I am quite new to this, but already I understand the buzz of “getting paid for doing nothing”. It balances out those long, long days when you work like mad and get PAID nothing.
    My aim is like you to get a lot of small income streams that together add up.


  15. I don’t know if you are into that whole Law of Attraction thing – but that is what they call being “in tune” . You were attracting that money too you – even if you didn’t know it :)

  16. Every little bit helps. I would love to make some money over the internet. I think it’s really hard to get started.. but I guess you have to persevere and give the time and effort required to make it work. I admire you for having been so successful and making a decent amout of money

  17. It is beautiful indeed when money shows up unexpectedly in the mail. It is ironic sometimes how something you can put alot of hard work into it, and like you say is so hard to reap the benefits from, but yet something you don’t concentrate hard on, rolls in the money nicely.

    Till then,


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