PPC Coach 6 Month Review

PPC CoachI’ve been a member of PPC Coach for a little over 6 months now and it has probably been one of the most valuable purchases I have ever made on the internet. While I’ve purchased ebooks, hard copy books from bookstores and other training programs online, nothing has produced the results that PPC Coach has.

Using techniques taught in the program and developing my own techniques from the training modules has helped me produce more than $21,500 in revenue (Of which about 70% has been profit) since becoming a member.

Before becoming a member of PPC Coach my successes with pay per click marketing were almost non-existent. Several years ago I was able to produce some leads for myself during a stint with an mlm company and then went on to continue to produce leads for a company providing leads to that same mlm business, but profit margins were very thin. However, most of what I’ve tried involving ppc has been on the losing side. PPC Coach completely turned that around.

PPC Coach consists of training videos, tools, a forum and monthly training modules that are only accessible on a consecutive basis so as not to get overwhelmed with your tasks. The first month gets you going on polls and shows you how to set up your landing pages, choose offers and most importantly explains how to get lots of traffic to your polls. I’m sure you’ve seen some of these polls such as IQ surveys, political surveys or others asking for your yes or no opinion on some such subject.

Without giving away any of the inside secrets, I can tell you that learning how to do these polls was the catalyst to much bigger and better things. The training modules and videos show you how to work various aspects of pay per click marketing such as how to write effective ads, look for traffic sources, structure your campaigns, find the best converting offers and lots of other things.

The forums at PPC Coach are also invaluable as well. There are forum members and regular posters who have made over $100,000 per month that are more than willing to offer their advice if you just can’t seem to get the hang of things or don’t understand something about one of the tools or just need advice on something you’re trying to figure out.

To get the full impact of PPC Coach, it is important to follow the directions “Coach”, as he is called, suggests. Coach highly recommends new students watch all the videos and spend several hours in the forums to get familiar with everything before they start out on their first ppc campaign. This is exactly what I did. I pretty much dumped everything I thought I knew about pay per click marketing and just followed the directions and absorbed everything for the first 3 weeks or so.

Taking in all that PPC Coach has to offer has helped me develop my own system by teaching me to think outside of the box. And that is critically important to succeeding in with your ppc efforts in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Most anything we as affiliates are going to be promoting, especially offers from CPA companies, is nearly saturated when it comes to the most obvious paid keywords. If you are going to compete and drive traffic to these offers via ppc, you have to be able to see around the most obvious paths and find words with very little competition.

Without the aid of PPC Coach I’d probably still be floundering around losing money with my paid search efforts.

The cost of PPC Coach is $49.99 CAN per month which comes out to about $42 US. PPC Coach isn’t for everybody, but if you are tired of losing money and are serious about getting your ppc marketing efforts off the ground, PPC Coach is the real deal.

You can sign up for PPC Coach here.

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17 Responses to “PPC Coach 6 Month Review”

  1. Wow!

    I am sorely tempted by PPCoach but am too scared to lose the money – therefore I know it’s not for me!

    I like the idea of a “quick return” on the campaign you run – being able to jump on something quickly as news breaks to make a poll and drive CPA offers – but realisticly I would not be able to dedicate the time to it.

    How much cash does PPCoach suggest that you start with on month 1?

    Also – do you know if you can rejoin PPC again after quitting? I know you only get a monthly “quota” of information – but if I did that first month, quit and came back 6 months later, would I get back to Month 2 or Month 1?

    My thought would be to start small on 1 months info, suck it and see what happens, then go back for more later.

  2. Tao,

    Just trying to be honest here, you are right, at this time PPC Coah is not for you. If you can’t dedicate 100% to going for it, then please don’t join.

  3. Nice to see you being honest here Alan in the comment above. Thanks for the great review, it’s nice to see you’ve done well with the service even if you weren’t a superstar before with PPC :)

    – DJ

  4. I have seriously been considering joining. I have read nothing but good info regarding PPC Coach. This might be the review that pushes me over the edge.

  5. I’m using Affiliate Classroom at the moment which is ok. But they do send me emails 4 or 5 times a day which is sometimes a bother and all webinars are in US time (one tonight at 2am – not great for those of us who are UK based). Al – without giving away any secrets what would you say is the best tip you have learnt?

  6. Makes sense, that sounds like a good program. I opted instead to go for the free PPC Classroom program as a way to get acquainted with the PPC world. However, now that the service is through, I may just try my hand at PPC Coach. I’ll be sure to use your link if I do!

  7. Darrell,

    Probably the best thing I have learned is to think outsite the box. Unfortunately it’s not that tangible of a concept that I can just say, do this and it will work.

    Taking in all PPC Coach has to offer and reading the forums to find out what other people are doing has helped me open my eyes to different ways of thinking about how to do ppc. It’s sort of like the day you were sitting in algebra class and the light went on and after that…you just understood how it all worked.

  8. Have never try too hard on PPC, it looks to me like PPC will give you just peanuts but I have heard of guys earning very good money out of it, I should give it a try.


  9. I will think about taking a look at it – its always great to take courses like these to learn a little more. Never stop learning.

  10. Sorry Alan,

    It’s after half a year now since I first read your blog, but I still haven’t join PPC Coach yet.

    Now I get enough to pay $49.99/month so I’m considering joining.

    However, I still am in doubt with one thing… time. How much time do you have to spend / day for the PPC efforts? I don’t have whole day to do it any more… Before I had time but no money, now I have money but no time… Sucks isn’t it.

    I need your advice, Alan.


  11. I joined and canceled my subscription about 1 month. I couldn’t get the first month lesson to work on my site (you know what I mean).

  12. Damilik,

    No, actually I don’t know what you mean?

  13. I keep hearing alot of good things about PPC coach, will definitely use them when I am ready for the PPC world.

  14. I am now in my 4th month of PPC Coach and thinking of canceling. I too cannot get month 1 strategies to work for the life of me. I spent over $200 in PPC, got 10% adsense CTR (awesome), got 80% CTR on my landing page right to the offer (another awesome), and then a horrible 0.02% conversion rate at the offer page. Needless to say, I have been extremely frustrated.

    One thing I learnt from PPC Coach was how to think like a marketer and that requires thinking outside the box. Polls and quizzes are examples of thinking outside the box where your advertising is not directly related to the product/service you are pushing. In fact, you are getting at it in an indirect, but somewhat related way. This knowledge I can use for building my own strategies.

    To each his own I guess…

  15. I really am considering joining but i think it may not be the best option for me if i can’t devote a lot of time to it. With that said, congrats on your success with it

  16. I heard alot about PPC coach is this guide more directed to newbies or to everyone? I have a few years of experience with PPC but do not consider myself the best but can say I am intermediate so is this something that will be useful to me?

  17. Binh,

    Sorry for not answering earlier, sometimes I get way behind on responding to comments.
    You can spend as much or as little time as you want in your ppc efforts. I spend probably 2 to 3 hours a day on my ppc campaigns.

    It starts out for newbies, but the forums are for everyone at all levels of skill and are probably the place where I have learned the most.

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