March 2009 Affiliate Earnings Report – First 5 Figure Month

Hopefully this month’s affiliate earnings report will give a little inspiration to those that may have been watching their earnings go down instead of up. That’s what had been happening to me for the last 3 months and culminated in last month coming in at only $1,500 in earnings which as been the lowest amount I’ve earned as an affiliate since starting this blog. However, that all turned around in March as it was my first five figure month in affiliate income with total earnings coming in slightly over $10,500.

The big difference this month came from promoting Clickbank and CPA offers through ppc marketing. I have to give the credit to PPC Coach for the pay per click skills and attending the first Dot Com Steak Out and talking with my buddy Kiley Lenstrom for an attitude adjustment. I don’t know what it was for sure about hanging out at the Dot Com Steak Out, but a switch just went off in my head after being around some serious money makers in this business. Really, your attitude makes a huge difference in how much you can make in affiliate marketing.

Total revenue produced in March came to $12,298.65 with expenses of $1,726.88 which made for a total net income of $10,571.77. Everything breaks down as follows:

Google Adsense – $1,479.20
Commission Junction – $418.35
EPN – eBay – $205.32
Meal Planner Ebook – $187.00
TripAdvisor – $113.26
Clickbank – $567.73
Market Leverage
& Azoogle
CPA Offers – $9,070.73
Amazon.com – $158.17
Other Affiliate Programs – $98.89

Total Revenue – $12,298.65

Total expenses – $1,726.88

Total Income – $10,571.77

I had no idea this month’s income would increase by over 7 times from February’s income and double my previous record for earnings, but that’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. One month you may think it’s over and the next you end up making enough to carry you for several months. It can happen anytime so don’t ever give up on your affiliate career. Keep working, keep trying new things and keep learning, because you never know when things will turn around.

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke.

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51 Responses to “March 2009 Affiliate Earnings Report – First 5 Figure Month”

  1. That is some ridiculously crazy ROI. I’m assuming most of your traffic is organic or you’ve got some secret getting some cheap as hell clicks that convert like mad.

    Good for you though. I’ve definitely been on the same ride as you though, some great months and then some real bummers.

    Justin Dupre

  2. That’s awesome. Congrats on the 5 figures! Love the diversity of the income streams……your eggs aren’t all in 1 proverbial basket. I appreciate your candid-ness in the post.

  3. Hey Alan, thats great that you made tons more last month (5 FIGURES!) Awesome! How about you share more about this attitude? Did you learn it all at ppc coach or have you been doing some other studying as well?

  4. Congratulations Alan. It always looks so easy when you see the figures written in a post, but I’m sure you put in a lot of hard work to make that ten thousand.

    One question about the CPA offers, is a lot of that made up from email/zip submits, or offers with higher payouts? Are you having to do a lot of maintenance/monitoring on the ppc campaigns, or once you’ve got it going is it a case of “set and forget”?

    My PPC campaigns have bit hit or miss: some break even, some lose a little and some make money. Just trying to find some consistency!

    Anyway, great stuff on getting to the magic 5 figures!

  5. Well done Sir!

    I love seeing success by people who put their heart in their efforts, and you have definitely been putting everything on the line.

    Easier said than done, obviously, but leverage the success from this month into even further success for next month!

    Personally, I’m not an affiliate marketer, but rather a stock market trader. Despite different industries, the concepts are very similar – you attempt different strategies, scale what works, learn from what didn’t work (I guess, thats any type of business)

    Looking back at my own journey, and the biggest difference I found that really (really!) helped get through a major plateau (which I believe you have just done) was actually my Journal. I documented everything – (1) how I developed my strategy; (2) how I executed the strategy (3) which stock I used, and why – (in your case, which promotional offer you used and why) (4) results – did it work? If it worked, I documented why it worked so I can replicate it again. If it didn’t work, I documented why it didn’t work, and how to avoid making the same mistake.

    To the next month.

  6. That is awesome…Congratulations!! I think I have to check out PPC Coach. The above is a great example of what the right training and hard work can produce.

  7. Hey Alan, congratulations, it definitely sounds like you deserve the success. Keep up the good work!


  8. WOOOOOO! Nice, Alan! Welcome to the club! Good to have you!

    And I thank you for the mention — I saw you scribbling in your notebook on the way back from the Steak Out. Stoked that I could help you a little! That is my goal in life — to help as many people as possible, in as many ways as I can, as much as I can.

    It has been said by many — that this industry is not for everyone, the learning curve can steep at times, but the main thing is, you really have to have the stomach for it. As you mentioned, the downturns can be down-right brutal, but you have to take them in stride, it’s not easy, but eventually you build up a tolerance for it, you become calloused.

    I really have to get to using my PPC Coach subscription. I’m leaving money on the table. Diversification is the key after all.

  9. Mary,

    The attitued is one of those intangible things that’s kind of hard to put a finger on exactly. Sometimes you’ve just been hammering away on it for so long you make the decision either it’s going to work or I’m going to go broke, but there’s no turning back regardless of what happens.

    I’ll do a post on the intangibles of affiliate marketing in the next few days or so.


    No email/zip submits this month, I had to get something better with more of a chance of a return. The offers were in the $10 to $15 dollar payout range and pretty much set and forget even though I checked them way more than I needed to.


    It was the motivation in spending the 50 bucks a month that got me to use PPC Coach. You motivated me at the Dot Com Steak Out so I’m offering to motivate you by you paying me the $50 per month to use PPC Coach. LOL!

    Actually, I don’t need it, but yes, you are leaving money on the table not getting the ppc thing figured out. It’s a golden opportunity.

  10. Alan,
    Congrats. Those are some nice numbers… tell me though, Do your expenses include PPC costs? Meaning, you brought in 9k from ML, NB & AZ but did you only spend $1700 in ppc? That seems like a very low amount, and a terrific ROI. If that is what you are learning in PPC Coach, consider me signed up, but I have to assume those numbers are not accurate. Just based on your response of doing 10-15 dollar payouts, that means that you had approx 600 conversions to get to $9k. If you only spent 1700, that is about $0.35 paid per conversion… Which would be pretty low click cost for something paying out $10-15 bucks.

    Not trying to call BS, but the numbers dont seem to add up.
    Love to hear from you.

  11. Green Energy Blog,

    All my expenses are always included in my income reports and they are 100% accurate.

    The biggest thing PPC Coach has taught me is to think outside the box. You can’t possibly compete in most niches by driving traffic via ppc because keywords are way too expensive as I can tell you already know that.

    I did a post in the PPC Coach forums explaining in more detail what I do, but the basics are, I look for a traffic source first by watching buzz type topics at various news and buzz sites and then match appropriate high traffic keywords to an offer.

    It’s 180 opposite of what I used to do in looking at an offer and then thinking about what keywords to use. Think traffic first, offer second. That’s how you get lots of 5 cent clicks.

  12. Ok. Makes more sense that way… I will be checking out PPC coach. Thanks for responding so quickly.

  13. Nicely done!

    I’ve been having a good ol’ time the last few months with my own brand of PPC+EPN mini sites, and thought I had been doing extraordinarily well (even with a google slap or two in the mix) with an ROI of 200%+. But 600%+? Now that’s a hellacious ROI! :)

    I’ve been planning to diversify away from being so heavily EPN-dependent, so I may just have to give PPC Coach a trial run.

  14. That is excellent, Alan! Major congrats. :-) Maybe you could do a post on having the right attitude?

    I admit that I’m learning a lot from Griz’s new blog about AdSense, and once I hit payout with them, my first MMO goal will be met (goal is not for AdSense payout- that’s just how much I’m short). After that, I intend to take some of my earnings and reinvest them by hiring some of my freelance writer friends to write my article marketing content, since that’s the part I hate. 😉

    Then maybe I can afford to replace the stuck button on my keyboard.

  15. WordVixen,

    Funny you’re reading Griz. I didn’t even know about him until Kiley turned me on to his blog. I’ve only been reading Griz for the last month or so. Good stuff.

    The attitude post will be coming up soon.

  16. I told you — Griz is a BEAST!

  17. Wow that’s awesome. Congratz. Seems that CPA marketing is hot now.

  18. Hi Alan,

    Congratulations, Wow.

    I wish I could have some income like that already. But I know I will someday soon.


  19. wow i cant wait till i hit the 10,000 mark that is a huge accomplishment. I will have start kicking up my affiliate marketing and getting some more sales. Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. Wow… Congrats on Your 1st 5 figure.
    I hope someday I’ll get on this number too.

  21. Congratulations, 5 figures is awesome. I love your post about the attitude thing and that’s something I really need to work on.

    Lost money on PPC and currently need to wait until I get more funds before I can try it again. The outside box thinking is a great tip!

  22. Congrats Alan.Nice income figure

  23. CONGRATS Alan!!!!!!!! You deserve it … thanks for being a constant source of inspiration (even though I don’t say that often enough – been a lurker here lately LOL).

    I’m looking forward to a great year too … and when I’m ready I’ll join you at PPC Coach. Great job … I’m proud of you! *SmiLes* Suzanne

  24. Suzanne,

    Thanks for stopping by and continuing to read!

  25. Congrats on the 5 figures! It’s truly something to be happy about.

  26. Guess I need to focus on your blog more, sounds like your doing well.

  27. congrats to the awesome job.

  28. Welldone, Alan.

    I got doubled earning in March compare to my last record too. However it’s only 1/5 of your earning so it’s not worth mentioning.

    What I want to tell is since Christmas till end of Feb the amount of people seeking to buy things online was rediculously low. That made me feel crazy too when the income suddently drop by 4 times. But it made me crazily happy too when suddently March come everything changed back to better than normal.

    So yes, economy is up and down, as the people shopping up and down too.

    Perhaps they were enjoying the holidays and traveling instead of buying things?

    Congratulations for you having 5 figure income and I wish you will gain much more.


  29. Wow. What a month. Impressive. It appears your hard work and careful analytics have paid off.

  30. Those are nice numbers indeed Alan. The big turn off for me is the actual work you have to do with PPC. For what I have heard from it it’s not passive income and you have to work it every month. I’m more into making passive income sites with proper SEO and organic buying traffic from google and the rest.

    Great ROI you have here but I see most of the income increase came from PPC and I believe it’s not the best way for long term business model. Don’t get me wrong. I’m always enjoying your posts and those income reports. Seems like you got the PPC thing to work. Let’s see if you can pull it of again this month 😉


  31. So you’ve made as much in one month as you did 3 months last year! Congrats! Since it would appear that there is 90% more money to be made with your PPC activities does this mean you’ll be doing 90% less in all the other areas next month?

  32. You are giving me some hopes on getting into affiliate marketing.

    About clickbank, do I need to create a sales page so that I could advertise one of the products on adworlds?

  33. Congrats on that, that is very exciting!

  34. Wow, congratulations. I’ve noticed you’ve earned a lot from CPA offers. Can you do an entire blog post to give us newbies tips on how to do it?

  35. JTPratt,

    At least this week, I’m doing nothing but PPC because it’s been going so well recently.


    Check my archives to see several posts I’ve done on ppc. Also, here’s a post that explains a few things:

  36. Hi

    I see that CPA Offers makes up a huge percentage of your income. Just when I think I’m starting to learn about this business!!! I am now off to Google cpa offers, unless you can tell me a good starting point – and I am happy to click an aff link :-))

    Congrats on your success.


  37. Congratulations Alan, that’s a great achievement, and I’d be happy to do a month of just 1/3rd of that through affiliate marketing. Hopefully you can double that again this month :p

  38. Hi Alan, congrats and nice income.Fist and foremost I need your advice, does the PPC Coach method learning can used a cloning url? I’d like to join and start making things work.About GCdetective in ppc classroom, do you have any idea about this?I’d like to ask more, do you have emal private?thanks in advance.cheers

  39. It’s interesting how well CPA Offers is doing for you. That’s amazing. You must have some great methods working there.

  40. Ari,

    I’m not sure what you mean by a cloning url? I don’t know anything about Google Cash Detective, but it sounds like some scammy ebook.

    If you want to contect me directly, go to my about page.

  41. Hi Alan,

    I have a lot of time now that I have being layoff from my job, I guess I have become a Full Time Blogger, lol.

    Did you have any suggestions of which is better to do first to make money as fast as possible just before my compensation money runs out?


  42. impressive numbers, great job, and glad to hear PPC coach is helping you.

  43. Alan – With PPC Coach do the lessons roll out at a specified time? I think I read in one of your posts 1st month, 2nd month … do you have access to it all upon registering or is it time released? Also, I see it’s in Canadian dollars … so it’s lower in USD correct? LOL … sorry – lack of sleep today. *SmiLes* Suzanne

  44. Suzanne,

    On PPC Coach you get access to one new lesson every month and access to all the tools, training videos and of course the forums as well. I use the forums quite a lot just to see what all the top dogs are up to. There’s people in there makin some serious cash.
    And yes, it’s cheaper in US Dollars. I think it comes out to about $42 every month.

  45. How did you generate so much revenue on CPA offers with so little investment? Your ROI are really so high…

    Congrats on your BIG achievements. :)

  46. The question that comes up after a month like this is whether to invest time to build on what is already working well or fix what isn’t work well. Any thoughts on this?

  47. Minnesota Attorney,

    Sometimes it pays to work on what isn’t working well. For the longest time PPC was not my thing so I just dabbled with it, and lost money. But then I started hearing about people making huge sums of money in PPC so I just decided I was either going to figure it out or go broke. Fortunately, I figured it out.

  48. Brad,

    Read my latest post:

    It’s being able to see around all the junk and make your own path that’s really made the difference.

  49. That does give alot of hope. I did some PPC training with a guy that cost $1k and i didn’t really think it was worth it.. I’ll have to check out your PPC-coach guy. I’ll make sure to use your affil. link even though I see him in the WF all the time.

    Thanks for the hope!

  50. WOW! Congrats. I’m just working up to a $400-$500 month and am excited.

    It looks like the CPA offers are the way to go. I’ll have to look into them.

    Thanks again.

  51. Hey Alan,

    I checked out your blog about 2 yrs. ago and it’s great to see the major improvements that you’ve made.

    Just stopping by to say WAY 2 GO!!! You really have worked hard and it’s clearly paying off.

    Keep up the great attitude sir.

    Hopefully next years will be over double of what it is now!!

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