How Much Content Should Your BANS Store Have?

I haven’t written much lately about Build A Niche Store, but I still do come across those stores that have little or no product descriptions and absolutely zero articles for content. And since I’ve been working quite a bit on my gold coins BANS store I thought I’d discuss how much content you should add to your store and a couple things you can do to get better rankings and more traffic.

Besides product descriptions of at least 2 paragraphs for each and every one of your products pages you should treat your BANS store as an on going project and continue to add pages to it on a fairly regular basis. I changed my philosophy back several months ago as did many BANS users, because of sites getting deindexed, in that the general consensus had been to build as many stores as possible and add content as you could. Now, I wouldn’t recommend working on more that one or two BANS stores at a time until you can add at least 30 or 40 pages of content to each one along with appropriate descriptions for each page that features auctions. You also want to get 30 or 40 articles to start off with placed in article directories for those all important incoming links.

Now, don’t think you’re going to get away with picking up a few articles from an article site and throw them on your store along with nonsensical product descriptions and poof, you’re done with that store. I’ve never been one to advocate the easy way of affiliate marketing and anything other than serious treatment of your content by giving your niche audience the quality information they’re looking for just isn’t worth doing.

Once you have your 30 to 40 pages, the same amount of articles and relevant product descriptions, congratulations, you now have the beginnings of a BANS store. I’ve read on the Build A Niche Store forums that some people have put up 10 or 15 pages of content on their sites and now they can’t think of anything else to add to their site. If you can’t think of more than 10 pages of content to add to your BANS site then either you need to change your niche or, more than likely, you need to expand your thinking.

On my gold coins BANS site I currently have 78 pages of content in several sections such as alternative investments, buying gold coins, the financial bailout, gold bullion, rare gold coins and more. These are all subjects related to gold coins that will eventually draw in the kind of visitor that could possibly be interested in either collecting gold coins or investing in gold coins. It’s not really that hard coming up with stuff to write about related to your niche. Just go to Google News or Google Blog Search and search for the top keywords in your area of interest. You’re bound to find lots of ideas for content and articles for article marketing.

As you continue to build your BANS store, the more relevant, quality content you add, the more your site begins to look like quality site to the search engines and your visitors. As far as some of the other things you can do to get better rankings are remove auctions from your home page and start a blog on your BANS site. I’ve seen my site completely disappear for some top keywords in just a couple of days when turning on home page auctions and then have watched that totally reverse itself in the same amount of days when flipping the switch again. I don’t have a clue why this happens, but Google just doesn’t like to see BANS sites with auctions on the home page, so get rid of them.

Also, blogs normally only take a few days to appear in the search engines and the gold coins blog added to the BANS site, while it only has 8 posts, it is indexed and starting to get traffic. The blog covers some things related to gold coins and other economic news and gives me an outlet to rant about the current state of financial affairs in this country while giving people access to alternative investments in gold if they choose to do so.

Yes, building a quality BANS site is still a lot of work, but having a successful affiliate business is all about work and quality these days. There are certainly smart and easier ways of building your affiliate business and a BANS store, but there aren’t any short cuts to easy money any longer.

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27 Responses to “How Much Content Should Your BANS Store Have?”

  1. Nice post. This is so true. I had 4 of 7 Bans stores deindexed because they were too thin. Working to get more content on the others. Can you tell a differenece in earnings yet, because of having more content/traffic?

  2. You can still get visitors from yahoo and msn with deindexed bans store. Sure it’s not much compared to google but then you can make many bans sites and just live with yahoo traffic. Time to build a simple bans store for yahoo is minimalistic.

    That gold coin store looks really nice. How much traffic and earnings if want to reveal it for us Alan?

  3. Sami,

    The store has earned as much as $1,000 per month, but kind of took a hit a few months ago. That’s why I’ve added so much content and have been working on the article marketing.

  4. Alan,

    Thanks as always for a direct, informative post. When my RSS feed shows you have posted it is always a treat.

    I don’t understand your blog strategy on this BANS site. I would think that the same content on the main site would be better. You don’t have a consistent design, and the only real benefit I can see is the blogroll link to the main site. I think that the better approach in retrospect would be to have the whole site set up in WordPress?

  5. PS – you need to update the About page on the blog. I guess it is on your list of things to do, but just in case!

  6. Any earnings update from April? Fascinated to see how things are going with the PPC :-)

  7. I think it really depends on the bans store you have some niches you can have a bunch of products for instance. Twilight fans want to see all the products out for twilight not just the books and DVD they want to see lunch pails, trading cards,book marks, these things sell like crazy & a genius way to market your bans site.

  8. heyy..I was waiting for your post about last month’s income…

  9. Finally someone who believes in content on a BANS site! You are sooooo right that most people don’t put enough content on them. That’s probably why BANS got slapped way back when. I just finished setting up my first site and have content set to drip in over the upcoming weeks :)

    Your coin store looks great BTW

  10. I still have quite a fiew BANS sites that I’m “building up” and adding content too, but anything new is getting phpBay! I did a couple of posts on it and I think folks are beginning to see how great a tool it can be… not that BANS isn’t.. but to me, phpBay and wordpress is the only way to go!

    Nice post!

  11. Once again you have offered great advice for BANS owners. Thanks for the good tips.

  12. Phil,

    The blog is just a work in progress at this point. I’ve been looking for a good theme that matches the site better and I’ll just keep the present one until I can find a better one. The blog ultimately helps the site with more content and better SEO with Google.

    Richard, Anand,

    Things have been going great, but I’m probably not going to do income reports any longer. I’ll be doing a post on that soon.

  13. I definately agree that you cannot get money without working VERY hard these days. There’s no point doing something half-heartedly.. if you’re going to do something, do it well. The more effort that is put into something, the more this is noticed and appreciated by the website visitors. As the saying goes.. “you get out of something, what you put in”.

  14. Jake, what is it about phpBay that is attractive to you?

  15. @ Minnesota Attorney – I love wordpress and its flexibility. The flexibility of phpBay goes hand in hand with WP. I also like the fact that phpBay doesn’t have the footprint that BANS has. Since “content” is king, when it comes to Internet Marketing, being able to write a blog post OR page and insert auctions from Ebay if you want to, where ever you want to, to me is the only way to go as an affiliate!

  16. @ Jake – I see what you mean. WordPress is definitely a better system to work in and it’s highly customizable. BANS is good if you want a storefront layout, but since it isn’t actually a store (it’s just a conduit to eBay), I’ve heard that people feel the storefront layout is a bit deceptive.

  17. If you are having trouble writing content for your bans store, you could always pay a freelance write to create some content for you. From sites like elance.com I pay writers $8 – $12 for a 500 word article.

  18. BANS worked without much additional content in the very early days of BANS. However, like you said, these days additional content is necessary to do well in the search engines.

  19. And this post made me reconsider the easiness of BANS so I am kinda right back where I started about being indecisive about purchasing the BANS software.

  20. try switching to v3 and google will ban your coin site. you are still using v2.

  21. Hey given great term BANS, btw Content always been issue for us but it is necessary to create unique content or we can only explain about products, features of product i seen such kind of description so much content not required, is it right way to solve problem of content ???

  22. I found out, too, that content is king when it comes to BANS. The majority of my sales come from obscure, long tail keywords that were generated from my blog. What I did for my content was just spin articles… The trick is to make sure the spun content is intelligible and makes sense. Considering it takes a couple seconds to spin content, and 3 minutes to peruse through the article and change things around makes a considerable difference than writing your own content.

  23. Real estate PA: Google’s idea is that you must provide at least some original value on your website to deserve being indexed in Google. So if you are going to provide product descriptions, at least provide additional information with some value to readers.

  24. when it comes to bans i am always confused about their content because this fuss happened to me before my few Bans stores deindexed. so, now i guess should go for Yahoo because ‘sam’ we can still get traffic from Yahoo and Msn with deindexed bans store.

  25. So what are your thoughts about eBay going to the new payout model?

  26. To get anything out of it you have to look professional with good up to date content.

  27. By adding new content all the time you give people a reason to keep coming back to your site.

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