Working Towards Unemployment – It’s A Beautiful Thing

Your goal as an affiliate marketer, should you choose to accept it, is to ultimately become unemployed. With that said, if Al Gore decided to flip the switch and turn the internet off, I’d be in trouble because I don’t know if I could ever go back to working in a cubicle again.

When you come home from working for someone else it will probably take some time to get used to all the things you have to do working for yourself. You have to do everything from taking out the trash, to figuring how much money to spend on advertising to making management decisions to being the one and only IT person to cleaning up after the cat. The multitude of things that need to be done every day can be a bit overwhelming until you get into the stride of your new gig. Once you get into that stride though, you then begin to realize how fortunate you are to be able to earn a living from the comfort of your home (or drinking coffee at B&N where I am now).

It also takes some time after you start working at home before you get to the the point where you realize how restrictive the job environment really was. However, at the same time you realize that, you kind of get a shock to your system when it dawns on you that you may not be able to ever return to that previous lifestyle. Congratulations, you are now totally unemployable!

While growing into your work at home affiliate business you will experience many a roller coaster ride when one month you are doing great and the next month you’re trying to figure out how you can afford to start your next ppc campaign or even buy a cup of coffee at the local Starbucks or Barnes & Noble. Over the more than 4 years I’ve been working at home I’ve made from $600 per month to $10,000 per month and literally everything in between. I’ve had so may sources of income dry up and so many others come from out of nowhere, it’s completely unbelievable sometimes to even contemplate how that has actually happened.

But that’s the way most affiliate marketers experience their business and watching things happen like this makes you much more able to see opportunity and capitalize on those opps that can make a difference in your business. All the while this is happening though you always want to be working towards those things that will provide you much more stability than some flash in the pan trick that you learned in the latest ebook you paid way too much for.

The shock to your system when you realize you are no longer job material I mentioned earlier makes you all the more an entreprenuer. Eventually, what was once a challenge to figure out where your next source of income will come from becomes a mode of everyday thinking. Seeing a ppc campaign dry up or not earning as much from your latest BANS site as you thought you would is no longer a big deal because you’ve already figured out how to do the things that can earn you a nice income. It isn’t like starting over, it’s just continuing down the path of being an entreprenuer. No worries, you’ll figure something out.

Having the determination to work through those days and extended periods in your affiliate business when things aren’t going that well will develop your attitude from an, “OMG what am I going to do?” minset to a, “No biggie, I’ll figure somthin’ out” attitude.

Set your mind on working towards unemployment, because it really is a beautiful thing.

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36 Responses to “Working Towards Unemployment – It’s A Beautiful Thing”

  1. My last day at my day job is tomorrow. I think I’ve developed the attitude you’re talking about. And it’s almost scary. My main campaign dried up the day I put in my resignation, but ever since, I’ve just had the calm, “I’ll figure something out” mindset. Can’t wait for monday!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I started my internet business about 4 years ago. Soon after I left the working world to be my own boss. Unfortunately things didn’t quite work out a year later and I was somewhat forced to go back to the cubicle world. It definitely was tough to adjust to working for someone else again. I wanted to tell him how to run the company and I wanted more money for my efforts. Now I am back giving my websites another shot full-time. This time I know a lot more and I’ve learned from mistakes. I’ll work my ass off to not have to go back to a cubicle.

  3. I think it is definitely important to work towards a goal, whatever that goal may be. However.. if you are setting up to work towards unemployment, in the beginning you really do need to setup you work so that it’s work hard now… and the work gets easier as the months pass. I mean you will need some maintenance work still but it should get less and less for sure!

  4. Alan,

    This is one of the best write-ups about this topic that I have seen in a very long time. I am still a few steps away from making that final jump (I know too many excuses, but it is a little more difficult with wife,kids, and mortgage as your entourage), but this certainly helps to develop the right mindset. Thank you for posting this.

  5. shawns,

    Congrats on making the jump and best to you on your new path starting monday! Way to go.

    Fitness Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by. Just keep working at it and you’ll be able to take that major step eventually. It’s awesome when you do.

  6. great great post Alan.. and timed perfectly..

    I just jumped out on my own for the 2nd time, and determined to stay there..


  7. Hi Alan

    Thanks for this, it was a really insightful read. I have planned on giving up the day job in October when my contract ends, I have things planned in my mind of how I want them to go but ultimately its what you make it isn’t it.

    I can’t wait to give up the day job, in many ways I work harder online than at work but I enjoy it so much more and the flexibility it brings.


  8. Lol first the first time.. in this case we must achieve unemployment huh!

  9. I have been “Self-unemployed” as I like to call it for about 8 years now. The ebb and flow flow if this industry can take it’s toll on you, but having had a particularly good month last month, it’s a reminder that you have to keep at it, just like Alan said.

    For me, the key is setting realistic goals in conjunction with these fluctuations. There is something about these micro-goals that force your brain to work towards them in new and different ways.

    “Self-unemployment” is indeed a beautiful thing! Today I enjoyed a Monday morning with the family. That’s something you don’t hear of much in the corporate world. :-)

  10. Congratulations! Nice work building the business to get to this point.

  11. I think you’d have to have a lot of patience to be an Affiliate Marketer.. I don’t know if a lot of people would have the patience or guts to put up with a really unreliable and unsteady income – I admire you. I think if you have the drive and determination to do something, no amount of pay or job worries will stand in your way

  12. Great post. I think many people have this dream. I know I do. I hope to someday be able to live on my affiliate marketer income. Until then, I will keep plugging away.

  13. Actually, the more popular you are, the busier you get huh?

  14. You raise some good points. One thing people don’t realize when entering self-employment is the anxiety or stress that can arise when the entire responsibility for earning income rests on their shoulders. Like you said, entrepreneur needs to have a “no biggie, I’ll figure somthin’ out” attitude.

  15. Some people quite there day jobs to quick, you have to be careful in today’s economy. I costs alot to live and you have to have a reliable income or your in trouble.

  16. The problem is motivation for me. I’ve been “unemployed” fro nearly 6 months now and getting work done is actually quite difficult.

    I find I’m quite productive in the early hours.

  17. Yep, this is my goal as well. I currently have 1 website which I have several affiliate accounts with. Do you have more than 1 website?


  18. AM is the best thing ever.. It allows anyone with brains and self-discipline to become their own boss, entreprenur and so fort.

    I gave up my day job once I saw making thousands per month is something I can do it (I had visible proof back in 2004)

    I would NEVER recommend someone quit his job unless the income he’s making online surpasses his salary.

  19. Good luck to everyone who wants to make their business their full-time job. It is extremely rewarding once you achieve that. Don’t jump into it until you know you can make enough money though. Sometimes early success is followed by early failure.

  20. How long did it take for some of you guys before you were able to do AM full time?

  21. I like this post in particular. However in order to achieve what you have done is amazing. DId you have background related to business?

  22. It’s much harder to be appointment’s but benefits are “Priceless” When everybody goes to work I go outside with my 5 years son with bikes and my (mini)laptop in bag.
    That’s perfect for everybody

  23. Unemployment really should be what we all should be working towards, especially if we are doing something that we might not enjoy, but at the same time it is what brings us money to get food on the table.

    Till then,


  24. You are living the dream man. I have finally started to make consistant money from my website. I’ts not money I can retire off of, but it is consistant.

  25. I have been trying to manage my websites as self employed income, but unfortunately the economic situation is not cooperating. Certain companies are promoting less during these times which basically takes money right from my pocket. I am still stubbornly working away trying to make a buck. Things would be so much easier if I had stayed at my daytime job until my business income was high enough. Affiliate marketing can be a slow process that can’t always be rushed.

  26. Plenty of People having same dream no one like to do hard work for long time, but what ever time you get if you have achieved you goal successfully than we can easily get joyful unemployment.

  27. Yes, it is totally different to work solo, than to work in an office. At the start I felt quite scary, because I realized what does it mean to be alone, only companions in the Net. I was alone, which required lots of discipline, planning and most of all, the mind management. One thing, that helps a lot is to outsource jobs as soon as you financially can, because one bottleneck is always the time and energy, which one person has in use. Thanks for this great post.

  28. You hit the nail on the head. When it comes to affiliate marketing especially, it’s important to not keep all your eggs in one basket. I think a lot of people get caught up with just working on 1 PPC campaign, and when the offer dries up, they’re left with nothing to do. In other words, don’t be afraid to try out other income sources (e.g. other niches, SEO, media buying, etc)

  29. I think that we could still live without Internet but I would like better that Al Gore won’t switch off the web :) I think that with the world wide web we are now on growing road to another change in our lifestyle. The web is putting big pressure on new tools and applications development that is leading to complete new markets and new adaptations of old habits. I would say that with growing connection amount and wide information highways we are on our way to bright and digital future.

  30. I really love your attitude especially the “No biggie, I’ll figure somethin’ out” I really wish I could be a bit more like that and freak out a little less. My aim is to be like you – working from home and hopefully becoming completely unemployable.

  31. Thanks for the wise words of encouragement! Very helpful for us just getting started on our own :)

  32. Another great article. :)

    I enjoy your writing style and the fact that you’re as optimistic as I am.

    I think I’ll bookmark this site so I can return in the future. :)

  33. This is very encouraging. I try to take on the “no biggie” attitude with IM all the time, especially when smaller details can kill your whole campaign a lot of the time.

  34. Actually its not really being unemployed, I would say we’re still employed in a different way and in a wise way.

  35. nice article it encourage the people who r thinking to get off from their regular jobs and start working for ownself.

  36. It is really very beautiful and admirable to start affiliate programs and introduce yourself in the internet businesses. I think this is the best option towards the unemployment.

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