Bulid A Niche Store – No Further Development

Build A Niche Store (BANS) users received an email yesterday covering a few things and one was letting us know that the current owners will no longer be further developing the product. They feel that as far as they’re concerned they’ve taken BANS as far as they intended to. In fact they probably took it further than they intended. But that doesn’t mean BANS is dead or that it is going to disappear in the future. That just isn’t going to happen because as long as you own BANS you can still build stores with it and if the developers sell, (they’ve had inquiries) well, then it will just get better.

A second thing covered in the email was basically a schooling for those that have built BANS stores, or any niche site, with either no content or unrelated and non relevant content. Speaking of the model of affiliate marketing that only the committed will make money at, they said:

If you don’t truly know the model (the requirements of the model) how can you successfully develop sites to profit from it?

This has always been a shortfall for BANS.

It’s always been just a tool – some of you have loved it, some of you have outgrown it and some of you have abandoned it.

With no direction, the idea of the “quickest path to success” is the one that many followed which meant the rapid development of poorly chosen, poorly planned, poorly built, poorly marketed and poorly managed sites.

The result of that process is inevitable – regardless of platform.

If you can’t see that you’re wasting your time.

That’s what I’ve been saying for the last year and a half here at AffiliateConfession.com even though when starting out building my BANS sites I played into the build-a-ton of sites mentality. Now, there’s nothing wrong with building a ton of sites if, and only if, you can develop them properly. Unfortunately in many cases that isn’t what has happened with many who have purchased BANS. As mentioned in the email example above, many have looked towards the “quickest path to success” with BANS and it has turned out to be no path to success at all.

Which brings me to the third part of the email where the developers are announcing a new product they’re releasing soon that will teach people the number 1 way to make money online. In fact, that’s the name of their website and where the new product will be released from when it’s ready. The url is TheNumber1WaytoMakeMoneyOnline.com. There’s not much to see there right now, but you can download a free pdf file that covers what will be in the guide.

When the guide is released it’s only going to be $24.95 and although it’s probably more geared to beginners I’m still going to get it because there’s always something to learn and I trust the guys that developed BANS because I love the product and the developers have never been about hype so I know they’re new guide will not be about hype.

There’s such a need for a straightforward product like this because there’s so much wrong information available about how to make money online today. And there are so many people who need to hear once again that there’s no quick path to success. I probably need to hear it again as well and for only $24.95 I trust it will be a pretty inexpensive lesson.

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35 Responses to “Bulid A Niche Store – No Further Development”

  1. I do love BANS, but since EPN has really improved since moving in house, I really just don’t use it much anymore. I have one more site in mind that I intend to use it for, but the rest is really all being built on a WP platform.

  2. hope they sell some backend scripts. $25 is nothing really.

  3. Thanks, I appreciate the insight. I look forward to this becoming available.

  4. I wonder if the BANS developers will release new versions if the current version stops working due to outside forces (such as ebay changing their technology).

  5. Hi Alan

    I will certainly be interested to see what they have got in this guide, as you say even though it may be very basic there is always something to pick up and for $24 you can’t really go wrong.

    @Minnestota Attorney

    I think A & K will always make sure the product works as long as they own it, if they sell it though then it may be a different matter. However they have always been good with customers and I am sure they wouldn’t do anything to their detriment.


  6. WordVixen,

    I’m working on only one of my BANS sites at the present time. When I get that one back to earning about $500 a month I’ll move on to one of the others. I made the mistake of building too many and now can’t keep up with them all.

    Minnesota Attorney,

    I don’t think anything is going to happend to the way eBay does their technology. Some things run on an rss feed and some run on the API and if they messed with it that would cut them out of a lot of business and they don’t want to do that.

  7. Alan,I am very missing your income report,are you undergoing tough time for last couple months ?

  8. Thanks for this update. Any word on if they will reduce the cost on the software since there will be no further updates?

  9. Pardon me for asking but are you saying that BANS will not ne available in the future.

    I am thinking of purchasing it for the future since i don’t have the money right now. I am still working on it.

  10. It’s a shame that they’ve taken the site as far as they wanted to.. sometimes it’s better to quit while you’re ahead, having achieved all you wanted to. Continued guidance for entrepreneurs would be appreciated I think. The new website sounds good.. I think the guide, written by experts in their field, would definately be a good resource to have and to keep and would be worth the money. I’m sure it’ll be eagerly awaited

  11. DansMuayThaiMMA, I haven’t heard that they will reduce the cost of BANS. The value to users remains the same, so I would suspect that the price will remain the same, at least for a while.

  12. Ridiculous blogger, BANS will continue to be available in the future. You can buy it when you have saved up enough money.

  13. It’s not that big a deal that they are not developing bans further. That just frees up their time to build more great software. It’s interesting that they included the part in the e-mail for people with little or no content on their sites. I guess they want to reinforce to members that you won’t make much cash from a bans site unless you put sufficient effort into it.

  14. I’m working on only one of my BANS sites at the present time. When I get that one back to earning about $500 a month I’ll move on to one of the others. I made the mistake of building too many and now can’t keep up with them all. thanx

  15. I am a self taught webmaster and have been designing websites for myself for quite a while.. In early February I stumbled across the Build A Niche Store website. I do not remember how exactly I found it, but being a profound user of Google, I am sure that it showed up in a search result. I knew the moment I saw it that it was my next step to take.

    I immediately set up a store and was on my way to conquer the world. Now let me say that my website optimization for websites was very poor at the time as well, but sometimes pigs do not know that they stink. My first 3-4 months sucked as I was just thumping it on the head and batting it back and forth and playing with it.
    At the same time I started to read everything I could get my hands on as far as search engine optimization and increasing website traffic.
    I left my job in late 2007 and now work full time from home. I am obsessed as ever with BANS and started my own Build A Niche Store information blog in January 2008. It takes a good 6 months for the light to come on. Some get it quicker, some slower.

    BANS will open your eyes to how affiliate marketing should be done and you can apply these principles in other programs as well.

    The creators of the software have been 100% committed and are constantly making it better and better. It is now easier than ever for even the newest of webmasters to get a niche store up and running and more importantly earning money.

  16. I wasn’t sure from your post whether or not BANS will be available moving forward. I want to purchase but am a bit concerned if it’s going to not be supported.

  17. I noticed even in your last few income reports large drops in the BANs site income. What do you attribute the BANS drop to be from since it does appear you have built useful sites? The new product which i purchased really just seems to sell the same solution of building lots of BANS sites properly, using BANS or WordPress with plugins. Is this really a good investment of time and are the results each website can generate as indicated in the PDF book still obtainable?

  18. Well, there are certainly a few interesting developments all coming at once! I’m looking forward to your review of the BANS e-book, and even more your thoughts on eBay’s new affiliate program policy.

  19. Dan H,

    I believe great results are still obtainable through eBay and BANS sites. I working feverishly on one of my BANS sites doing one BIG thing that has been the most neglected part of my affiliate business and I’ll be doing some posts about it soon.


    Just started looking at the ebook from the BANS guys (actually it’s more of an online guide) and it looks basic but good so far.

    Interesting stuff going on at eBay. It’s always hard to guess what the big guys are really up to. It appears that affiliates will no longer be able to buy through their own links again (love the back and forth indecisiveness from eBay) and only links coming from sites owned by the affiliate will count. You used to be able to put links on 3rd party sites as long as their terms allowed it, but I think that’s now going out the window.

    New terms will be on their site on the 20th and hopefully everything will be clarified at that time.

  20. SEO training,

    BANS has a great forum that’s really all the support you need.

  21. Affiliateconfession.com – No Further Development

  22. Thanks for this update. Any word on if they will reduce the cost on the software since there will be no further updates?

  23. Some people have complained that BANS sites don’t earn a very high percentage from each sale. However, if a BANS site is popular enough, the owner can convert the site to an online store with a regular shopping cart, earning the owner 30-50% of each sale. This is something for BANS owners to keep in mind as their websites grow in popularity.

  24. Thanks for the post. I’ll be sure to check out this guide. I’m very interested to see what information is available. Besides, just like you said.. basic is good – there’s always something to learn no matter how knowledgeable you think you are!


  25. BANS was one of my favourite pluggin for WordPress but over the last few months I’ve started using less and less.

  26. Unfortenly, i just began with BANS some time after Google begins slapping all the websites BANS based because the null content in many of them.

    But, i´ve made about 9 dollars with one store in my country language, which is a week market. So i really am considering make a few stores (with tons of usefull information of course) to bigger countries.

    What do you think? What kind of things may give a boost in the store indexation ?

  27. Thanks about the info. I will surely check the new guide to see, what they have to tell.

  28. A great idea would be for you to review some of the actual methods contained in the report (without giving away too much). Personally when I see reports like this for sale I just can’t help thinking it’s going to be the same old blogg commenting, forum posting type affairs which we all no bring very limited traffic.

    Another part of me thinks how good can this be for $24??

  29. I think part of the reason why BANS has turned out the way it is, is because most affiliate marketers are inherently lazy. You can’t just throw up a BANS site in a day and toss in a couple links. You have to be able to baby it by putting up a blog, for example, or writing unique content for each product you’re selling. This is part of the reason why word has been going around saying that Google has been banning BANS (no pun intended) sites– probably true due to people making very thin affiliate sites.

  30. The N1WAY is a good guide. It’s something that is geared toward beginners but like you said, there is always something new to learn.

  31. Ok, $25 is nothing really.

  32. I agree with New Jersey Accident Lawyer. I originally expected BANS to be a way to quickly generate new, fresh content. It worked in the beginning, but then Google caught on. In fact, I think similar systems were copying content across the web, and Google caught on to the trend, and adjusted its algorithm accordingly.

  33. I wonder if the BANS model is slowing dying. If people want an auction, they know they can go to eBay. If people want to purchase without an auction, they search Google and may find a BANS site, which isn’t going to convert well if the person doesn’t want an auction.

  34. Well, from reading the comments above, I think I won’t even bother looking into this product. It sounds as though Google has pretty much “banned” BANS.

  35. This is definitely a better option to build your niche store and associate with affiliate marketing because it requires no further development.

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