Acai Berry Scammers Beware, Oprah And Dr Oz Are After You

We may finally be seeing the end of the acai berry scam. After Oprah Winfrey and Dr Oz end up suing the pants off of some 50 manufacturers and promoters of this diet rebill garbage that have used their names and images in promotions, there may not be anyone left to make this stuff for those that promote it in other ways.

Oprah, Dr. Oz and the companies that represent them are suing these entities for misrepresenting their images, voices, business, likenesses and basically anything else to do with who they are. And it’s not only acai berry products that have used images and indentities of the two tv personalities, the suit is also targeting other products such as teeth whiteners, colon cleansers, resveratrol supplements as well as other diet pills, anti-wrinkle creams and other products where their supposed endorsements have been used.

Out of those some 50 entities being sued, Oprah’s and Dr Oz’s lawyers may find out many of them are the same people running the same companies that have changed their business names over and over to avoid this very kind of action. If you belong to any of the multitude of CPA companies around today, you may have noticed that a new acai berry or resveratrol product shows up in your offers seemingly on a weekly basis and that current ones disappear at the same rate. Gee, I wonder why that happens?

You also have to wonder if there are any affiliate marketers promoting acai berry or other diet stuff and using Oprah’s images that happened to get caught up in this lawsuit. There are affiliates that have made millions promoting this stuff as is evident with the multitude of splogs, fake news sites, pay per click campaigns on every acai berry keyword imaginable and other sites that supposedly review this stuff. You also can’t help seeing the advertisements all over sites like Drudge Report and other news sites that eventually lead to these splogs and fake news sites. This is big business for some affiliates and many CPA companies and it could mean that many of them will have to change the way they do business.

The news of this legal action has already been on Good Morning America and I thought I saw something this weekend about it being on ABC News with Charles Gibson tonight August 24th. Hopefully if you are an affiliate or CPA company selling this stuff you won’t see your name on the news tonight.

It’s probably a good thing to just get away from promoting these kind of products if you want to have a long term affiliate business.

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18 Responses to “Acai Berry Scammers Beware, Oprah And Dr Oz Are After You”

  1. Such scam using personalities in their advantage is not good and this should be stop. Warning coming from concern individual is a great help for others.

  2. Well good luck to their lawyers on trying to track these guys down! This is a multi million dollar business and the kinda guys at the top of this sort of scheme go to great lengths to cover their tracks because they know from the start that they are treading a fine line.

  3. The affiliates will always find a way to evolve and expand. Where there’s a million dollar industry, affiliates will find a way to get a piece of the pie.

    Hopefully these lawsuits will inspire some more honest and thoughtful marketing tactics – a bit of scaremongering goes a long way.

    I have nothing against anybody who promotes a diet rebill. It’s been around forever. Just look at the infomercials on TV. But some of the marketing used is pushing the envelope too far and there’s gonna be a backlash.

    The lawsuits won’t stop acai berry flogs though. There’s plenty of international affiliates slinging the berries outside of the USA.

  4. Eh, this is kind of old news. These offers have been scams from the getgo… and all of the decent affiliate managers have been exiting the arena over 6 months ago because it began to be ethically unsound to promote the stuff. Good thing it’s finally dying though. 😉

  5. It’s about time! Acai ads have seriously damaged my CTR, and there’s absolutely no way to block them all. I’ve wished more than once that AdSense would have a keyword blocker for the ads instead of simply URL blocks.

    BTW, I tweeted a link to this post a few days ago.

  6. @The Net Fool: They have also been a bit scammy but the news that these things are getting taken down by their lawyers is new.

  7. I for one think that this is a good move, by Oprah and Dr Oz. I know that those that were making some serious money from this will be upset but I think this will only help strengthen the internet industry. If scams continue to go and the quick money continues to be made, in the long run it will ruin the internet’s reputation and it will become harder to make money.

    Till then,


  8. It’s stupid to say “good luck trying to find them.” It’s as easy as follow the money. They have to get paid and hence we have to know who they are. Dang that sucks!

  9. I personally wouldn’t want to mess with Oprah. That woman has far too much money. Falsely using her image/name in promotions is just asking for trouble.

  10. Has anyone heard any updates on prosecutions?

  11. @Buy PSP Go, I am not sure… it’s hard to find any real information about it, in the mix of all the fake Clutter of the diet programs, that still show up on the results.. At least for me… I would also like some more definitive reports =D

    Till then,


  12. What made them think it was a good idea to falsely use someone else’s name like that anyway? 😛

    It gave results in the beginning sure, but even I probably would have done the same thing in Oprah’s situation.

  13. @social phobia, I think greed is a big factor into all of this, and also the confidence builds up…and people begin to think they are almost invincible and can’t possibly be stopped.

    Till then,


  14. Acai berry is the largest used as a diet prescription, and it has the largest market online as well… This thing must be stopped before it affect the people. Oprah and Dr Oz are doing a wonderful task.

  15. If we as individuals would stop putting people on such high pedastols, then maybe we could start thinking for ourselves. I am talking to myself, because even I have went out and bought a bottle of Acia at my local pharmacy. Why? Because I want it now. I want to be thin, I want to be sucessful, and I want to be smart. Well, I guess it is time we wake up and just start being who God made us to be, rather than trying to be like Oprah, Dr. Oz, or any other celebrity that is just as screwed up as us. Then they wouldn’t have to sue, becuase no one would be buying.

  16. Good to see some of these guys getting done for it. Had any emails from Nigerian princes recently?

  17. It’s people like these Acai berry scammers that the FTC needs to crack down on.

  18. I was just emailed by a soldier that found millions of dollars in Afghanistan and wants to share it with me, I feel so special.

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