Keyword Elite 2 Review – It’s Trash

Ahh, the greatest keyword tool in the history of the universe, 2nd edition, has been released and just about everybody, especially the MMO blogging gurus, are singing its praises. Unfortunately, the MMO types are going to give you a fake Keyword Elite 2 review because they’re going to make money off of it if you buy it. If they told you the truth about it, that you can get almost all the keyword information offered in the product for free, you probably wouldn’t buy it, and then they wouldn’t be the famous MMO bloggers they are.

Of course one missed fake product review isn’t going to matter to a MMO blogger making a killing, but if they changed their business model to doing only honest reviews, they’d be making substantially less.

Since I’ve been having some pretty good success lately with ppc marketing I was pretty excited when the news hit that Keyword Elite 2.0 would be coming out soon. It’s always good to add the right tools to your ppc arsenal so you can scale your campaigns up when you find a winner and I thought Keyword Elite Two would be a tool to get. However, after spending about an hour watching all the videos on the sales page about every aspect of the product, all I could think was, ‘why would anyone pay $197 for this when you can get the same data for free?’

Here’s three of the modules within Keyword Elite that you can easily find data for and are basically a big load of processed cheese: 

Keyword Surge is one of the modules that’s supposed to help you, “Generate the largest, most diversified keyword lists imaginable.” Thanks, but I don’t need large keyword lists anymore, I need keywords that convert and I can find those fairly easily with Google Trends, Insights For Search and the Google Keyword Tool. I’ve had my fill of inaccurate keyword tools, including what Google even puts out, I don’t need something less accurate than Google.

Advanced Adwords Site Targeter is another module that you can just as easily go to Google to find the same info for free or you can download Adwords Digger for free if you are unable to type in your own keywords at a search engine and find the top ranked site that displays Adsense.

The module that had me guffawing the most had to be the CPA Magnet that will, “Quickly and easily find super hot CPA offers with the click of a button!” I guess a bunch of affiliate managers are going to lose their jobs now because of this one…or probably not. I have 2 managers that send me a weekly email with the best converting offers on their network for search, email and web display and another report available on a weekly basis that I can download anytime and I can also call any of them at any time for suggestions. Reach out to your affiliate manager, it’s a lot less than $197, it’s free.

It was a process to come to the conclusion that Keyword Elite 2.0 isn’t worth buying. A friend tweeted me and asked if I wanted to split it with him so I went to the website and spent an hour watching the videos and was underwhelmed. I then ran across Griz’s Keyword Elite V2.0 Review and pretty much made up my mind not to go halfsies with my friend, who later tweeted me back with his review after he went ahead and bought it, “Messed with it for a while. It’s trash.” At that point I was pretty convinced, I didn’t need the greatest keyword tool humankind has ever seen.

Kinda makes you wonder about what those MMO blogging guys are peddling and how they really make their money, doesn’t it?

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34 Responses to “Keyword Elite 2 Review – It’s Trash”

  1. I LOL’d! Tis true, KWE 2.0 is steaming hot GARBAGE! My man, Griz, FTW!

  2. I so love Griz. :-)

    I briefly considered Keyword Elite, but honestly? I’m happy with MNF. You can’t take anything for granted, but it really helps you to find the keywords that are worth doing more legwork for.

  3. Finally someone who tells it like it is! I never bought KE 1 and certainly won’t be buying the 2nd edition. You really don’t need it like you say here.

    Till then,


  4. Second… I guess “third” that. From a guy that bought it – very disappointing. I have no problem dropping a couple bucks on a new tool because it opens up a few different areas I’m back in the black but it’s not impressive at all.

    Keyword list it generated was so filled with garbage it would take me far more time to get something useful from it.

  5. Alan,

    Missing your frequent posts these days..:(

    On topic, well, I understand your point. I’ve never used PPC ever, and won’t need Keyword Elite ever, but I’ve always had a soft corner for Brad Callen. I learnt everything about Internet – SEO and other stuffs the first time from his ebooks in 2005 odd..So, probably I would say it might not be the best product ever, but definitely something that will make life easier..

  6. Thanks for the honest review. I get tired of these “gurus” pushing something that sucks just because they make some money.

  7. Thanks for the honesty. I tried Keyword Elite #1 last year and I was quite disappointed with it too. You do have to wade through a lot of garbage keywords to get a decent keyword list. I do regularly use Brad Callen’s SEO Elite software which is extremely useful. So I assumed Keyword Elite would be great too. Unfortunately I think they hit some developmental hiccups which forced them to release a shoddy product. At least you know that Brad will do what he can to improve that product over time.

  8. Your review was very helpful. I’ve actually heard a number of positive things about Keyword Elite 2, so your comments were a revelation.

  9. I am Glad to find (finally) someone who tells it like it is! I never bought KE 1 and certainly won’t be buying the 2nd edition.


  10. Great honest review Alan. Those that paid for the original KW Elite were told they would have free updates for life yet when he released version 2.0 they had to pay $97 to upgrade. Unfair from the get go plus you say it’s not worth the money. There are plenty of free ways to target a keyword.

  11. Nice review, it’s a pity this is so poor as I’m looking for a really great keyword tool. At the moment I’m using Adwords External tool but it just isn’t accurate enough.

  12. Thanks for the honest quoting an review. I was quite disappointed with it .

  13. It’s refreshing to see a review that isn’t merely an affiliate trying to get people to purchase the product.

  14. While the product may suck, Brad as a individual, has contributed a lot to the IM community in terms of content and shared knowledge.

  15. I love reading your blog. You always give honest reviews! Thanks!

  16. Oh this is great.. I was never aware with the Keyword Elite 2…
    good that it was already release now..
    I would be trying to check the review about it.

  17. It sure is refreshing when I’m not constantly being sold to.

    Thank you for the honest review. I’ll stay away from it.

  18. I’ve not been happy with any product Brad Callen has put out – or happy with this support. I was underwhelmed with SEO Elite a few years back (and still am).

    The only tool I have liked that I never heard of before, and have been on a 30 day free trial for is Market Samurai. It gives me data I all in one place I can’t get from any other tool, and I think I’ve reviewed them all.

  19. You sure have a lot of followers that sing your praises. I will say you are going against the grain of all the other reviews out there. Nice to get an alternate point of view.

    Thanks for the advice.

  20. JTPratt,

    Hey John, thanks for stopping by. I’ve been hearing good stuff about Market Samuri, I guess I’m going to have to chek it out one of these days.

  21. @Alan – look for a coupon code. I got it for $87 the other day, orig price is $149. It has a lot of very useful features, I believe there’s a free trial download too. Only downfall I could find is that it’s build on Adobe Air and you have to be in Windows to run it (and I use Linux 99% of the time), but I am able to run it in a virtual machine.

  22. There are so many free keyword tools today. It’s hard to justify paying for them. My needs are mostly filled by the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, free version of Wordtracker, Google Wonder Wheel, and competitive research like SEOBook.com Toolbar for Firefox.

  23. First of all, appreciation for your honest post. And the secnd thing is that I don’t think that many people will use that list of diversified imaginable keyword list…. because as you have said people need keyword that converts…

  24. Whaaat? An HONEST marketer? I didn’t think those existed. I did buy KWE for less but would agree with you – you can get all the tools for less (read: free) using the links you’ve suggested. KWE just puts everything into one neat package, that’s about it. CPA Magnet just scrapes of queries some other FREELY available DB out there anyways…

  25. @Minnesota Attorney, yup I agree, I do the same thing, and I think as time goes on the free stuff is only going to get even better, and more prominent!

    Till then,


  26. Well, it seems people would give a nice review to make some money but I’m glad you give it how it is… and that’s the way it should be!

    And Alan, glad to see you posting a little more often. 😀


  27. Yes it is good to hear an honest review. Too many blogs sugar coat affiliate products that are not really worth buying. I guess I will just keep using the Google AdWords keyword tool for now.

  28. It is disappointing that Keyword Elite is not better. Anyone who uses SEO Elite knows that it is quality software that is extremely useful. So you’d think Keyword Elite would follow suit. Unfortunately I think they were not able to accomplish what they really had in mind for this software.

  29. Really wonderful piece of information and I appreciate it that you share something humorous and redder can think twice most people are tired of training so hard and still cant get.

  30. I’ve never used a paid keyword research tool for my keyword or niche research process. And I tried most of the trial versions of paid tools including KE, however didn’t find the magic why they are offered for sale, since there are lots of free tools that do the same thing the paid ones offer.

  31. Hi Alan,

    I also dont continue with Keyword Elite, for some reason I used Keypro, since I also join PPC-Coach, btw hows your PPC going? I have not heard any update’s of your inspiring income from PPC ….please bear to share…and Merry Christmas my friend….

  32. Thanks for saving me some time and money! I was looking to buy it, now I know better.

  33. Keyword Elite – wasn’t too fond of it

    Adwords Digger – loved it -> but it no longer works

    Banner Ads Digger – great replacement tool for Adwords Digger (with some added benefits).

    cheers – john

  34. Thank you for an honest review! I too kept finding it difficult to find someone reviewing the product and not SELLING IT.. Again thank you!

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