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As affiliate marketers it is important to be constantly learning and improvingĀ our skills and of course learning that from the people who’ve gone before you and have been successful. While you can get a bunch of that training for free from everything that’s available on the net, sometimes you come across something that’s worth paying for. Shoemoney does Elite Retreat for I think it’s $4k, Affiliate Summit ranges from $900 to $1,700 depending on when you register and there are other courses that are as much or more.

A few days ago I invested in a training course of sorts that’s not quite as expensive as some of the ones mentioned previously, but it is quite a bit more than your regular $49 or even the $97 ebooks that are so prevalent these days. I call it a training course because it’s much more than just a simple ebook. It consists of about 50 videos, 20 short ebooks and guides, and 9 tools including those for keyword research, Adwords spying, keeping track of your search engine positions, an article submission tool and so on. Plus there are bonuses within the course and some coming out on an ongoing basis.

So far the course looks pretty good. There are things that I love about it, there are things that are just okay and there are things that either need to be fixed (which the developers are working on) or that seem kind of cheesy probably because they are already familiar to me. This course is huge and with anything like this there will definitely be things that are old news to at least a few people. Fortunately the developers have taken that into account and have labeled the content for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

Right now I’m going to refrain from telling you exactly what the course is because I haven’t fully worked through it yet. Quite frankly, the course is overwhelming because there is so much material. It is organized very well into modules such as seo, ppc, article marketing, building sites, sales conversions, keyword research and more, but there’s so much stuff it’s hard to know where you should start .

In the next few days I’ll be doing a complete review of the course and may do more in-depth reviews of some of the modules and tools as I get a better grasp of what you can do with them. There isn’t any way you can get through all the training has to offer in just a few days. Of course this will be an honest review of it mainly because that’s what I do here and yes, I actually invested the money necessary to purchase the course. No fake reviews here, I own the product. Stay tuned.

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15 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing Training”

  1. There are a lot of really great educational tools out there, but what Elite Retreat and ASE/ASW provide that the more traditional courses don’t is networking time with some very important people who can help your business. You can’t put a price on that!

  2. I look forward to your review. Sometimes I worry that a course with so much information can contribute to the information overload that online marketers already face.

  3. MLDina,

    That’s definitely true. There’s nothing better that working a deal with someone or learning a trick from the experts.

  4. I can’t wait for the reviews. Finding a good and legitimate training program can be very hard. Thanks in advance.

  5. That is one of the secrets to succeed in the business.
    Learning is an unending process and that’s the key to success so keep learning.

  6. Well being that you were pretty blunt about Keyword Elite 2, I suspect that you’re review will indeed be really good and honest =D

    Till then,


  7. Good blog, affiliate marketing is a lot of work but if you invest the time into making money. And actually put forth the effort you will eventually make some good money. The amount of money you will inevitably make will be primarily based on your effort, your products you are selling make sure there quality products. and traffic levels make sure your getting some decent traffic to your website, articles, or blogs… When you meet this criteria you’ll be raking in the money in no time!

  8. I’m always very worried about spending money for any kind of “ebook”. There are so many people just trying to make a quick buck nowadays by creating an ebook that contains information that could be found for free online with a little research, and then charging people for it.

    Please be very honest with your review. I mean I’ve read your keyword elite 2 review and you were very honest, and I appreciated it.. so I’m hoping you will do the same with this as well.

  9. I think I actually seen a training video website for affiliate marketing that’s free with a bunch of videos. Of course, you have to sign up for their newsletter to get access to those videos but its definitely better than paying. šŸ˜€


  10. I agree with “Used Tires.” Your credibility only increases with your frank honesty in reviews.

  11. Your articles just like your blog’s name is only ture confession not hype.

  12. There is so much information out there for sale and it can get a little overwhelming sometimes when you are trying to find something that is right for you. You could even end up spending a lof of money of something completely useless. I will wait to hear about what you have to say.

  13. Can’t wait to hear what this is … are you ready to spill it yet? LOL *SmiLes* Suzanne

  14. Suzanne,

    I hope to get a post out about it in the next couple of days.

  15. Hi Alan,

    This course seems to be pretty impressive.

    I think that it will surely help the beginners as well as the people who have a some experience in getting deeper insight about the affiliate marketing, as it is a complicated thing.

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