The Dreaded Adsense Login Loop – Are You Experienced?

Yesterday it hit me like a bad Purple Haze trip, it was the Dreaded Adsense Login Loop (cue dramatic music). If you’ve never experienced it, count yourself lucky because it is one of the most frustrating, nonsensical, dealing with Google experiences you can have. Here’s how it unfolds:

You login to your Google Account where you have all of your Google stuff, Google Groups, Blogger blogs, Adwords, Gmail, Adsense and other things. You click on your various tools and you are automatically logged in but then you click on Adsense and this is what you get:

Adsense Login Loop

What? I thought I was logged in. Okay, so now you log in through this screen and here’s what you get:

Adsense Login Update

What? I merged my accounts about 3 or 4 years ago, why do I have to do this again? On, I see it says, “Are you one of the following people? email @ email.com” That’s me. “If so , then you’ve alread updated your login to a Google Account. Return To Adsense and use your Google Account to sign in.” Follow those instructions and you go back to the previous screen above in a never ending loop.

Okay, I’m thinking, I’ll just contact Adsense Help and they’ll fix the problem? After spending 15 minutes going through the help files (why is it that they never really answer your question) and not finding any contact info you’ll finally run across a link to contact Help, but click it and it sends you to the Adsense Login screen because you have to be in Adsense to contact Adsense Help. Brilliant!

Right now I have confusion “all in my brain” and all I can hear is that Fender Strat Hendrix chord ringing in my head.

Adsense Login Loop Solution

Fortunately after spending about 4 hours perusing forums last night and about 15 minutes this morning I found out there is a solution to this dreaded issue for some. It worked for me, but I can’t guarantee it will work for you. Here’s an alternate Adsense login url that doesn’t go through the normal login path:


You have to be logged into your Google Account first and then all you do is paste the link into your browser and you get in through the back door. It appears the you have to paste the url into the exact same window or browser in a new tab in the same browser. It won’t work if you click on the link or open another window. But then like magic you are now in your Adsense account and the Purple Haze music slowly starts to fade away and life makes sense again.

I think this had something to do with a change Google made to there home page. If you watch when you first go to Google there’s only a search box and the Google logo and in about 5 seconds the text and links start to fade in. I’m guessing this is just a way to get people to actually search more because all you see for a few seconds is a search box. Really, it’s just very frustrating because I thought there was something wrong with my browser or computer. But, then there is something wrong with the Adsense Login page through your Google Account.

Hopefully the solution url will work for you. Don’t you just love Google?

Update 10-8 – Thanks to Curtis1 for leaving a solution in the comments. Just go to the Google Adsense Forum to find the permanent answer.

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17 Responses to “The Dreaded Adsense Login Loop – Are You Experienced?”

  1. Alan-
    Thanks for the tip, that was exactly what I needed! I had encountered the loop of death yesterday afternoon. I know that I dealt with it before, but I forgot how I fixed it. Yesterday I figured I would let it sit for a day, and hopefully it would fix itself. Well I read your post this morning, and decided to try your method, and it worked like a charm. Thanks!!

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  3. Check out the thread on the AdSense help forum on how to fix this issue: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/AdSense/thread?tid=68a37795b6b5e9d5&hl=en

  4. It’s okay we still love Google, even though it can frustrate us from time to time 😉 but great to see that you got it resolved, hopefully I don’t have to deal with this in the foreseeable future. But even if I do… now I know the solution =D

    Till then,


  5. Strange- AdSense was making me log in separately every time I wanted to check my account, but I never got the other message. Now, today, just above the login it gives me the option of “already logged in? click here” or similar.

    Blech, the Big G can be awesome, but it’s also a total pain in the tush.

  6. Hey Alan,

    I have been through this vicious circle few times, bit when it got on my nerves, I figured out this back door method.

    I don’t mind pasting URL in new tab, as it saves me from reentering again and again and I am pretty happy about it.

  7. Weird, I have never experienced this and I hope I don’t. Still thank you for posting a link to the fix guys!

  8. I remember not long ago now I got stuck in the same situatiuon and it was horrible, seeing as I check my Adsense stats so often

  9. I also experienced this and it’s really annoying. Everytime we want to check another feature for our google accounts, it turns out that we have to log’in again and again.

    I tried the link that you mentioned above and it’s nice, it worked well for me.

  10. I really thought they were in a work-around mode. Now it appears that this is going to be the new method. I think it sucks. You have to login twice, but if you log out, it logs you out of everything.

  11. hi alan

    It’s okay we still love Google, even though it can frustrate us from time to time :)

  12. isnt google support horrible , I once went as far as calling and waiting 40 minutes on hold just to hang up =/ , congrats on getting it fixed.

  13. This sounds like a very annoying glitch. I certainly wouldn’t want to waste my time in some login loop. I get annoyed enough when websites force me to login each time.

  14. Hello Alan,

    I’ve just tried your suggesting of using https://www.google.com/adsense/login2 and it worked fine for me. Thanks for this very useful piece of advice. Keep them coming.

  15. I noticed this too. I always had to look in. And for me, I can’t stand login in repeatedly, especially when you have multiple places to login. Thanks for the Google adsense login fix. Greatly appreciated :)

  16. Wouldn’t a cache cleaning have worked ?

    Personnally, I use the ‘my account link’ in Analytics and then choose Adsense. There, there is a link to click that says ‘Take me to my account’.

    It has never failed for me so far.

    But it’s good to know your solution should the case arise for me.


  17. I am in a similar endless loop, or in my case a dead end as I try to get a Google account approved. I was not approved first because they needed some proof I owned the account and they told me what to do. That was easy. Next they replied to say I was not approved again because I had no content or lacked content. I was starting to get angry. I have 12 posts averaging several hundred words, several pictures and links, a site map, and nice nice normal subject – triathlons. How could they say I lacked content. I was holding back content until I had their piece to ad, the Adsense ads. But, hey, no problem. They told me what to do again. I made some changes and went back to their email which had an address to click on to re-submit. DEAD END. I keep getting the message that I can’t log on because my account is not approved. LOOP! Just like you I look all over the place to find an answer to this conundrum. Google’s help center and forums are useless! That is how I stumbled across this site.

    I don’t quite understand what you did and don’t think it will help me since I am not logged on in the first place, but I would like any answers you can give me. HELP

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