I Confess…I’m A Link Junkie

This is a guest post by Brandon Hopkins.

If you know me, you definitely know one thing. I’m a link building junkie. I love building links, good links, bad links, no follow links, I love them all. My favorite links are the ones that nobody else is getting. However, the easiest links are the ones that everyone is getting.

A few years ago when I started building links, most people cared only about the biggest links like DMOZ. After DMOZ slowed their approval process many companies like Best of the Web Directory (Established 1996) and Ezilon Web Directory (Established 1996) started offering paid directory submission. I was all over those links, and I still am.

Since there are so few quality directories left, I spend a much larger percentage of my time building links that the best link builders are using. Who are the best link builders? You probably first think of the greats that you might know by name. For me, those people are Jim Boykin and Aaron Wall. However, those are the people that you know of because they have a public presence. In my opinion, the world’s best link builders will never be known by name, and here’s why.

World class link builders know what they’re doing. I don’t just mean they know how to build links, they know how to build massive links while staying under the radar. They can build 10,000 links per day and get top rankings for a lot of good keywords, not just long tail stuff.

When I realized that, my first question was, “How do I find these people, and how can I build those links?” The answer is simple, study the best to learn from the best. So where do you find the world’s best link builders? Follow the money.

If you could rank for just about any keyword, what would you focus on? You would most likely focus on the highest paying keyword right? That’s where the best link builders work. They rank for “cheap Viagra”, “Mesothelioma lawyers”, “data recovery”, “secured loans”, etc. If you know where someone is working to build links, you can easily find those links and duplicate them.

That’s the key here. If they are ranking for top terms, their links are obviously working, and you can do the same. Find their links, and you’ll find the secret to making more affiliate sales!


Bio: Brandon Hopkins blogs, tweets and love building links. Brandon is a freelance link builder who would love to work for you!

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72 Responses to “I Confess…I’m A Link Junkie”

  1. Well they say the first step to treating addiction is admitting you have a problem. Do you want to cure it?

  2. Interesting post. Most internet marketers are also link junkies. Most wouldn’t think of checking the top niches for link building opportunities though. Most would rather just avoid those ultra-competitive niches altogether. Still, it would be easy enough to check out the strategies those guys are using and duplicate it for your own niche.

  3. Great tip Brandon. There are so many different ways of building links. So it makes sense to analyze where the pros get their links. You may not be able to copy their exact links, but you can get a pretty good idea of what strategies they used to get those links.

  4. The problem with duplicating other peoples links is that you never know which links are driving rank. I have had sites in the past that have not budged for a sertain keyword even after adding hundreds of links. On other sites ranking has rockketed by adding 2.

    Trust and Authority are becoming increasingly important and that’s something that cant easily be measured or quantified.

    My advice would be to spend your time getting 1 authority link a day, do that and your competition will wonder how you rank with so few links

  5. I’ve always struggled with link building. not gaining quality links, but the dedication of doing it every day.

    Here’s the reality though.. Follow the money… Just like Brandon said. Many people have this misconception that going after long tail keywords is where the party is at.. and the fact of the matter is that this is a waste of time.

    GO after your primary keyword. And once you start gaining status for that primary keyword, you will notice that your site will naturally pick up front page rankings for related long tail keywords…

    Not the other way around.

  6. I think definitely we all love links, we crave for them to say the least. This article by you Brandon definitely gets my wheels spinning in my brain thinking about different ways to build link to my website. And you are most certainly right when you say that the best link builders are more than likely never going to be revealed to the mass.

    Till then,


  7. Elijah, the problem with that strategy is that it looks unnatural to go after one keyword phrase so aggressively. It is more natural to have a wide range of link anchor texts. By going after long tail keywords first, you are avoiding some of the competition to get traffic and rankings quicker. It would take much longer to get traffic if you are spending all your effort on just one phrase. The trick is to target many overlapping phrases. That way you build up relevance for all of those individual words and not just the 2 or 3 words in your primary target keyword.

  8. Yeah, to model the best is the key. Much can be learned by following the gurus that we will never know who they are.

  9. Admitting that you have an addiction is the first step to recovery.

  10. MB has it straight up. Focus on a variety of phrases and if possible make them overlapping. Often, I’ve found that some all of a sudden jump to the top while others may languish. Regardless, if these keywords are desirable and have traffic pimp them out to hit first page and then step back to go after the others.

  11. Great article! Link building is important and I think we are all link junkies of some sort. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I was very interested in your article and your concept of following the money is dead on. I am surprised, however, that you seem to be a focused linkbuilder and that you did not mention what part linkbuilding plays in a complete SEO or online marketing picture.

    I was also surprised that your site doesn’t use an SEO plugin, you have no current pagerank, and while you have 2,100+ backlinks to your domain your Alexa ranking is over 250,000. Rankings aren’t everything, but they are part of the total “authority” picture of a site online. You can rank for more things with more authority.

    When you do linkbuilding for your clients – don’t you make sure their on-site SEO is in place before starting a linkbuilding campaign?

  13. Getting high quality links is about developing best of web content. Too many people spend time generating links that hold very little value. Develop content that others will find useful and links will take care of themselves :)

  14. Most internet marketers are also link junkies. Most wouldn’t think of checking the top niches for link building opportunities though.

  15. Great article! Link building is important and I think we are all link junkies of some sort

  16. Taxi Insurance if you actually believe what you said, why are you building blog comment links?

    While it can be helpful to analyze the backlinks of top ranking sites in competitive niches, keep in mind that you might not want to copy all of their link strategies. in those niches, some competitors would resort to shady tactics to gain an edge.

  17. Thank you for this post. You and the comments in here cleared some things up for me. I have a couple of new blogs and am linking them now, but have found that finding the sites that are focused on my keywords is tough. But, I see now that any dofollow link is good, some say to just focus on the sites with the higher PR numbers.
    I learned a lot and have much more to learn. Learning new stuff is always a good thing.

  18. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  19. Looks interesting, I will try this methods, I think it will build strong backlinks, also will increase parameter in SEO, just how long will this take to get on top of the game in SEO? anybody would like to share?thx in advance for the input

  20. I’m relatively new to SEO and link building so found this article helpful. The only thing I can’t seem to figure out how to do is get quality one way backlinks without paying for them or being required to use a recipricol link. I can see how this is done if your a huge well known site but not for a small start up.

  21. There is no set time frame of how long seo should take. There are simply too many variables involved. In a competitive niche it may take years to really establish your site, while in a weak niche, you might build some great rankings within 2 or 3 months. Sometimes you can even take some shortcuts to get rankings quicker, but there is often risk involved.

  22. DMOZ is the story of the past. Now we have millions of blogs offering comments with the link. It is fast and you will get do follow links quickly. So, why wait for dmoz, when you can get thousand of links through blog commenting.

  23. @Metal Briefcases, that’s true there are alot of risks depending which path you take and how exactly you want to build your links.

    Till then,


  24. I love getting *.edu links and another note I think If you research your competition the link building gets a little more easier.

  25. Maine Looks absolutely amazing – I would love to buy some farm land there some day

  26. Oh… and Alan… I wish you’d become a post Junkie… we need more posts 😀 It’s been way too long my friend!

    Till then,


  27. Most internet marketers are also link junkies.

  28. I agree that over 2 months is a bit long for us to wait for a new post. So hopefully you find some more time to post again soon. Perhaps you should recruit some guest posters to help out.

  29. @Metal, great idea on the guest posts, I agree with your suggestion as it would be a great way to get some posts going here in the mean time 😀

    Till then,


  30. Yes I’m sure it can become a bit of a hassle to keep regularly posting after running a blog for a while. Getting guest posters and blog partners are some ways to keep the postings coming. Then again, I’m sure Alan is quite busy with other things.

  31. Backlinks are important. I have had no idea how to get thousands of effective links. Great tidbit of advice at the end of your post. It seems so obvious. thanks for putting it out there.
    . ” If they are ranking for top terms, their links are obviously working, and you can do the same. Find their links, and you’ll find the secret to making more affiliate sales!”

  32. Hi, I’m Zac and I have a problem too- I’ve been a Link Junkie for years.

    The satisfaction you get with each backlink is comparable to some of the hardest drugs! (Not that I have personal experience- I don’t. I’m speculating :) )

  33. Yea, I’ve been quite busy lately too. Now with tax season looming, more so.

    Till then,


  34. Alan, it’s been a while since you’ve posted. Any updates on your MMO progress?

  35. but its not simple like that, i’ve following numerous my link competitor but its getting harder every day

  36. Metal Briefcases talking to Used Tires. Wow. You really should make a commenting policy.

  37. What can I say? I’m a link junkie too, but Alan isn’t keeping up with new blog content. So all we can really do is add more insight to existing posts.

  38. I haven’t done a whole lot of link building yet with my main blog. I need to start getting on this and doing a little each day. It would be great to rank for my main keywords, rather than only long-tailed keywords. I’m going to spend a little more time and research where other’s are getting their links from.

    Thanks, Heidi

  39. well, to be honest im a link junkie too.
    just few days ago i following how to get link easyly, rather than use angela/paul backlink, link trade, article amrketing.
    and i found metal briefcase and used tired how to get thousnad link juice 😀 and i a peeking you two 😀 haahhaaa..
    good luck for your bussines then :)

  40. Im addcted to getting links. Everyday i wake up and look at my webmaster tools and see how many links i have!

  41. Alan, I confess I’m a link junkie too. No pain, no gain as what they say….

  42. Rather than making a commenting policy, it would help a lot to just have more frequent posting on this blog. When you use the top commentator plugin, you will get regular comments, but these degrade over time unless you keep writing new posts.

  43. A friend of mine made a test, he only backlinked a site, which doesn’t contain anything. Empty. The site was on first page and possition on google.

  44. Alan, where have you gone? Your posts have been such a great help to me. I miss you!

  45. This is some helpful information. Hey Alan, where’d you go?

  46. @Metal Briefcase is right, this is a nice blog. It would be even a better place if Alan would install top commentator, keywordluv and show Gravatar of commentors.

    This would make this site a place to hang out, sharing thoughts and helping out each other – just my two cents.

    – Ample web designer :)

  47. Yea, I agree with Metal, increased frequency of posting seems to be the better choice.

    Till then,


  48. I would have to confess as well Alan that I am also a link building junkie. Good post.

    PS: Keep finding those “road less traveled” links!

  49. Interesting article Brandon, but how do you stay under radar and yet build 10,000 links a day? I know I’m fairly new to this but surely building even a thousand links to one site a day would alert big G’s goon squad?

  50. I totally understand. Me too.:) But still you need to make it smart and do not forget to create content as well.

  51. Same as with me here, a link building junkie too. Haha. Heads up to you brother.

  52. One of the most helpful posts I have read in a long time! I’ve bookmarked it to read again later!

  53. Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious, which are also the most frequently missed.

    It’s pretty amazing to look through the commets on this post. There are a couple surprising ones for me… people (or companies) I wouldn’t expect to be out here building links the old-fashioned way. =)


  54. Hey Brandon,

    10,000 links a day! Phew, that would take some doing. That would have to be an automated process or outsourced. Do you use software or outsourcing to achieve massive link builds?

  55. 10.000 links per day? Are you serious? Wow I guess some people really know what they are doing. Like I can hardly believe this right now even though I know you know more about that than me. How many can you do per day, if you dare tell us?
    I think even if you work 24 hours per day you can really do 10.000 links per day manually. They must be using some kind of software or have a lot of people employed.

  56. Good post. This is actually what I’m trying to do at the moment with my new blog, but I can’t understand how it’s possible to post 10000 links in one day?

  57. That is a really good point! I’ve just been getting into link building and I didn’t think of reverse engineering other websites link building efforts.

  58. Interesting take. But so as not to alarm my fellow workers with “cheap Viagra” searches on my screen, I think I’ll follow your links first 😉

  59. I have achieved 1000 links in 9 days but 10,000 links in one day is the apex of link building strategy.

  60. When can we see a new post? Been missing your posts bud.

  61. I’m a Seo analyst. Link back to your site good but only the relevant links can play the main role in your site’s optimization and improve your search engine ranking. I think no follow links are bad for a site/blog. Thanks for such informative post.

  62. Yes, I too am a link building junkie,but I love it,I love it

  63. Wow!

    I’m intrigued! I spend a GREAT deal of time building links and would be very pleased to learn some of these secrets.

    Till then I’ll just keep working hard at it every day.


  64. Hi Alan, it’s been long time, but I come back and see your blog is getting better, I was on PPC coach, but no real result, so I am back on basic blogging only to find out what works and what doesn’t.Congrats on your sucess. Peace.

  65. There’s software scrapebox to get backlinks fast and looks promising.Does anyone have tried this and get good results.Please do share….

  66. I am new to the whole backlinking thing. Thanks for pointing out the idea of reverse engineering another site to determine where backlinks are coming from.

  67. Very first money I did in internet was: selling a link to Aaron Wall (4.99) back on 2003, I still have the email and a penny posted on it even I did not know who was Aaron Wall. You are right, follow the underground leaders, I shoul find a mentor like that.

  68. My issue is, on my main site I’ve gained links slowly over time, but when it comes to new sites I’m not exactly sure how to get links quickly. I’ll try some of the links you have posted here and see what I can learn.

  69. I’m curious about link building for a blog that I’m writting about my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training.

    The site is not a money making site so I wondered what you thought about link wheels?

    I am hearing mixed reviews and wondered if you had any experience with them?

  70. i want to create a site like e-junkie but i don’t know how, can anyone pls help me on how or direct me to links for e-junkie clone scrips in addition,in just one word ,what kind of site is e-junkie

  71. I’ve used this trick many times. I’ll happen upon an affiliate site and check their backlinks. This can usually quickly lead me to their niches. I can examine what they’re doing, what directories, sites, ect. they usually link from. Snooping can be very useful!

  72. I guess I’m sorta one myself. All sites need links in order to get a spot in the search engines. It can be hard though to get links back to your site.

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