The Next Internet Gold Rush

The Next Internet Gold RushMay we be poised for the next internet gold rush? Many of us remember the good old days when you really could put together a quick landing page, just a landing page, and throw tons of cheap Google clicks at it and make a small fortune, or dynamically insert just the right computer error keyword on a direct link and sell a ton of Clickbank registry cleaners. While it will probably look a little different this time around, those days may be upon us in the affiliate marketing world again soon.

I’m referring rumblings of a Facebook Content advertising platform, network, whatever you want to call it, that may in fact be in beta testing as we speak. The information seems to be a little sketchy right at the present time as I can only find a few articles on the subject but, it only seems inevitable that this is what Facebook would want to do with its plans of world domination that may even exceed those of my affiliate manager over at C2M.

Being that Facebook has all kinds of widgets that allow you to Share, Like, comment and even log into certain sites with your Facebook account, it would be easy for developers (if they haven’t already done so) to make an advertising widget  which shows some sort of FB ads. I imagine FB will want to show text as well as image ads. While the standard format of the ads we currently see on FB will probably be available, they have to come out with customizable ad sizes just as Adsense allows its users to utilize its platform fit the content of their sites.

This will be a gold rush both for advertisers and publishers as FB’s reach is some 500 million members and may be the most recognizable presence on the web today, even exceeding that of Google. Hundreds of thousands of its members either are publishers or advertisers or would be if the process were a little easier. With this user base, the process of rolling out the content platform to those interested in making money with their content and those interested in additional advertising opportunities could be accomplished in a matter of months.

Google should be concerned, very concerned, because we could literally have a new and dominating ad platform to take over the net within 3 months when FB decides to hit the start button. Obviously Google is smart and this wouldn’t be a complete surprise to them, but thinking about and preparing for it may be nothing until they actually see it in action and suddenly feel the presence of tens of thousands of Adsense and Adwords users jumping ship or at least spending much more of their advertising dollars with someone else. The days of Google’s $500 to $600+ per share stock price may be coming to an end and they may even beg the 200,000 or so Adwords users they kicked out of their program a year and a half ago to please come back.

To be certain, there are still hurdles for FB to overcome so as to make a new ad platform a dominating force to be a real competition to Google. Facebook hasn’t quite got the ad approval process consistent just yet. It is confusing, biased, maddening, inconsistent and down right absurd in most cases. They have lost thousands of advertisers because of the sheer stupidity of the way they approve ads. To make any inroad into a widely used and competitive force against Google they simply must nail this down to a consistent, unbiased and understandable process for their users. An automated system such as Adcenter or Adwords uses is essential for a smooth flow into giving Google a run for their money. The hit and miss crap shoot for advertisers trying to get their ads approved must end. Their lame excuse that they want to protect their users experience on the Facebook platform won’t translate meaningfully to a content platform.

For publishers there is also plenty of gold to be mined in a new content network, but it will not be an easy thing to get into you can be sure. It will not be like the early days of Adsense where you could throw together a spammy site and slap Adsense on it and boom, you be makin’ teh monies. Facebook will not let that happen. You can bet they will scrutinize every site you put their ads on. Start shining up your content now so it will look appealing and spiffy to those you are seeking to reach and your approval process should be much easier.

When it hits it could be a game changer again for all advertisers and that would include us in the affiliate marketing space. This will definitely be a platform you will want to jump on as soon as you can, figure out how to make it work and not sit back and wonder what just passed you by. Get ready.

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16 Responses to “The Next Internet Gold Rush”

  1. Hurrah! It’s an Alan sighting! :-)

    I’m a little torn. I can’t see FB ads being a good fit for most of my sites, but in some of my older sites that AdSense just won’t work on (not normally click-happy or good bid price ads), I can see it being a nice supplement so that the domain isn’t a total waste of money. I can’t imagine that FB would try to compete with Google on G’s own playing field, so there must be a twist to it, and I would assume that twist is social in some way. That would make FB ads ideal for sites that are built more on the social side than on the SEO/IM side.

    BTW- have you noticed your BANS sites ranking better lately? I have one that suddenly jumped up to page one for its keyword, and it’s making me wonder if G is no longer looking at it unfavorably (which would make sense, since all the spammers who were using it to get ahead would have jumped ship by now). Or maybe it’s just me. I’ve been ranking better all around since Farmer, Panda, and all the rest.

  2. Hey WordVixen, good to hear from you. I’m still out here and I do pop in once in a while and this Facebook ads network has me intrigued. I do wonder how they will pull it off and be different than Adsense. It will probably look a bit different than either what we see now on FB and the text ads we see from Adsense.

    And yes, I have noticed BANS sites are doing better. I have a couple of sites that came out of deindexing and my 2 main sites are giving me 2 to 3 times the revenue they were 2 months ago. I may add a little content to those and see if they’ll do even better.

  3. I love Adsense. It does great on my site. Facebook will have to do something better for companies to use it.

  4. I think that the business model would be very different. There would be no income from organic search. Additionally, targeted audiences would be very narrow with segments well defined in terms of demography and geography. Facebook, and its successor, will provide an interesting arena. Obviously, when this happens, advertising revenue for all global PPC publishers will be reduced to pocket money only of less than $100 per year.

  5. Facebook has potential but the facebook user is in a different mindstate than a consumer,usually you get on facebook in the mind to check on status updates of friends,not necessarily to buy something.

  6. I’ve had a few site banned that has recent came out, and the yare making about 50% of the income they were… I guess maybe it depends on the niche?

  7. I think the benefit of Facebooks content network will be the way we can target more presisly.

    I can sell 2pac posters to 2pac fans and show ads only to those who are in the age and gender group similar to my sales stats. (I will have to implement a birthyear field in my order form very soon).

    Similar, as a content provider, I think the ads will be more targeted to the visitors as my content is only a small factor of the calculation. Together with the visitor interrests, age, location and gender we will see more targeted ads than AdSense does (allthough they are working on it as well with Google+)

  8. I’ve been seeing many of person asking question about gold rush, can anyone tell me what gold rush is, is it a web site?

  9. Facebook is also discussing doing an IPO as it claims it is worth something like 100 Billion. Will this help value that claim?

  10. Walter – It probably would help value Facebook, but I haven’t heard anything as of late about their content network. Must be on the back burner.

  11. The post is very interesting.Thanks for sharing this information.

  12. That also makes me wonder what is going to be the next big thing after Facebook. What do you think?

  13. This gold rush via internet is the most updating news that shows the earning through the internet.

  14. This is good information regarding the gold rush because when ever you got the chance for the for earning gold then how any one can leave this important chance .There is the great opportunity to earning gold online.

  15. I’ve had a few site banned that has recent came out, and the yare making about 50% of the income they were… I guess maybe it depends on the niche?

  16. The next big thing on the internet it is a little hard to predict. If i only new it…. :)

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