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My wife and I sell a number of digital download products online and use Paypal as our payment system. While Paypal is the most trusted of the online payment systems, it leaves a lot to be desired in the digital product delivery department. Order fulfillment has been an issue with Paypal from day one of putting our first product online. You can redirect someone to a download page once they complete their transaction, but having your customer actually reach that page and having that page be secure have been ongoing issues with how Paypal works. And you also can’t email anyone from PayPal with their secure download link when they make a purchase.

To make sure everyone gets their products for the last 3 or 4 years I have been emailing every single customer with a prewritten template that explains there is occasionally a problem with getting to the download page and we include a link for their download in the email. Obviously, that is not the most efficient system in the world and being that we will be leaving for a month long vacation out west soon, I needed a solution to our digital product delivery through Paypal. Enter DPD Shopping Cart, the answer to all your digital product delivery needs. Not only can you sell digital downloads with DPD Shopping cart, you can also use DPD to run an affiliate program for any of your products.

After checking out another system that required you to install software on your own server, DPD Shopping Cart turned out to be much better solution mainly because it is nearly brain dead simple to use. With DPD it will automatically send your customer to a secure download page for them to get their product and it will send your customer an email as well, directing them to the secure download page. To make sure no one shares their private link, you can make the links you send customers good for from 1 day all the way up to 1 year. You upload your products to DPD servers and they take care of assigning your specific customer their own specific download link.

Not only can you set up DPD to deliver products you sell via Paypal, you can also set it up to work with Clickbank, 2Checkout, PayDotCom, Google Checkout and AlertPay. It is very comprehensive and allows you to do may things you would have to have developer knowledge to do with all these digital checkout systems. Other nice features of DPD include the ability to create discount coupons for discount sales of your products only to the customers that have the cupon code, the ability to bundle multiple product together into one download, the ability to limit the number of sales of a product (you really can make those limited offers, limited), the ability to set up your own affiliate program and pay people with a mass pay through PayPal and much more.

One of the nicer features DPD has is that it can mark your PDF files with your customer’s name and order number and that can help in keeping then from sharing too many copies of your ebook. When someone’s name is on an ebook in the footer that makes them a little more hesitant to spread around your work for free.

There are several different pricing structures with DPD Shopping Cart from $5 per month for 10 products and 50 meg of space all the way up to 1,000 products with 50 Gig of product storage space. We got the $10 per month plan that allows for 20 products to be sold and up to 1 GB of storage. You have to be careful if you bundle products because when you upload each product that counts as 1 towards your total allowed and then your bundle counts as a another product as well. So you are using 3 products up when you bundle 2 together. Once I figure that out, the solution is to bundle any separate zip files or PDF’s together into a single zip file so, just be aware of how that works.

You can also get a free 30 day trial of DPD Shopping Cart and you don’t even have to put in a credit card so you won’t have to worry about rebills and it really is free for 30 days. And if you don’t like the service, you don’t have to do anything when your 30 day trial runs out.

It is well worth the $10 per month we have to pay to have products delivered securely and an email sent to customers without us having to do anything. If you need a digital product delivery solution, DPD Shopping Cart is the ticket and the easiest to implement that we found. Check out DPD Shopping Cart here.

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