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Affiliate Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a great bunch of info to read if you have questions about anything you’ve run across on I started this blog to write about affiliate marketing, how I make money online, goofy stuff and to connect with people trying to make a living from the net. As this blog continues to grow I get more and more questions about the information that’s already here on the blog, so that’s why I’m doing this Frequently Asked Questions page. If you haven’t found the answer to a question about what I do somewhere on the blog and you can’t find it here, then feel free to contact me with your questions.

And now for the FAQ:

How long have you been into affiliate marketing?

I started making money online somewhere in the spring of 2004 by producing recruiting and retail leads for my own mlm business and started making money in the travel niche by producing leads at $1 each around the same time. I got my first Adsense check and started making money with other affiliate programs about a year later.

Do you work at home full time?

Yes I do. I’ve been working at my home office since April of 2005.

How do you make money online?

Great question! It’s covered all in the post entitled, what else, How I Make Money Online.

How much money do you make online?

I’m not a super-guru, but I make a decent living and earn around $2,500 to $3,500 per month from affiliate marketing. Here is one of my monthly income reports.

That’s not that much money, how do you make it work?

Besides my income that happens 2 ways. My wife is a Christian Counselor, has her own private practice and we have zero debt. I mean nothing, no car payment, no house payment and no credit card debt carried over to the next month. Not ever.

You can have a pretty good life on less money than you think if you control your expenses.

I’d love to get into affiliate marketing, but I don’t know what to do. How should someone get started?

I recommend starting with the eBay affiliate program or as it is formally called the eBay Partner Network and using Build A Niche Store to build niche eBay affiliate sites.

Here’s a post on exactly how to do that.

But there are a million niches online, how do I figure out how to find a good one?

I’ve written a couple of posts here and here about how to find profitable niches on eBay that should help you out.

Hardly anyone makes money with Adsense, how do you consistently make over $1,300 per month?

It’s the niche and the placement, that’s all there is to it. I explain that in two Adsense tutorials here in part 1 and here in part 2.

How many web sites do you have?

Right now I have 40 websites and or blogs that I make money from and that includes the 12 Build A Niche Store sites. Here’s a post about how many sites I make money from.

How do you get traffic to your web sites?

That’s done in a variety of ways, but it mainly comes from free search engine traffic. You have to get links back to your site to get indexed in the search engines and one of the best ways to do that is through article marketing. Here’s a good article on how to take advantage of article marketing.


This is just a start of the questions that I’ll answer here. As I think of more or when more come in that are general questions which can benefit everyone I’ll probably write them up, so keep checking back.

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