Outsourcing Boatloads Of Content To Build Your Affiliate Empire

For the last couple of months or so I’ve been outsourcing major amounts of content to build up my top TripAdvisor and Adsense earnings websites and blogs, for article marketing and to build up my top earning BANS eBay store as well. When I wrote about my goals for 2009 back in December 2008, I had stated I wanted to focus on the things that had been solid money makers and Adsense was one of them. One thing I didn’t include was the top BANS site that has at times made over $1,000 per month. That site, along with another site in the same niche, only broader, will be included in this year’s work because they have way too much potential to just let them go. They are especially relevant to today’s troubled financial times.

This past Friday I received my second order of 100 articles bringing the total number of outsourced articles so far this year to 210. I have used Elance.com in the past with good success, but decided not to go through them this time because of the amount of work I want to get done. The thought of waiting for bids, screening writers and working with possibly 10 or 20 different people to help accomplish my goals for content this year wasn’t appealing, so I instead found 1 company that can write all the articles I need. I’m looking at doing possibly as many as 1,000 articles this year.

I initially sent a test set of 10 travel articles at the end of December to SEO Article Writing Pros and they did such a good job that I have since sent them 2 additional orders for 100 articles each. The first set of 10 travel articles were written as if they were reading my mind. Except for a few minor spelling mistakes, the articles were exactly what I needed. Then the first set of 100 articles were for 2 different niches and 3 different sites, plus for article marketing. There were a couple of articles that need to be re-done and they were promptly back to me the same day.

To alleviate any miscommunication for the next set of 100 articles, which were much more technical, I included from 1 to 3 urls for the writers that gave specific information on exactly what I was looking for. Initial instructions always include a keyword phrase or title for the article and a 1 to 2 sentence description of what I’m looking for. It’s very important to give as much information as possible to your writers so you won’t be disappointed with what you get back.

Cost for articles at SEO Article Writing Pros is 10 articles for $10 each, 25 articles at $9.50 each, 50 at $9 each or 100 at $8.50 each. Smaller quantities are available at either $13 per single article or $12 each for 5 articles.

The plan was to originally have about 20 to 30 articles done per month, but I immediately brought that up to 100 articles per month because I wanted to start off the year with a bang. I’ll probably skip sending in an order for March, but will send in another for April.

The articles are being used for adding content to travel sites and blogs to ultimately earn more Adsense revenue through organic search traffic. For the BANS site the content will be to get more organic search engine traffic that ultimately ends up at eBay. The BANS site will eventually have more Adsense added to the site depending on how much traffic it ends up getting, again, from organic search. The articles will also be used for article marketing to get more incoming links and boost the natural search traffic to those sites and blogs.

I’ll go into exactly how I’m doing the article marketing and adding the content to the sites and blogs in a future post. In the mean time, if you want to jam out some serious content, give SEO Article Writing Pros a look. Go ahead and check them out, I don’t earn anything for recommending them.

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Finding Niche Market Ideas Using Magazines

The following is a guest post by Jerry from NicheFree.com where you can find Free Niche Marketing Ideas.

Finding a great idea for a niche market is as easy as standing in line at the grocery store.

Next time you are standing around waiting for the cashier to ring you up, take a few minutes to browse through the gold mines along the counter – the magazines.

Want to know what people are buying? Look in the pages before you – and take notes.

Check out the topics on the front cover. They are probably about finances, weight loss and health. Then dig deeper and see what the articles are about. What specific issue do they address?

Another great way to get ideas? Check out all of the small mini-magazines and booklets at the counter. Those are also full of great ideas for niches.

I keep a small notepad with me and jot down notes as I shop. (Why not get ideas for making money while I kill time, right?)  I can get 10 or 12 ideas in a single afternoon of running errands. Do I use all of them? No, of course not, but out of 10 or 12 I can usually have an idea I use.

Here is how I got  an idea for a wonderful niche:

While waiting in line, I saw several booklets for diabetics. Magazine articles, too. But I also saw one booklet that had quick, easy recipes that were diabetic-friendly. Hmmm…

So I started a blog that has recipe tips for quick, easy meals that are suitable for diabetics. I put up about 10 posts to put some good content on there and attract visitors. How do I monetize that? Simple. I use Adsense and I advertise products that promote diabetes control through a healthier diet (because it is a blog with meal tips) as well as Once a Month Cooking (TM).

Using the ideas all around you, you can create a moneymaking website or blog in a matter of hours – and be making money soon after.

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Using Build A Niche Store As A Landing Site

I’m not usually in he habit of giving away niches, but because this one has sort of tanked, yet still provides a great example of what you can do with Build A Niche Store when you think outside the box, I’ll reveal it here.

I’ve never had a problem getting Google to give me a good quality score for any of my BANS stores as long as they had a good mixture of content and auctions on each site. So when SpoofCard teamed up with Pepperjam Network I decided I wanted to build a simple site around it and to make it easy, I used BANS as my content management system and based the page I would be sending Adwords traffic to on Zac Johnson’s free landing page template. SpoofCard is a system that allows you to change your caller id to anything you want and goof on your friends or hide your phone number from someone.

SpoofCard Header

The way I built the SpoofCard site was just use the simplest 2 column BANS template with navigation on the left, made a nice header in Photoshop, included a faq  modified from the original SpoofCard site and then added a contact us and privacy policy page. For eBay auctions I looked at the calling cards category and used Spoofcard as a keyword and added some negative words to only get Spoofcards being sold on eBay to show up and also added some auctions from the caller id box category to give the site some content. Right now as I write this post the calling card category is only showing 2 cards, but has shown as many as 20 at one time. You also want to make sure you add an H1 tag, a title, keywords, a meta description and a couple of sentences to each auction page so you’re not just showing auctions.

To make the landing page I use the layout from Zac’s template mentioned above, found a pic of a spy looking lady on a cell phone, added a few bullet points, some text and a big fat button to get visitors to click over to the merchant.

I made about $400 promoting SpoofCard, but unfortunately it just stopped converting at a level I could generate profit about a month ago or so. I’ve since stopped sending paid traffic to the site, but may try some other things in the future. That’s why I don’t mind revealing this little niche I’ve been working on.

Even though this one isn’t doing that well any longer, you can still model a landing site for just about any product or offer being run through the CPA networks on this example. If you want to try any of the weight loss offers, you can set up a site and throw in a few pages with other supplements sold on eBay. You can promote many of the forclosure offers and include real estate sold through eBay as another idea. There are nearly endless possibilities. And after a few months you should be getting some natural search engine traffic clicking through on your eBay auctions and you’ll be making a little cash there.

Give it a try if you already own Build A Niche Store and if you don’t own it yet, you can get more info on BANS here.

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Why Affiliate Marketers Don’t Reveal Their Niches

No Niches!It seems like lately I’ve had quite a few requests to reveal my websites and niches from people either leaving comments or contacting me directly. Just to let you know, that isn’t going to happen and I won’t be responding to questions any longer asking me to do so.

While I have revealed a niche or two while going through the process of building a BANS store, it’s just not a good idea in general to reveal the successful niches you are working on and you’ll find that most people involved in affiliate marketing won’t reveal what their working on either. There are 2 good reasons for this.

First, if you haven’t figured it out by now, people steal stuff. That may come as a shocker to you, but it’s especially rampant on the net where a lot of things can be done anonymously, or at least appear to be done that way. I used to have a link to my top producing Build A Niche Store in my signature at the BANS Forums, dumb idea. Several weeks ago I had someone contact me through the forum asking me to take a look at their site and evaluate it. After looking it over, this person had a link to a couple more of their stores and when I clicked on one I thought I had landed on my store. It was an exact copy of my store except for the content. The colors, template, product layout and even the header image at the top had been taken from my best store. After a quick email, the person at least removed the logo, but the basic concept of the store was still there.

Secondly, for anyone to reveal their best niches to inexperienced affiliate marketers is not going to benefit those doing the asking in the long run. Most people can learn about secret money making niches from someone else and make a few quick bucks, but the problem is, if you don’t go through the process, you won’t understand why you’ve been successful or maybe failed.

Having someone else’s best paying niche isn’t going to give you the experience of understanding the customers in that niche. The reason my best eBay affiliate store will earn nearly $1,000 this month is because I’ve been interested in that general niche since I’ve been about 6 years old, I’ve read magazines and books about this niche for years, I’ve bought and sold these items on eBay, I watched the actual auction as one of these items, the most expensive item ever sold through eBay Live at the time, brought in $7.25 million and then I read all about why it was valued so high.

While I am certainly no expert in this particular field, I understand it enough to know what people are looking for, what items are higher priced than others and what it feels like to make a purchase and own one of these items. You just aren’t going to get that kind of experience from someone handing you the niche. It’s sort of like the parable about teaching someone to learn how to fish, instead of giving them a fish. Would you rather have the niche or would you rather know how to find the niche.

If you find the niche on your own, that’s just the first step in understanding it, plus you will now be able to find many more niches by using the knowledge you gained finding the first one. And you will then eventually figure out your own techniques for finding and exploiting niches. I won’t tell you my niches, but here are a couple of posts that will show you how to find your own niches.

When you’ve been through the exercise of finding your own niches several times, it’s amazing how much opportunity you then begin to see. I probably see something every day now where I start to think, ‘That looks like an opportunity I could probably take advantage of.’ You won’t ever develop that mindset, if you don’t work through the process.

Believe me, you want the process, it is vastly more valuable than the niche.

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Travel Niche Is Hot During Summer Slowdown

I’ve written previously on how the travel niche is good for earning money through Google Adsense because it is something where people spend time shopping and looking for the best deals. This kind of action can get you multiple Adsense clicks even on the same page of your travel based site. Another reason travel is a good niche is because it is hot during the first part of the summer through the beginning or middle part of August when other niches are traditionally experiencing a slowdown.

Let’s look at a comparison of the terms vacation rentals and electric guitar and their search volume during 2007 according to Google Trends. As you can see from the graph below the term “vacation rentals” started an upward trend in May and is peaking out right about now as I write this post. And there are other niches within the “vacation rental” niche that trend fairly well through the beginning of October. However, if you look at the keyword “electric guitar” it takes a slight drop at the beginning of July and doesn’t trend upwards until the Christmas season.

Vacation Rentals Trends

The electric guitar drop off in summer is more pronounced when you look at the chart back in 2006 by itself without comparing it to another term.

The obvious reason travel is a good niche to sustain you through the summer is because that’s when kids are out of school and families are planning and taking their vacations. The trick is to find sub niches within the travel niche that sustains even longer through the summer months (easy to do with Google Trends). You can also see that when travel hits its low search volume during November and the first couple of weeks in December, that’s when people are searching for electric guitars and other gift type items for Christmas.

I haven’t looked into this, but other niches that would probably be great during summer are things like camping equipment, travel accessories and recreational toys that people will be using as they are enjoying the summer months.

If you plan your affiliate marketing strategy right and diversify your earnings, you can get through the summer slowdown without losing much steam at all and be ready for the robust Christmas shopping season, possibly with some extra advertising dollars. 

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