The Internet Marketing Opportunity Is Going Away

Internet MarketingI had a post already planned for today, and then I came across The Shrinking Window Of Opportunity by Gyutae Park over at his blog. It is a great article that’s really a wake-up call for Internet marketers to get busy because of the way the landscape of the net is changing. If you aren’t building your web empire yet, it could be too late real soon for the small, independent webmaster.

I’ve always believed that if you have an idea for a business on the web, you should have started it yesterday, because of the time it takes to get established and now this seems more important that ever with Google’s preference for older, well established web properties.

Even though we all know how evil Google is, the simple fact is that they control the game. While you may be able to get some traffic from various sources on the net, at this point if you don’t have traffic from Google, you probably aren’t doing all that well, and it’s only going to get worse. Gyutae points out that Google seems to be giving less relevance to or even completely discounting things like paid links, directories, widgets and more, resulting in the small business person on the web being driven out of business.

What Google supposedly wants is more relevance and in their eyes, large, established web sites will get more attention and will be pushing out the little guy and soon start to take over search results. So goes the day when everything on the web was to be on equal footing.

I don’t believe it is the end of the road for Internet and affiliate marketers and neither does Gyutae, but now is not the time to procrastinate with your ideas. If you are going to make your mark on the web, you have to start to establish yourself as an authority in your niche today. Rather than explain again how to go about that, go read Gyutae’s post about the dwindling opportunity for the independent webmaster.

As a little counterpoint though, I’m not so sure Google will always have the monopoly they do. Google’s track record as of late is to just make people mad. We aren’t reading about how wonderful Google has been to webmasters lately, we’re hearing about exactly the opposite, from lots of different sources. While they are trying to create a cleaner search index with more relevance, they could (some would argue they already have) become out of touch and elitist somewhat like the United States government.

Not that I would ever want to see such a thing, but companies who control commerce in such a way that it effects the economic stability of a large mass of people, attract the snooping eye of government intervention. With Google’s increasing record of putting people out of business, no telling what could happen if this were to manifest itself on a much larger scale. We would then have one out of touch bureaucracy giving orders to an out of touch company that controls a huge portion of commerce. Can you spell disaster?

The point of all this is to start building a relevant web empire today that will add value to the web for years to come. Don’t wait until the entry point for the small businessperson is beyond your reach.

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Build A Niche Store Version 3 In Beta

Build A Niche Store 

I was just over at the Build A Niche Store forums reading that version 3 is in beta right now and barring any bugs, should be released within another week. The question was posed in the forum regarding a release date on Friday and answered Saturday, so BANS v3.0 looks like it will be available the first week in February.

The most significant upgrade in the new version of BANS is that all the links going to eBay will now be masked to look as though they are going through your site instead of directly to eBay. This will have significant SEO benefits because the search engines won’t see external eBay links on your site, they will only see what looks like an extension of your niche site.

The second significant upgrade for the eBay affiliate niche store builder is that you will now be able to build a store for 14 different countries eBay is in instead of the 5 countries you can now build stores for.  Each individual eBay site for a specific country does require that you become a member of that specific affiliate program. This is because commission structures are different for each country.

The contries to be supported by the new version of BANS are listed below: 

eBay.com – US
eBay.co.uk – UK
eBay.ca – Canada
eBay.com.au – Australia
eBay.at – Austria
eBay.be – Belgium
eBay.fr – France
eBay.com.hk – Hong Kong
eBay.in – India
eBay.it – Italy
eBay.nl – Netherlands
eBay.com.sk – Singapore
eBay.es – Spain
eBay.ie – Sweden

There are several more new features in the upgrade, but these two are the most significant. You can also expect a few more new templates added to the 9 that come with BANS already.

I am planning on a 5 part series that will explain how to build a  store with BANS encompassing everything from how to do a basic installation, to brainstorming a profitable niche, to getting traffic by writing articles and other topics. I was planning on starting this series next week, but want to wait till version 3 of BANS is out.

If you already own Build A Niche Store, version 3 will be a free upgrade.

Get more info about Build A Niche Store here.


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Finding A Niche For Build A Niche Store

With all the available categories on eBay, you can be an affiliate of theirs and never run out of products to market. There are so many opportunities to be found if you just look around and think about what you do in everyday life. I thought of a good niche today when looking for a USB cable for my Samsung SYNC cell phone.

The trouble was, I couldn’t find one, not at Radio Shack and not even at the AT&T store, so that tells me there must be somewhat of a market online for these cables. I need a cable for my phone, but the only way I’m going to find it is by looking online by either doing a search or looking on eBay. I would like to exploit this niche, but as an affiliate marketer you only have time for so much work. So, on occasion I will share a good niche opportunity I find for using Build A Niche Store and the eBay affiliate program. I might kick myself for this some time in the future by giving away one that turns out to be super lucrative, but there are plenty more available.

usb cable at Keyword DiscoverySo I went checking to see if this usb phone cable niche was even worth the trouble to build an affiliate store around. There wasn’t much search volume according to the Keyword Discovery search tool, but I expanded the search to include usb cables in general and found a large amount of search volume for some pretty good words.

I then went over to eBay and did a search on usb cable to find out there are 27 categories under which this search term shows up for. So if you decided to build a niche eBay affiliate store based around usb cables you would have at least 27 product pages and then you could expand it even more to add specialized sections for cables for specific phones, which was the original idea.

You’re probably thinking, why go to all the trouble to set up a store for items that aren’t that expensive? Don’t forget, with eBay there’s always that $25 sign up fee and I have found that with items that are the least expensive you actually have a higher chance of getting new sign-ups. And of course anyone going to eBay might purchase more than just a $5 to $10 cable earning you even more.

The goal with being an eBay affiliate is to get as many people as you can to their site, so if you already have a hosting plan, all you need is a domain name or you can even use a subdomain and you can set up a new niche store in about 20 to 30 minutes. If you had to build a store based on a product like usb cables by hand it may not be worth, but with the easy implementation of Build A Niche Store, it is well worth your time.

You see, there are little niches like this everywhere, all you have to do is be observant as the world unfolds around you. Take advantage of what you can.


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