No Level Playing Field For Yahoo Search Marketing

As I mentioned 2 posts ago, I think the PPC game run by Google and Yahoo are complete scams with high end advertisers being able to get away with anything and us little guys left out in the cold. This is evident in my ongoing battle over trying to advertise for keywords related to iPod downloads. Yahoo will not let me advertise using these terms because they claim that they no longer allow advertisers to send people to these P2P or file sharing sites.

This simply is not the case as can be seen by searching on ipod movie downloads over at Yahoo. I have ongoing correspondence with Yahoo Search Marketing to let them know this is a bunch of nonsense and they keep telling me they will submit a complaint so their editors will check on these other sites, baloney!

Here’s is part of the text in my first email dated Nov 1st to Yahoo after my iPod Downloads campaign was stopped:

I don’t get it? I’m having a hard time understanding why keywords in my Ad Group iPod Downloads are not able to run when there are ads all over your site using the exact keywords I’m using going to the same kind of sites I am trying to promote.

And here is Yahoo’s response:

Advertisers are not able to advertise their website if it promotes P2P file sharing any longer. At one point, we did allow this type of website to advertise on the Yahoo! network. We have recently revised this guideline, so the sites you still see advertising may not have been removed as of yet. We will submit a sales complaint to have our editors review their site to ensure they are abiding by our guidelines.

Two weeks later I sent another email pointing out that although Yahoo wouldn’t allow me to advertise these sites, they wouldn’t even allow me to START a campaign, the advertising I originally complained about is still up and running full blast.

Here is part of Yahoo’s response. Read it carefully…

We appreciate your interest in our editorial review process and appreciate your patience as we continue to look into the advertisers you referenced. Please note that the decision of our editorial staff regarding other advertisers is not something that we are able to disclose.

So the editorial staff at Yahoo can’t disclose their dealings with other advertisers, oh really. This is the best evidence I have at this point that there actually is a double standard. That highlighted line didn’t even need to be in their response to me, so I guess they must be hiding something. When I wrote back letting the nice editors know I caught them in their evil scheme to crush the little guy, (okay, it’s not that evil) they assured me this wan’t the case.

Right, plug ipod downloads into Yahoo and see what you get.

I found a supposedly “legal” iPod download site I’m going to advertise on. I’ll let you know how that goes.


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