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Make Money Online With These Affiliate Programs

Below you will find most of the affiliate programs, affiliate networks and other systems I use to make money online. I’m constantly checking out new programs, ebooks, some software and other ways of making money on the internet so this page will be added to on a fairly constant basis. There won’t be anything listed below that I haven’t made at lease some money with or that I have a pretty good plan of with I’m going to do in the near future. No attempt is being made here to sell you on any of these programs listed below. You can use them on not use them, I’m just telling you what I’ve made money with or what I see that has good potential to make money.

Google Adsense – Adsense is my top money maker as it is for many who make money online. I don’t run it here at AffiliateConfession, but I do on most of my other sites and I consistently make around $1,200 to $1,300 per month with it. Despite Google being a big pain most of the time, using Google Adsense is like getting free money, don’t pass it up.

Build A Niche Store (BANS) – A great piece of software that lets you create an eBay affiliate storefront and feature eBay auctions right on your site. You can choose from thousands of categories and niches and sell any of the millions of products up for auction on eBay. This is my number two money maker right behind Adsense. Read the full BANS review here.

eBay Partner Network – eBay has moved their affiliate program away from CJ and now manages it themselves. Initally I’m liking the quicker reporting and ease of use the EPN offers. You don’t have to register each individual web site you now have. Just create a campaign for your site and you are good to go.

ClickBank – ClickBank is the undisputed leader in selling ebooks and dowloadable software products. They feature more than 10,000 products that can make you anywhere from $5 upwards to $100. There are some scammy products sold through ClickBank and there are some very useful ones such as Build A Niche Store. Sell the good products and don’t bother with the rest. Some affiliates make thousands from ClickBank and I have had months where I made over $500. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Market Leverage – One of the top affiliate ad networks on the net today. Their level of personal service is unmatched by any other CPA network. They have some great offers you should check out and see if you can make some money by adding them to your traffic stream.

TripAdvisor – Unfortunately TripAdvisor is no longer taking on any new affiliates at this time, but I do use them on one of my travel sites and they make me make around $125 a month. When they start taking new affiliates again I will activate the link.

AzoogleAds – One of the top ad networks around. They have everything from herbal weight loss supplement offers, to free business card offers, to eBay training kits to creating leads for dating sites. I don’t work Azoogle that hard, but I usually make $50 to $200 per month with them.

PepperJam Network – One of the newest affiliate networks and growing like wildfire. They have some very unique programs and are adding new ones all the time. They may someday give Commission Junction a run for their money.

Commission Junction – CJ is the largest affiliate network on the net and have been around since day one. They represent thousands of companies and just about any product you can think of. I’ve been bringing in from $500 to $1,000 per month with them on a pretty consistent basis. That’s going to drop a bit starting in April with eBay moving their affiliate program in-house.

NeverBlue  – Another ad network like Azoogle Ads.

Motive Interactive – A newer ad network that I’m just starting to check out. They have some very good, high paying offers and I like the way their interface is laid out and the feel of working in their control panel. Look for a full review soon.

LinkShare – Another affiliate network almost as big as CJ. They recently updated their interface to be much easier to work with. The old one was a nightmare, at least to me it was. I’m waiting for WalMart to approve me as an affiliate because I have a killer idea that could generate some substantial revenue in both commissions from WalMart and Adsense revenue.

ShareASale – One of the older and more established affiliate networks online today. I haven’t earned much from ShareASale lately, but I used to do pretty well selling log cabin decor.

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