The Dreaded Adsense Login Loop – Are You Experienced?

Yesterday it hit me like a bad Purple Haze trip, it was the Dreaded Adsense Login Loop (cue dramatic music). If you’ve never experienced it, count yourself lucky because it is one of the most frustrating, nonsensical, dealing with Google experiences you can have. Here’s how it unfolds:

You login to your Google Account where you have all of your Google stuff, Google Groups, Blogger blogs, Adwords, Gmail, Adsense and other things. You click on your various tools and you are automatically logged in but then you click on Adsense and this is what you get:

Adsense Login Loop

What? I thought I was logged in. Okay, so now you log in through this screen and here’s what you get:

Adsense Login Update

What? I merged my accounts about 3 or 4 years ago, why do I have to do this again? On, I see it says, “Are you one of the following people? email @ email.com” That’s me. “If so , then you’ve alread updated your login to a Google Account. Return To Adsense and use your Google Account to sign in.” Follow those instructions and you go back to the previous screen above in a never ending loop.

Okay, I’m thinking, I’ll just contact Adsense Help and they’ll fix the problem? After spending 15 minutes going through the help files (why is it that they never really answer your question) and not finding any contact info you’ll finally run across a link to contact Help, but click it and it sends you to the Adsense Login screen because you have to be in Adsense to contact Adsense Help. Brilliant!

Right now I have confusion “all in my brain” and all I can hear is that Fender Strat Hendrix chord ringing in my head.

Adsense Login Loop Solution

Fortunately after spending about 4 hours perusing forums last night and about 15 minutes this morning I found out there is a solution to this dreaded issue for some. It worked for me, but I can’t guarantee it will work for you. Here’s an alternate Adsense login url that doesn’t go through the normal login path:


You have to be logged into your Google Account first and then all you do is paste the link into your browser and you get in through the back door. It appears the you have to paste the url into the exact same window or browser in a new tab in the same browser. It won’t work if you click on the link or open another window. But then like magic you are now in your Adsense account and the Purple Haze music slowly starts to fade away and life makes sense again.

I think this had something to do with a change Google made to there home page. If you watch when you first go to Google there’s only a search box and the Google logo and in about 5 seconds the text and links start to fade in. I’m guessing this is just a way to get people to actually search more because all you see for a few seconds is a search box. Really, it’s just very frustrating because I thought there was something wrong with my browser or computer. But, then there is something wrong with the Adsense Login page through your Google Account.

Hopefully the solution url will work for you. Don’t you just love Google?

Update 10-8 – Thanks to Curtis1 for leaving a solution in the comments. Just go to the Google Adsense Forum to find the permanent answer.

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Outsourcing Boatloads Of Content To Build Your Affiliate Empire

For the last couple of months or so I’ve been outsourcing major amounts of content to build up my top TripAdvisor and Adsense earnings websites and blogs, for article marketing and to build up my top earning BANS eBay store as well. When I wrote about my goals for 2009 back in December 2008, I had stated I wanted to focus on the things that had been solid money makers and Adsense was one of them. One thing I didn’t include was the top BANS site that has at times made over $1,000 per month. That site, along with another site in the same niche, only broader, will be included in this year’s work because they have way too much potential to just let them go. They are especially relevant to today’s troubled financial times.

This past Friday I received my second order of 100 articles bringing the total number of outsourced articles so far this year to 210. I have used Elance.com in the past with good success, but decided not to go through them this time because of the amount of work I want to get done. The thought of waiting for bids, screening writers and working with possibly 10 or 20 different people to help accomplish my goals for content this year wasn’t appealing, so I instead found 1 company that can write all the articles I need. I’m looking at doing possibly as many as 1,000 articles this year.

I initially sent a test set of 10 travel articles at the end of December to SEO Article Writing Pros and they did such a good job that I have since sent them 2 additional orders for 100 articles each. The first set of 10 travel articles were written as if they were reading my mind. Except for a few minor spelling mistakes, the articles were exactly what I needed. Then the first set of 100 articles were for 2 different niches and 3 different sites, plus for article marketing. There were a couple of articles that need to be re-done and they were promptly back to me the same day.

To alleviate any miscommunication for the next set of 100 articles, which were much more technical, I included from 1 to 3 urls for the writers that gave specific information on exactly what I was looking for. Initial instructions always include a keyword phrase or title for the article and a 1 to 2 sentence description of what I’m looking for. It’s very important to give as much information as possible to your writers so you won’t be disappointed with what you get back.

Cost for articles at SEO Article Writing Pros is 10 articles for $10 each, 25 articles at $9.50 each, 50 at $9 each or 100 at $8.50 each. Smaller quantities are available at either $13 per single article or $12 each for 5 articles.

The plan was to originally have about 20 to 30 articles done per month, but I immediately brought that up to 100 articles per month because I wanted to start off the year with a bang. I’ll probably skip sending in an order for March, but will send in another for April.

The articles are being used for adding content to travel sites and blogs to ultimately earn more Adsense revenue through organic search traffic. For the BANS site the content will be to get more organic search engine traffic that ultimately ends up at eBay. The BANS site will eventually have more Adsense added to the site depending on how much traffic it ends up getting, again, from organic search. The articles will also be used for article marketing to get more incoming links and boost the natural search traffic to those sites and blogs.

I’ll go into exactly how I’m doing the article marketing and adding the content to the sites and blogs in a future post. In the mean time, if you want to jam out some serious content, give SEO Article Writing Pros a look. Go ahead and check them out, I don’t earn anything for recommending them.

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Screw Adsense, Just Be Like Julio Osegueda Work At McDonalds For 4 Years

Watch the video below and weep. If this is the mindset we have in this nation, we are done.

Julio Osegueda is a 4 year employee of McDonalds and can’t get another job even though he’s going to school so he expects the government, or rather The Immaculate One (President Obama), to do something about it.

While I commend Julio for working and going to school to better himself, it’s not the job of the government to bail people like him out. Sorry, you want benefits from Uncle Sam because you’ve been at McD’s for 4 years, it doesn’t work like that, or at least it did’t used to. Julio, by the way, is quite excited about meeting The Immaculate One. Did you notice his shirt? It say’s “King Obama”…scary, just scary.

When is the government going to send a check my way for some of the stupid things I’ve tried to promote through PPC or because I’m still not making $2,000 a month through Adsense?

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Don’t Give Up On Generating More Adsense Revenue

Don't Surrender On AdsenseI get lots of people who comment on the blog here about my meager Adsense earnings of $1,300 or so every month thinking they could never earn that much because they only bring in a few pennies every 30 days or so. I’m saying $1,300 per month is meager because there’s just a lot more potential available in that revenue stream and if you’re struggling to even make a $12.37 payday every month, keep reading because there is hope.

If you are new to the Adsense game there’s no need to go over the basics because they’ve been done a million times so check out my three tutorials on how to earn more from Google before moving on. Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here and Part 3 is here.

Okay, now that you have the basics let’s talk about what makes a good Adsense site and how to make your ads more appealing to your visitors. You never want to trick your visitors into clicking on your ads, but you can do a lot to make the ads more interesting and to give them more exposure. The longer your visitors see your ads, and they look appealing, the better chance you have to earn some revenue.

Starting out let’s look at what kills Adsense revenue. The first thing is hideous placement or color schemes that are a huge turn-off. I can’t tell you how many Adsense blocks I’ve seen that are outside the margin of the column they’re placed in, covering text on the page or are of such bizarre color schemes you can see how desperate they really are, which is an automatic no click in my book.

People are so much less likely to click on an ad if it’s obvious the webmaster doesn’t know what they’re doing or if it’s equally obvious that they desperately want you to click on their ads. Vivid purple background Adsense units with contrasting yellow ad headlines to click on are tantamount to those screaming automobile dealership tv and radio ads. Really, how much time do you spend listening to those dinosaur modes of advertising any longer?

Another thing that kills Adsense revenue is placing your ads way outside the main body of your content. Let’s say you have a 4 column template running on your site and you have your 160 x 600 Adsense tower in the far right column, 350 pixels away from your content, you probably won’t get more than a trickle of revenue every month from those ads. People don’t come to your site to click on ads, they come to your site to read content and to gather information, they will only click on ads if they are of interest to them and if they are convenient to click on.

Secondly, what makes for a good Adsense earning site is, as I have mentioned before in the Adsense tutorials, the niche. But, it is the niche and the placement that is the winning combination. Both are huge factors and don’t really work one without the other. I don’t know why some niches work and why some don’t. I was extremely fortunate to stumble upon a winning niche in travel when I placed my first Adsense units. The second full month running Adsense back almost 4 years ago earnings were at $930. It would be nice if everything I’ve tried worked out so easy, but it’s only been this one thing that, I guess you could say, clicked right from the start.

What you’re looking for in a niche is where people shop and are looking for information before they buy. You don’t want buyers or people who have made up their mind, you want shoppers. Shoppers are clickers. The more people shop, the more they will click on ads and the more choices you give them in your info, the more revenue you stand to earn.

You would think that people interested in American Idol would be the ultimate consumers and click ads like they’re going out of style. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, at least in my experience. Maybe American Idolers are too young, too tight with their money, maybe they don’t click ads, whatever, after a season of writing on AI and trying every placement trick in the book, it just didn’t work out for me on this one. No biggie, on to something else, which brings me to point number 3…

Don’t work one niche with Adsense and give up because it didn’t work out. It doesn’t matter if you have a site that gets 10,000 people per day, if it’s not the right niche, it’s just not right. I have a Christian website that used to get 400 to 500 people a day, but Adsense was only paying about 5 to 10 cents per click tops for that niche so I removed it from the site. It just wasn’t worth it to run ads on that particular site.

I just checked my Adsense earnings for today at the time of writing this post (Sunday evening 2-08) and it’s over $50 at 10:15 pm EST and the stats show that 8 individual niches are generating revenue. If you aren’t trying Adsense in at least 4 or 5 different niches, you aren’t trying hard enough. It’s not always about the niche that you think will generate the most revenue because advertisers are paying outrageous click prices, it’s about the niche that does generate the most for you. If you only have one Adsense niche, you will never know if another could have done 10 times better.

In closing, here are a few top niches that either work for me now, have in the past or probably will in the future.

Travel– Killer earnings with a minimum of traffic. I average 12 cents in earnings for every visitor that goes to my top travel site. I run both Adsense and TripAdvisor to monetize this site.

Air Purification– A niche where people love to shop before they buy. That’s what your looking for in Adsense revenue generation, shoppers.

Nutrition – requires a moderate amount of traffic on the order of at least 1,000 visitors a day to make it worth your while.

Precious Metals – The economy is bad and people with money are trying to preserve their wealth. I’m just starting to see some decent Adsense earnings here and expect it to get much better.

Now put on your thinking cap and figure out where the shoppers are before you raise the white flag and give up on generating Adsense revenue.

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Over $41,000 In Affiliate Earnings For 2008

I’ve had a couple people ask me to post my earnings for the entire year over 2008 so I though I’d add everything up and see how it came out. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the total came in at just over $41,000.

There are a lot of affiliate marketers out there that make way more than this amount, and they do it every month, and then there are also a lot of wannabe affiliate marketers that never earn their first $100 and end up doing something else, like mlm or surveys (Does anybody really make money doing that?). I guess I’m somewhere in the middle of the big bucks and the nothing, but the most important thing $41,777.32 for a years worth of affiliate earnings brings me is freedom, and I’d rather have that than just about anything.

The monthly totals are listed below and you can click on the name of the month for a breakdown of the earnings for that specific month.

January Net Earnings – $3,211.68
February Net Earnings – $2,439.62
March Net Income – $2,746.44
April Net Income – $2,352.31
May Net Income – $3,029.99
June Net Income – $3,479.61
July Net Income – $4,312.31
August Net Income – $3,818.06
September Net Income – $4,740.63
October Net Income – $5,315.48
November Net Income – $3,324.31
December Net Income – $3,006.88

Total Net Income for 2008 – $41,777.32

My consistent money makers over this past year have been Adsense and the eBay Partner Network by using Build A Niche Store although my BANS store earnings have dropped off quite a bit since the middle of the year. However, I’m not giving up on my most profitable BANS stores and have a plan to bring them back to life with added content and article marketing.

Don’t fret if you’re not making the big cash of the top affiliate marketers because you have to start somewhere and there is plenty of room in the affiliate marketing space for lots of people to make $41k a year. This is just a stepping stone though and hopefully this year will push that total even higher.

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