Build A Niche Store Tutorials Overview – Parts 1-7

Build A Niche Store v3.0 LogoThe 7 part Build A Niche Store tutorial series ended yesterday and showed you how to do nearly everything to set up a BANS eBay affiliate store. The series covered how to brainstorm a niche, how to upload your BANS software, how to set up your store, how to add valuable content, how to get links through article marketing and much more.

As I was thinking about the series of BANS tutorials, I thought that there wasn’t one place you could go to get a summary of all the posts and have a link to each one as well. So, to make things easier, here’s that list below starting from the oldest post first:

Part 1 – What BANS Does And Does Not Do – A prequel post clearing up some misconceptions about BANS and what you are able to accomplish with it through the eBay affiliate program.

Part 2 – Niche Brainstorming And Gettng A Domain Name – All about finding a profitable niche for your BANS store, using keywords and what to look for in a good domain name.

Part 3 – Installing And Setting Up Your BANS Affiliate Store – a basic guide on how to set up your BANS eBay store that covers uploading your files, setting up a MySQL database and building your store. It is a simple process that takes about 15 minutes.

Part 4 – Tweaking Your eBay Affiliate Store– Some guidelines on how to make your store stand out from all the other BANS affiliate stores. A little work in this department can bring your store a long ways.

Part 5 – Adding Some Content To Your eBay Store – Content in the lifeblood of your store and this tutorial shows you how to not only have your store look different, but be different by adding unique content,and headings. Don’t miss this one.

Part 6 – Article Marketing And Getting Links – You can do lots to build your BANS store, but if you don’t have any incoming links, you won’t get any traffic. Read this to learn about one of the most important off page things you can do for your eBay affiliate niche store.

Part 7 – Using USFreeAds.com For Traffic And Getting More Links– This is one classified site I use quite a bit to get a little traffic and more importantly, links. This BANS tutorial shows you how to use USFreeAds to your advantage.

I wrote this series of Build A Niche Store tutorials because it is the number one product I use to make money online through the eBay affiliate program. It is easy to set up, easy to use and can help you earn a pretty good income through one of the best affiliate programs on the net.

I hope you enjoyed the series and please let anyone else you know who is thinking about getting BANS or already has it, about these tutorials.

If you are interested in starting your own eBay affiliate empire, you can read more about BANS on their web site.

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