March 2008 Affiliate Income Report

It’s time for another affiliate income report and earnings for March were up about 12% from February. It’s always good to see an increase and it is somewhat better than I had expected. We sold a record number of our Vegan Meal Planners in March and I saw an increase in both ClickBank income and AzoogleAds income. I also saw a nice payoff from the final tally at the Microsoft Adcenter program that was previously unreported. I had 3 more customers confirm their accounts from previous months and that earned a nice $105 check. However, Microsoft has since dropped that program even though I acquired 10 customers for them in about 1 month. That was probably the quickest program to both earn money and then be dropped that I’ve ever been involved in.

Total March affiliate earnings came in at $2,811.93 and after advertising and minor expenses, net revenue was $2,746.44 for the month. Total income for Affiliate Confession only was $247.44. The breakdown is as follows:

Google Adsense – $1,309.20
Commission Junction – $511.56
Meal Planner Ebook – $187.00
TripAdvisor – $152.86
Auction Ads – $94.62
Azoogle Ads – $110.00
Clickbank – $241.98
Microsoft Affiliate – $105.00
Private Advertising – $70.00
Other Affiliate Programs – $29.71

Total Revenue – $2,811.93

Advertising & Expenses – $65.49

Total Income – $2,746.44

The best single earning affiliate program for me, aside from Google Adsense, has been the eBay Affiliate Program which is now the eBay Partner Network. By utilizing Build A Niche Store I earned $368.62 from eBay last month. It will certainly be interesting to see how things work out since eBay has taken over the management of their affiliate program. I have personally never had issues with CJ, but some affiliates report they have had significant tracking problems and are glad to see eBay make this switch. I’m looking forward to working directly with eBay though and seeing how things turn out.

With a total of 10 BANS stores up and running, 3 just getting established and learning all I can through 3 months of Aaron Wall’s SEO Training that I won in a blog contest, April should be a good month.

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