iPod Touch Completes Webmaster Talk Prize Winnings

iPod TouchI fired off a pretty direct email around 11:00 am this morning wanting to know what was up with my iPod Touch, the only prize not so far received from the Webmaster Talk contest that ended on May 13th. It had been 10 days since I last heard from Clickbooth, the company who sponsored the prize. Not more than 2 minutes later, the lady that delivers our mail stopped at our mailbox and when I went to check the mail, there it was. Funny how that happens sometimes. All the prizes in the contest have now been received and accounted for and a big thanks goes out to all the sponsors that I will mention in an upcoming post.

Now, I’ve never even seen an iPod Touch until yesterday evening when I told a friend about the contest winnings and he let me check out his iPod Touch. All I can say is this thing is very cool and I hope to get to play with it a bit more this evening. It’s been a fairly busy day and all I had the chance to do was turn it on and have it tell me to plug it into my computer, which unfortunately I didn’t have time to do.

I’m not normally a techie sort of person and I usually get just what I need as far a gadgets go, but this contest has been great because it’s made me check into things quite a bit more than I normally would. I’ve been messing around with the Nintendo DS Lite, which I will be giving away in an upcoming contest, checking out the Flip camera, reading up on the iPod and of course going through the hassle of trying to get the Macbook Air working and then setting it up and playing around with that.

Who knows, all this cool gadgetry may inspire me to set up another Build A Niche Store based on tech stuff and fun electronic toys. There’s an advantage and opportunity in every learning experience.

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