I Confess…I’m A Link Junkie

This is a guest post by Brandon Hopkins.

If you know me, you definitely know one thing. I’m a link building junkie. I love building links, good links, bad links, no follow links, I love them all. My favorite links are the ones that nobody else is getting. However, the easiest links are the ones that everyone is getting.

A few years ago when I started building links, most people cared only about the biggest links like DMOZ. After DMOZ slowed their approval process many companies like Best of the Web Directory (Established 1996) and Ezilon Web Directory (Established 1996) started offering paid directory submission. I was all over those links, and I still am.

Since there are so few quality directories left, I spend a much larger percentage of my time building links that the best link builders are using. Who are the best link builders? You probably first think of the greats that you might know by name. For me, those people are Jim Boykin and Aaron Wall. However, those are the people that you know of because they have a public presence. In my opinion, the world’s best link builders will never be known by name, and here’s why.

World class link builders know what they’re doing. I don’t just mean they know how to build links, they know how to build massive links while staying under the radar. They can build 10,000 links per day and get top rankings for a lot of good keywords, not just long tail stuff.

When I realized that, my first question was, “How do I find these people, and how can I build those links?” The answer is simple, study the best to learn from the best. So where do you find the world’s best link builders? Follow the money.

If you could rank for just about any keyword, what would you focus on? You would most likely focus on the highest paying keyword right? That’s where the best link builders work. They rank for “cheap Viagra”, “Mesothelioma lawyers”, “data recovery”, “secured loans”, etc. If you know where someone is working to build links, you can easily find those links and duplicate them.

That’s the key here. If they are ranking for top terms, their links are obviously working, and you can do the same. Find their links, and you’ll find the secret to making more affiliate sales!


Bio: Brandon Hopkins blogs, tweets and love building links. Brandon is a freelance link builder who would love to work for you!

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