How Many Web Sites Do You Have?

Are You Building An Internet Empire?After publishing my March Affiliate Income Report I had 2 questions asking how many web sites I earned that income from and more specifically how many active sites I earned my Adsense income from. I had been thinking about doing a post reporting on this, but the questions prompted me to go ahead and do it.

So let’s get right to it. My over $1,300 Adsense income was earned from 16 active web sites or blogs, the top site earning a respectable $482.99 and the lowest earning site coming in at a meager 53 cents. But beyond that I have a lot more sites and blogs that earn a little money here and there.

My internet empire, if you want to call it that, consists of 31 domains, 11 subdomains, 7 Blogger blogs and 6 Squidoo lenses that I am actively making money from, holding as domains for possible resale or redirecting to other sites. There are also several more Blogger blogs and Squidoo lenses that I don’t update any longer and no longer earn anything from. Many are left over from the days that ran a somewhat spammy Blogger network.

Of all those internet properties, I actively keep up with 18 web sites, 14 blogs and those 6 Squidoo lenses to some extent. Needless to say, things are a bit crazy and quite busy most of the time around our home office. I have been trying to look at things this year more closely to see what are the top money makers and have been spending most of my time with this blog, my 10 Build A Niche Stores, 2 other web sites and 2 additional blogs. And of course there are always more ideas on the table and in some stage of development on paper or in my brain just waiting for the right moment. I am however, actively trying to focus on the top earning sites or the ones with the most potential.

Now, I get lots of comments and see lots of internet marketers exclaiming how they don’t make enough with Adsense or their affiliate programs. In all honesty, it’s probably because you either aren’t doing enough, or you aren’t doing enough of the right things. Trying to scratch out a living by writing a single blog more than likely won’t get you very far. Yes, internet marketers like John Chow make $30,000 per month just from blogging, but John had an internet empire and knew what he was talking about long before he wrote his first blog post.

Diversifying your affiliate marketing efforts are important for 2 reasons, one is that you have to find what works best for you, and secondly, you have to have enough going on that when one effort is a little slow or just being built, you can be earning in another area. If you keep exploring and taking advantage of opportunities, you will be plesently suprised where you end up 3 or 4 years from now.

Are you developing an internet empire? How many web sites do you have?

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