Build A Niche Store Version 3 Release Date March 3rd

Build A Niche Store v3Build A Niche Store (BANS) users received a very exciting email yesterday letting them know that version 3 of the eBay affiliate niche store builder is getting the final tweaks and will be released on March 3rd. This new version promises to be a very significant upgrade to an already robust script for use with the eBay affiliate program.

I’ve been reporting on the progress of the latest BANS update for about a month now and have been telling everyone that the upgrade is just one more week away. Well, it is official from the horse’s mouth, as of this coming Monday the release of version 3.0 is just one more week away. This latest email included a link to a pdf file that outlines all the major upgrade features of this new version, complete with numerous screenshots of the new admin panel and interface.

BANS Interface

The pdf outlines in much more detail than any emails or updates up to this point all of the new features including:

BANS Goes Global– All previous versions of BANS have only included 4 or less countries eBay has a presence in. The new version adds 8 more including Austria, Belgium, France, India, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore and Spain to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

BANS Goes Local– New geotargeting features of BANS now allows you to target local customers anywhere. Sell eBay featured golf clubs to someone in Florida or to golf enthusiasts around the Masters Tournament in Augusta Georgia. This also opens up local advertising opportunities for BANS store builders.

BANS For eBay Sellers– This is a very cool feature I didn’t even know about until this pdf was released. Not only is BANS great for eBay affiliates, it’s a fantastic tool for eBay Sellers as well. If you sell a lot of items on eBay or have an eBay store, you can set up your own web site outside of eBay and increase the exposure of your auctions, plus earn affiliate commissions on your own merchandise. eBay has allowed sellers to earn affiliate commissions on their auctions for about 7 or 8 months now. 

BANS Becomes Even More Search Engine Friendly– This is the most significant feature in my estimation because BANS will now allow you to automagically generate a Google Sitemap, cloak all your affiliate links (links will look like they go to your site, not eBay), generate meta tags site wide and for any individual page and will also allow you to place content both above and below your auction listings.

Other features include the option to have different advertising on every page of your site by overriding the global advertising options, the ability to edit different templates without publishing them, the ability to turn on and off individual store pages of your site and much, much more.

Now that I’ve teased you a little with all the new features of Build A Niche Store, why don’t you download the pdf here and check them out for yourself.

Next week I’m going to get the ball rolling on one of my new BANS stores by buying the domain name and doing the preliminary set up just to see if I can get the site indexed in the 7 days before the release of version 3. If you already have version 2 of BANS, updating to version 3 promises to be a simple process and should take only minutes.

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