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Get your Free InformationI recently read an article in Inc Magazine  about PlentyOfFish.com owner Markus Frind who is the undisputed king of Adsense, raking in an astonishing $27,000 per day in advertising revenue of which more than $10,000 per day comes from Google Adsense. PlentyOfFish.com brings in total revenue of $10 million per year of which more than 50% of that is profit. Dude, that’s more than $5 million profit per year from 1 free dating web site. Thinking about that kind of revenue just makes my head explode.

Did you notice the word free there? That’s where the magic is today, in free. Give away something for free, get tons of users enjoying the free stuff, information, reviews, whatever you have and then monetize your site with Adense and sell other advertising to those that want to capitalize on your traffic. While Plenty Of Fish generates 1.6 billion page views per month to bring in that $27,000 per day in advertising revenue, most of us can live on a whole lot less than that. Point being, there is a huge revenue stream available on the net and all you need to do is figure out how to get into the stream.

Remember the word free? Free is one of the ways to put your boat into the stream. Master marketer Seth Godin talks about giving stuff away for free in many of his books because people flock to free. You can then sell your premium product to those people after they enjoy the free stuff. The concept is the same when it comes to advertising. Plenty Of Fish’s premium product though is advertising space that the owner sells through Google Adsense and to other companies through private deals. Why charge $15 for a premium membership on a dating site like Match.com when you can earn way more from advertising by giving away free memberships?

That’s the same concept behind what earns me a regular $1,200 to $1,500 per month from Google Adsense. While that Adsense revenue is a far cry from what Markus Frind earns, the basics are the same. What I’m giving away is free information in the form of what to look for when you visit some vacation destination, free recipes and info on nutrition, free info on affiliate marketing here on this blog and so on. That’s also why I’ve decided to get more focused on the Adsense earnings and why I’m shelling out $800 per month for someone else to write content for me.

The great part is, you can do exactly the same thing. Instead of writing a blog to tell people how to make money, when you haven’t made any yourself, concentrate on giving away some great information for free and see how much traffic you get, and then capitalize on the traffic.

To be more specific, as I’ve mentioned on the blog here before, travel is really the perfect revenue generating niche for Adsense simply because people do a lot of shopping and clicking before they decide on a vacation destination, or place to stay, car to rent, flight to take, attractions to see, and on and on. So what do you do to get into the Adsense stream? Start with your favorite vacation destination and write a page or blog post about every shop, restaurant, coffee shop, vacation rental, attraction and fun thing to do in that area. Even better, put all that info in a directory format and let people comment and give their opinions about the best ice cream shop in Death Valley or family safe attractions in Las Vegas or whatever.

This is exactly what TripAdvisor.com has done on a huge scale. They’ve written a page for just about every single vacation destination, restaurant and attraction in the world, people get to comment on all that and they sell advertising on every single page of their site. I’d like to know how much advertising revenue they bring in every month.

Just like Plenty Of Fish, you don’t need to start that big when going into travel, just start with your fav destination. People will search Google for anything and everything in that destination. Believe me I know. You should see some of the keywords that show up in Analytics for my travel sites, they’re always good for getting ideas for new pages. Again, that’s why I’m outsourcing so much content now, because I can’t possibly keep up with writing that much myself and it’s time to focus on what’s been my best sources of income.

Even if you can’t afford to outsource your content to the tune of $800 per month, start with 10 articles at $100 per month, or you can write 1 to 3 pages of content a day yourself and start building a site for whatever niche you’re interested in. Just think of the opportunities. Are you a handyman? Build a site on power tools and write about every kind of tool needed for building a house. AskTheBuilder.com makes $40,000 per month with Adsense. Go to Google trends and write a page about every hot electronic gadget that shows up on the top 100 most searched terms list if electronics are your thing. Do computer reviews. Do digital camera reviews. Write guitar reviews. Personally I’d stick with something travel related, but there are thousands of niches where people want that free info and you can take advantage of by using Adsense and other advertising opportunities.

Yes, this is pretty basic stuff, but have you seen PlentyOfFish.com (sorry he has enough links, type it in)? Pretty basic free dating site Markus has there and it makes $10 million a year. Maybe basic is the way to go. Now get busy and give something away for free.

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